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  1. FBI release Steve Jobs file (4MB PDF)

  2. I received +K in sustainability from @EdgarSk, THANKS!

  3. God Bless America Trailer: via @youtube looks like family entertainment we can trust!

  4. McDonald’s new insanely effective 'environmental graffiti' ad is actually illegal to remove via @shareables

  5. rated "In Time (2011)" a generous 8/10 - it's a Gattaca / Bonnie & Clyde / Robin Hood capitalism-critical action flick

  6. In the Little Ice Age, Lessons for Today:

  7. Facebook on collision course with new EU privacy laws must delete "shadow profiles" of non-users (!!!) and more...

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  8. An education in occupation | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists via @Diigo

  9. Ban Ki-moon #UN Global Sustainability Panel call for transforming global economy push for corporat... via

  10. 'Anonymous' hackers intercept conversation between FBI and Scotland Yard on how to deal with hackers via @Telegraph

  11. I liked a @YouTube video Natholdet kigger på Kronprinsessens kavalergang

  12. Get the book "Ecowar - Natural Resources and Conflict" from one of these 14 online book vendors

  13. that's a new one: buy a Facebook-girlfriend, 7€ / 10 days incl 3 posts on your wall

  14. thanks for your speech on cybernated farms yesterday, @DouglasMallette good luck with your project!