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Found 2 results

  1. Creative minds stand apart in all walks of life. Be it in personal life or business, creative persons remain unique and hence easily identifiable. Particularly in business, when the competition is heavy, a creative head directs its team to ruthless victory. Online stores are the right platform for such brilliant minds as the competition is global and the rewards are more. With increasing interest amongst the internet population of India, we find online stores growing greatly in numbers and exceptional talents making headway into online business. Jabong seems to possess the trait and it has created an impact in its maiden year as online seller. Let us see if its power has the force to threaten Fashionara, an entrant a year earlier. Jabong And Fashionara – What Do They Present? Jabong entered with more than 50000 products in the year 2012. The products include apparels, footwear, kitchen appliances, furniture, furnishing and accessories. Fashionara entered in style in the year 2011 offering fashion apparels, footwear and accessories. Fashionara launches “flea bazaar” to expand their portfolio and profit in e-marketplace Range Of Products Jabong proves its product strength beyond doubt with a stunning collection across various ranges. While Fashionara has good collections to offer, Jabong is far superior and outdoes Fashionara in numbers. Quality Both Jabong and Fashionara offer quality products. The stores deal with branded items, which please the customers immensely. If you are looking for your favorite brands, you may find them available with these online stores. Rate Online stores ensure that the rates offered to customers are below the price range prevailing in the local market. The discounts they offer on their products is one of the most appealing features and if you were looking for reasonable rates here, you are not disappointed. However, it could be said that Jabong gains over Fashionara here as it provides products on various price ranges. Since the price range is affordable to all buying strengths, Jabong wins in this round. Fashionara does not charge more for its products though it does not have products in the low price range. Jabong take care of the customer while shopping on their sites so they offers their customer to use promo coupons while Fashionara is also not behind in this thing they also provide promotional codes to their customer for the satisfied shopping. If you think that these two sites are only offering these types of code and coupons in that way you are wrong. Other site like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Indiatimes shopping etc are also provide coupons on shopping on their sites to a know more about that coupons please click on this link Customer Service Serving the customers is one of the best marketing strategies a company could hope to build. An efficient customer service not only satisfies the customers but also brings in more sales and more loyal customers. Jabong seems to have the brilliance to build a foolproof marketing strategy that has customer service in Built. It offered end of season sale and gave discounts up to 60%, which is considered a great marketing technique. It addresses customers’ complaints and tries to resolve the issues and no wonder it has gained an amazing 95% recommendation from buyers who have registered their reviews online. Fashionara has style but not the grace to answer customers’ complaints. It has the quality in products but lacks quality in customer service. Fashionara has received favorable reviews as well but the complaints are discouraging. It needs to enhance the quality of customer service if it hopes to fight the growing Jabong, which was awarded the most visited website in its first year online.
  2. Organic And Eco-Friendly Fashion

    Nowadays more and more people and institutions become really concerned about the environmental issues the humanity faces up every day. A lot of organizations were established in order to make people understand the importance of preserving the natural beauty and resources. The fashion industry has always been blamed for being careless towards the nature. A lot of campaigns against the animal abuse and the fur used for making over expensive clothes. Luckily a great number of world famous designers took the standpoint of the society into consideration and slowly but surely we see the first signs of the eco - friendly also known as a sustainable fashion worldwide. The term organic fashion itself is mainly associated with materials such as cotton, wool, silk etc. Although these materials, at its initial condition, are harmless, their usage in the fashion industry is a subject to fierce discussions. We are constantly encouraged and advised to keep the nature clean, to eat organic food and use non – toxic cleaning detergents but the reality is that even if we buy a piece of clothing made of organic we fool ourselves. The cotton and the other eco – friendly materials go through a thorough process where bleach and other chemicals are used, which makes the eco fashion tendencies useless. Let's take the most popular material – cotton as an example. It is thought to be the most popular clothing material but how can it be eco- friendly when there's a soil erosion, the usage of water should be reduced and the soil is treated with different pesticides and chemicals whose intention, by all means, is not to help the cotton grow as an ecologically clean product. And despite the fact that the sustainable fashion has it's opponents, more and more Hollywood celebrities become fans of the eco clothing and obviously they are the main reason for its popularity lately. Their dedicated fans follow every action of their idol and if he is wearing a cotton shirt, made of organic cotton that's a fair reason for the fans to buy the same. This method really works and the world designers see perspective in it. The attention of the international press has also been attracted towards the eco- friendly fashion benefits. In other words every newspaper and environmentally concerned website would recommend making a clearance of your wardrobe, stop wearing clothes made of a material different than cotton, wool, silk and even bamboo and buy stuff that doesn't pose a danger to the biodiversity. You probably know that the organic fashion items are a way more expensive but if they help us to preserve the environment clean, then the amount of money pays off. You can easily find on – line stores where the clothes are believed to be eco – friendly and the fact that designers, whose names have always been associated with luxury and stylish dresses take part in such a tremendous initiative such as making the eco- fashion clothes popular and desirable items is more or less convincing reason that the organic fashion is somehow better than, say it, the nylon. Even if you can't afford to have all your clothes made of natural materials you can at least be mindful about what and how you recycle. Every attempt to keep the nature clean is worthy of trying. Author Bio: Connie Jameson is passionate blogger who loves to write about fashion, beauty, health, cleaning and many other topics. She currently works as a manager of London carpet cleaners and she has a lot of knowledge and creative ideas to share.