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  1. The Best 3 Ways to Make-Do-And-Mend

    Reducing what we use, recycling old products, and reusing things, ought to be at the top of the list for all firms in 2020. It is imperative that we protect the planet we are living on through the introduction of proper sustainability measures on a person-to-person basis. As individuals and as business owners, it comes down to us to make sure the proper environmental policies are being pout in place to facilitate this. But how do we do it? Everyone bound on this path will suffer a moment of becoming overwhelmed. E-waste alone is such a massive undertaking to address. We wanted to do our bit in the reduce, reuse, recycle sustainability theme by putting together a list of ways we can all do better – in business as well as in environmental sustainability. Let’s look at the top 3 ways you can make do and mend in your business, to save you money and to save the life of our planet, to boot. 3 Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Products that We All Need Without beating around the bush, let’s get stuck in and showcase some of the best products to have in your office if you want to save the planet! 1 – Some Sugru! We mentioned E-waste above and it is time to back up our claims with a few statistics. During their life time, each of your office co-workers or employees will go through 16.6 kg of E-waste. Asia alone is responsible for over 80 million tonnes per year of discarded computers, mobile phones, and other technologies. A full 42% of Americans recycle things like batteries – but that means that 58% don’t… and all of those out-of-date phones have got to go somewhere… Sugru is a mouldable rubber that can counteract this problem, at least in part. It is a mouldable glue that sets into a solid silicon rubber. This means you can use it to preserve the life of all manner of digital products. Use Sugru, play down your firm’s E-waste, and get yourself on the sustainability bandwagon. 2 – Recycled Cartridges Did you know that you can recycle your printer cartridges and batteries? If not, why not? You should be using these as standard, along with energy saving lightbulbs, in order to do your part on an environmental level. Ink cartridges for your printer are a particularly good way to go because they are that little bit less pricey than buying fresh printer ink. If you go through a lot of paperwork, this could be a big saving for you. 3 – Reuse those Envelopes! How many letters does your firm get in a day? Recycling those old envelopes only takes you to open them that little bit more carefully than you did before. This little tip could save you loads over time, since envelopes and stationery can be quite expensive. This is particularly true for all those businesses that ship on a regular basis. This one simple change saves you money and keeps the planet protected… what more could you ask for? Other Top Tips For A Greener Office Needless to say you ought to be using low-energy bulbs. Using both sides of paper is another great tip on where to save and getting stricter with your printers can help you reduce office waste. All of these things, when added together, bring us greater peace of mind in a more sustainably prolonged planet. One day in the not-too-far-off future, these are going to be important issues that we all face as standard. Be prepared and do it right. Reduce what you use, reuse what you can, and recycle everything else.
  2. The evolution of technology as we know it, has always been associated with excitement, social standing, and the ideology of lucrative business. However, as a society, have we truly taken responsibility for the rising demand in technological advancement? We often focus on the wrong questions, which usually focuses on advancing technology rather than sustaining it. For example, why have we not paid attention to the decline of the landline phone? According to Felix Richter, a Statista publisher, in 2004 almost 94.1% of American households included a landline phone. By 2018 that number had decreased by an astonishing 51%. In comparison however, cell phones saw almost a 50% increase. What’s even more mind blowing is the fact that in 2018 alone, the average American household owned approximately 24 electronic products per household. These same households, of four, are typically responsible for 176lbs of electronic waste in a single year, while leading the world in 2019 with a predicted $55B annual accumulation of e-waste. Creating change in an industry as lucrative as electronics, isn’t easy, as it requires a team of diverse and invested individuals. Most e-retailers are located in cities known for their flourishing markets and potential to expand. In comparison, eCommsell has used a different approach, establishing itself as the Gateway to the Midwest since 2009 when it comes to E-tech retailing. Located in the Heartland of America, eCommsell’s strategic location has resulted in the company's ability to rescue over 1.1M technological devices from its neighboring Westlake Landfill. The company's ability to preserve over 1.1M in technology from entering WestLake Landfill, is the equivalent of powering over 24,000 homes in the Greater St.Louis area since 2009.To put things into perspective, these 24,000 homes house 96,000 residents meaning the company has saved enough technology to supply power to over 30% of St. Louis’s 318,069 residents! eCommsell’s message is clear, “Saving the Planet & Serving the Consumer”, as the company’s main focus has been to raise the awareness of E-waste pollution, while supplying consumers with cheaper everyday electronic devices. Unlike its competitors, eCommsell doesn't see a difference between customer service and community service. The customer is a part of their community which includes eCommsell, their customer, and the world they all share together. With Asia recently refusing to accept Americans e-waste, eCommsell wants to raise public awareness of America's inability to control its own pollution. eCommsell has not stopped there when it comes to implementing positive change to the global footprint electronics have on the Earth. As a company, their goal is to save over half of a million new devices within the next alone! Along with demanding more from themselves, they have also challenged others to do the same as seen through their relationship with UPS. The company makes sure to raise e-waste pollution awareness via daily interactions with customers and other industries through promoting its brand and its cause through its website and cost-efficient refurbished devices. Work cited ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● phones-facts-and-figures ● ●
  3. If you are reading this, then CompTIA is expectedly quite clear with you now. Moreover, assuming you already know about the core certifications like CompTIA IT Fundamentals, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA Security+, we will further tell you about the alternatives if any. You should also find it useful to know that CompTIA has some segregations based on Infrastructures as well. These are Cloud, Linuxs, and Server+. CompTIA CASP This is an advanced Security Practitioner CASP + and is an ideal certification for technical professionals who want to grow in their domain. It is more than the management function. Moreover, it is a performance-based function and is for all those practitioners who are separate from the management cadre. You should have a clear understanding of the domain and understand the functional demarcations. Cybersecurity managers aim to identify the loopholes in the infrastructure, whereas these CASP professionals actually implement the solutions and policies into the framework. Successful candidates in this domain can take care of Enterprise Security, including operations, and architecture concepts, and other techniques. Analysis of risk is another important facet of the domain. If the company needs advanced security, then this is a viable option for any company. CASP may not be as well-recognized as CISSP. However, there are some advantages. There are substantial discounts that make this a lucrative certification. Academic institutions also get leverage over others, with these certifications. The certificate maintenance fee is also quite low. The CASP Examination is a lot easier than CISSP. However, several simulation questions challenge people at the onset. The knowledge also increases substantially. That is a huge advantage in today’s market. Moreover, in CASP, you just get a pass mark or comment. No marks have been attributed to it so far. Differences Between The CASP And CISSP If the information from certain quarters is to be believed, then both certifications are somewhat similar. However, they have their pros and cons. Both of these certifications prove without a doubt that the candidate has both advanced technical, as well as advanced IT skills. Moreover, any company about these areas can take candidates with a combination of these qualifications. However, the CISSP certification does indeed deliver some additional skills, like aces and identity management, security assessment, and testing functions. Whereas, CASP takes care of two additional areas in security and research management. These are not included in CISSP. Therefore, you can say that CompTIA CASP, An Alternative to CISSP Certification, is not entirely true. You can make both of these qualifications work in conjunction. They are two separate entities. There are differences in job roles, as well. CISSP covers a wider gamut of functions, like network architecture, security management, consultancy, architecture, the direction of security resources, and other higher-level positions. However, CASP covers a smaller range in comparison. It includes roles like surety architecture, application engineering, technical analysis, and security engineering. The segregation of the examination schedule and syllabus is also different in both cases. There are similarities, as well. There are some common topics in these two, and that includes security architecture and operations. There are some common job roles as well in these two areas. They have an architect role in security and engineering. Whatever the case, one is not a replacement of the other. CISSP proves that you have technical and advanced skills in developing, designing, and managing an organization’s defense. Moreover, it includes risk management, security architecture, security operations, security assessment, and networking, to name a few. CASP stresses advanced-level skills, including risk management, operations, research and collaborations, and enterprise security architecture. So, CompTIA CASP, An Alternative to CISSP Certification, is not correct.
  4. How fast does CBD oil work? It’s a question that many people have once they decide that they’d like to try CBD for the first time. Of course, understanding how quickly you’ll experience potential benefits is only part of the story. You’re also probably curious to learn about things like how long CBD stays in your system or which form of CBD offers the quickest results. Let’s unlock the answers! How long for CBD oil to take effect after a dose? First, it’s important to know that your experience will vary based on your own biology and the product you’re using. CBD generally “kicks in” between 15 minutes and three hours after consumption. We’ll cover the fastest ways to get CBD results in just a bit. Next, let’s explore some of the factors that contribute to each person’s unique experience with CBD. What Affects How Long CBD Stays in Your System? How long does CBD last in your system? This is a case where the answer is going to vary by person. A number of factors actually affect how long CBD stays in a person’s system. The general consensus based on research is that CBD stays in a person’s system for between two and five days. Some people could have CBD in their systems for weeks. That may be important to know if you’re interested in taking a full-spectrum CBD oil from CBDfx that contains traces of THC. Here’s a look at some of the key factors that will reduce or lengthen CBD’s lifespan in your system: Frequency of use. CBD builds in your body over time. The amount that you use. A higher dose of CBD will stay in your system for a longer time. Your personal body chemistry and metabolism. Bodymassindex (BMI). Methodofconsumption. Food intake can also impact how long CBD stays in your system. For instance, taking CBD on an empty stomach will cause the CBD to be metabolized and eliminated by your body in a faster cycle. Taking CBD on a full stomach slows the way it cycles through your system. Next, we’ll discuss how your method of consumption impacts your CBD experience. How You Take CBD Oil Matters Yes, the method you use to consume CBD is going to impact your experience. CBD vape products tend to offer the quickest results because the CBD is entering your lungs directly. This method also causes the CBD to leave your body quicker than other intake methods. How long for CBD vape to work? You can typically expect to feel the effects within a few minutes. CBD oils and tinctures also offer quick results. That’s because CBD oil that is applied under the tongue enters your bloodstream quickly. Unlike vape CBD products, CBD oil lingers in your system. How long does CBD tincture take to work? It typically takes between 30 minutes and three hours for a tincture to kick in. The potency of the oil you’re using will play a role in how quickly things get moving. High-potency CBD tinctures from Lazarus Naturals that are mixed into food can take longer to kick in than CBD oil that is applied directly under your tongue. The same goes for CBD edibles. You’ll have to wait for your digestive system to metabolize the CBD oil if you opt for the edible route. Lastly, you can opt for what is widely considered to be the “slowest” delivery method for CBD. That would be creams or lotions. CBD salves and roll on from Pure Ratios absorb slowly into the skin after being applied topically. Many people enjoy these products for long-term use. However, you generally won’t feel a huge impact upon the first application. CBD Duration Chart To summarize, let’s view CBD duration in the form of the table: CBD ProductType OnsetTime DurationoftheEffects CBD vapeoils 2 minutes 30 minutes – anhour CBD oils 30 minutes – 3 hours Upto 4 hours CBD edibles 60 minutes Upto 6 hours CBD topicals Hourstoshoweffect Upto 5 hours Do Quality, Manufacturer and Type of CBD Matter? A higher quality of CBD is likely going to produce sharper, more potent results. What’s more, effectiveness and potency can vary by manufacturer. Potency can play a role in how quickly you’ll feel results with something like a tincture. That’s why it’s important to measure strength in milligrams against product volume instead of simply assuming that a higher volume means higher potency. CBD type can also impact your experience. Generally, a full-spectrum CBD product is going to stay in your system longer than a broad-spectrum product. There is also the concern that the trace amount of THC contained in full-spectrum CBD could say in your system long enough to be detected in a blood test. Broad-spectrum CBD undergoes a process that eliminates THC. Conclusion How quickly does CBD oil work? The bottom line is that you can feel an impact within minutes using a direct method like vaping or sublingual oil. Edibles or tincture oils mixed with food create more of a “trickle” effect. Nobody can say for certain how long any form of CBD will stay in a person’s system. Most data points to a window of two to five days. However, it’s not impossible for CBD to be present in your system for weeks. Originally appeared on blog. Alex Malkin is CBD-enthusiast, researcher, and co-founder of, a trading platform for CBD products and educating. Alex is the author of the book "CBD: A Door to Better Health" and certified Nutrition and Wellness specialist.
  5. Landscape design must be suited to the local climate. The native plant works well in the local climate for the design as they do not need a lot of extra watering, fertilizers and pesticides to survive. For this, the native plant and grass must be preserved or collected. However, Manuel Diaz Farms Inc. is a Wholesale plant nursery, all types of native plants and grass are available here. To speed on sustainable landscaping practices, Homebuilders can go for the bioswales, rain gardens and the use of native plants. Mainly, Rain gardens help control runoff by directing stormwater to home landscaping sites while Bioswales are designed to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water. The use of native plants minimizes maintenance costs and improves soil quality. Landscape design varies on climate, so we examine characteristics and best practices in projects from the five major climate zones in the United States. • Marine Climate: On an urban site, steep slopes, compacted soil, lack of shade and stormwater runoff are the main challenges to address to maintain a Sustainable Landscaping Design. If the homeowners want a sizable vegetable garden, they have to face the lack of water for irrigation. For New Residential Developments according to Sustainable Landscaping Design, some steps are mandatory to be taken. Firstly, rainwater must be collected for irrigation and stormwater runoff must be eliminated from the driveway with the help of Rain gardens and Bioswales. Then The use of native plants such as ferns, birches and willows should be increased. • Cold/Very Cold Climate: To enhance water filtration in this weather, stormwater retention ponds are needed to add Landscaping Design for New Residential Developments. And Bioswales will be seeded with a mixture of native grasses and sedges. Most importantly, long, deep-rooted fescue grasses can be used because they absorb large amounts of water. • Hot-Dry/Mixed-Dry Climate: For Hot-Dry and Mixed-Dry Climate, Landscaping Design for New Residential Developments must include some points that are given below. 1. Farmland should be restored to its original habitat. 2. Rainwater percolates into the ground through permeable pavers at every driveway entrance. 3. The curb cuts streets drain to allow water to flow into a dry bed, then into bioswales. • Hot-Humid Climate: To develop a New Residential with Sustainable Landscaping Design, Bioswales and rain gardens must be constructed with a highly permeable engineered soil that allows infiltration of water. Additionally, the native plant materials need to be selected to plant because they have the ability to tolerate the region's extremes of dry and wet weather. • Mixed-Humid Climate: Peoples in Mixed-Humid Climate can use dry-stack rock walls in their Sustainable Landscaping Design. Actually, Beard plants rock walls with mostly native plants. They don't even require a lot of water. Besides, the walls allow rainwater to flow properly without using pipes or concrete swales. • New products and technologies to Green the Landscape A successful sustainable Landscaping Design depends on the native plant and grass that can be found in Manuel Diaz Farms Inc. But there are new products and technologies to enhance sustainable landscape design. 1. HydraCX2 is made from mechanically processed straw fibers. It can hold soil and seed in place on a steep slope. 2. Synthetic turf is a new one that doesn’t need irrigating, fertilizing, mowing or pesticides. 3. Membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems can be used to filter out particulate matter and even bacteria. 4. Native desert plants don’t require irrigation. They can survive on very little rainfall. Even though the development of new residential areas requires a Sustainable Landscaping Design, most of the homeowners have Lack Knowledge of Green Yard Practices. So they need to be aware of this practice in order to be successful in this field. On top of that, the use of native plants and grass must be increased for this.
  6. The future is upon us, and it seems bleak. The depleting resources and the changing temperatures have created a dreadful environment for the generations to come. Given the damaging effects of global warming and climate change, scientists and energy research consultants are looking to create green energy with the help of renewable sources. One source that is fast becoming the talk of the town is biomass. This energy source is derived from organic materials, including plants and animals, and is used as a fuel for various industries across the globe. Scientists rely on different methods to produce energy using biomass. One method that is extremely popular and convenient for the millions of users is burning the energy source to create heat. The heat energy produced powers steam turbines that generate electricity. Burning biomass produces heat in thermal systems with the help of Combined Heat and Power (CHP). Converting feedstocks into liquid bio-fuels is one application of using the product. This helps the users in harvesting gas from landfills with the help of anaerobic digesters. Although the energy source is classified as a green source of energy, there are still question marks regarding its use. Scientists and experts feel that burning trees during the harvesting season can contribute negatively to the environment. Before we give a final verdict regarding the use of the energy source, let’s take a look at some other benefits it offers and the reasons for its popularity. Benefits of Using Biomass The Paris Agreement in 2015 set clean air targets for countries. Since then, companies and governments are looking for suitable alternatives to the traditional sources of energy. The objective is to find greener alternatives to the energy source and contribute positively to the air around. Biomass seems like an excellent alternative for countries looking to change their energy consumption. According to a report by the World Bank, biomass contributes to 14% of world total energy use; this accounts for 50EJ of energy from biomass. This is expected to increase to the figure of 150EJ by the year 2035. The incredibly versatile source of energy allows you to produce power by burning it directly. You can convert the product to liquid biofuels and harvest it as gas from anaerobic digesters and landfills. The sun is the source of energy for biomass, which means that the plant matter can grow relatively quickly. Since it does not take much time and effort to re-grow and depends on a never-ending source of energy, it is classified as renewable. Materials such as sawdust obtained from lumber mills are used to produce the energy source. You can also use chicken litter and residue from crops for the production of biomass. There are a vast number of waste materials that can create biomass. However, you require wood to source energy. Advocates of biomass consider the sourcing of the organic matter a sustainable process, as it allows the user to clear sick or dead trees from an area. The US Forest Service also considers a sustainable resource that can help the country in meeting 30% of the US petroleum demands. The country considers it a valuable resource because it helps in meeting 30% of petroleum consumption. While countries like the US and India are depending on the energy source for fuelling their industries, some critics are vocal against the over-dependence of burning trees. Negatives of Using Biomass Professor John Beddington, a scientific advisor to the UK government during the period of 2008-13, warned about the use of biomass. According to the scientist, the excessive burning of trees means a significant increase in the levels of carbon emission globally. An increase in carbon emission will reduce air quality and lead to global health problems. Professor Beddington then goes on to advise world leaders to focus their attention on alternative sources of energy. Sources of energy that are less damaging to the environment include solar and wind energy. Additionally, he claims that burning biomass is not a clean process either. He blames the lower burning temperature of wood and the carbon intensity it has within for the excessive carbon emissions. Wood releases four times more carbon than fossil fuels. Similarly, another research found out that power plants responsible for burning biomass produce 65% more carbon dioxide per megawatt-hour than plants producing fossil fuels. The report also found out the process of burning biomass also leads to air pollution as it contains elements such as nitrogen oxides, lead, and carbon monoxide. Many of the elements are carcinogenic, signalling a great health hazard for the populations. Another risk of using the energy source is that it can lead to depletion of forests. Since farmers and stakeholders of the primary sector are looking to reduce the cost of operations, they prefer using wood rather than other methods to burn biomass. We all are aware of the adverse effects of depleting forest settlements. Climate change and the effect on ecology are some side effects of the depleting forest resources. The forests are also our one real weapon against climate change as they form carbon sinks to combat the rising levels of carbon emissions. Conclusion While the benefits of using biomass are an excellent incentive for countries and scientists to use the energy source, critics don’t welcome it as a natural alternative to coal. The use of biomass should be subject to more scrutiny and transparency, as governments should look to limit its use to affordable levels. To reach a conclusion regarding the use of biomass, producers, and governments alike need to ask themselves, “what are the advantages of renewable energy." The use of biomass should not contradict with the benefits of using renewable energy.
  7. Experiencing plumbing issues like a clogged drain and blocked sewage pipes is quite common for homeowners. However, no one wants them to happen. But if it happens even, there’s nothing to be depressed!! If there’s a problem, there’s always a solution! Today’s post talks about two fantastic plumbing solutions that can help you in unclogging your drain or sewage pipes effortlessly. Plumbers call them hydro jetting and snaking. To know more about these extraordinary techniques related to drain cleaning Melbourne or that of any other region, keep reading this post! Let’s Start With Snaking… Snaking is a classic approach to unclog the drain. With this method, the plumber takes an auger. Auger is like steel cable that has a coil; similar to cork-screw in one end. It works as a piercer when a plumber inserts it in the sewage pipe. With the help of the auger, the plumbers remove obstructions, and your clogged drain becomes unclogged. What are the Benefits of Snaking? Snaking has proven effectiveness. There’s no better alternative than snaking if you want to clear basic drain clogs. Moreover, it doesn’t harm the sewage pipes. It’s a gentle process that can be used for old pipes as well. Besides, since snaking is efficient in removing obstacles from the drainpipe, it warns you about critical issues like the presence of a harmful object in the line. In a one-liner, if you want to clear basic clogs from your sewage pipes, snaking can do wonder! However, every good comes with some touch of evil. And snaking is of course, not an exception to the fact. It’s not a permanent solution, and there will always be the risk of clog accumulation in the future. Now it’s the Time to Focus on Hydro Jetting! Hydro jetting is the process, in which a plumber forces a stream of water in the sewage pipe. The pressure is set at 3000-8000 PSI (Pound per Square Inch). This is such a massive pressure that it can easily blow out any obstacles in the pipelines. The list includes hair, grease as well as tree roots. What are the Benefits of Hydro-Jetting? Hydro jetting is one of the most effective methods of cleaning ornery drain clogs. For this reason, it’s highly recommended for cleaning complicated drain clogs. Besides, it’s a versatile method that can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. The only downside of hydro jetting is none other than its forceful approach. For this reason, it’s not suitable for old or damaged pipelines. What’s the Best Method to Clean Drain Clogs, Snaking or Hydro-Jetting? Well, it entirely depends on the severity of the clog and the condition of the pipes. Hydro jetting works as a power-pack. On the other hand, snaking works as the primary method of clearing clogs. To know what the best fit solution is for you, consult with an experienced plumbing agency. They will help you in making the right decision. However, when you call a professional plumber, make sure you’ve requested them to conduct a holistic check. It will help you to detect several issues like the need for hot water system replacement Melbourne or in other areas, carbon monoxide test etc. So, what’s stopping you? Ring up the best plumbing agency near you today and get your job done at the earliest.
  8. Different LED Parking Lot Lights

    Parking lots are very important at buildings and even facilities. They offer the means for guests, tenants, and clients to access your business and building. We have a question for you, when was the last time your parking lot obtain an update? What about updates that made your business more energy-efficient and cut down your monthly expenses? Keep in mind that we are not talking about an air-conditioned parking lot, instead, we are talking about changing your lighting fixture with an LED parking lot light. LED parking lot lights are ideal for those who want to light up their parking area, basketball court, backyard, and other places using a light system that is energy efficient. This kind of lighting comes with several safety features like low energy consuming LEDs that will surely cut down your monthly electric bills. Not only that, it is also easy to maintain, install, and operate. Another reason why you should opt for these lights is that safety will be improved. If you are in a place where the parking area is poorly lit, it may cause problems such as violent crimes, attacks, burglary, and unexpected driving accidents. Parking lot lights have high-intensity to provide more brightness in bigger areas. These lights are also available in different styles. Keep on reading to know more about them. Types of LED Parking Lot Lights 1. Barn Light A barn light also known as an LED yard light is a kind of gooseneck fixture which faces in a single direction typically down. Usually, it is installed on a pole or a wall. The light will spread from the source and illuminate everything under it. At this moment, this type of parking lot light is used in various kinds of light settings. It is also energy-efficient, bright, and requires little to no maintenance. 2. Shoebox As the name implies, this type of LED parking light sports a rectangular shape. All parts like the lens, power supply, and heat sink system are fit to this compartment. Further, LED shoebox lights are easy to maintain and install, energy-saving, and sturdy. 3. Cobrahead Cobrahead lights sport a nice shape making them visually appealing. In fact, it shapes offers enough light spread that even in output. In addition to that, it is can cast a concentrated light. Also, it only operates at a lower wattage, meaning to say, you will save money on utility costs. Undeniably, parking lot lights can offer a lot of benefits. So what are you waiting for? Invest in a high-quality LED light for parking lots.
  9. When cleaning the household, we often don’t place as much emphasis as we should on our product selections. What does it matter anyway? Cleaning is cleaning, right? What if I told you that the emissions from the various chemicals used within a multitude of household products are at the equivalent level of automobile emissions when it comes to air quality? It is a discomforting fact unless you enjoy simulating what it is like to huff exhaust fumes. Product selection should be important to you. Keep reading as the experts at Safe Green Cleaning educate more. Making the Right Choice So how do we go about making the safest choice for cleaning the home? The trick is to keep an eye out for volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s. VOC’s are tiny particles that can travel and take force themselves inside your lungs. These same microbial chemicals cause a plethora of nasty issues, such as eye irritation, nose irritation, wheezing, asthma attacks and respiratory infections. Even more disturbingly, there exists a link to possible long-term effects to kidneys, liver, the central nervous system and cancer. With all these hazards, it is imperative to make the correct selection. Sadly, it is not as easy as taking a quick glance at the back of the product container. In many cases, the label on the product is devoid of such a list. Federal law does not require companies to provide such a warning. Fortunately, California legislated SB 258: The Cleaning Product Right to Know Act. This law did create a nationwide directive that forced the organizations manufacturing cleaning supplies to provide ingredients contained within the fragrance. Deciphering the Bad Labels It doesn’t take a specialized degree to filter through the nuance surrounding the complicated language referencing the ingredients printed on the labels. We’re going to teach you what terms to look out for when making a selection. Listed below are common terms you’ll find on cleaning supplies. Active Ingredients These are actively bad for your health. Generally, these are antibacterial pesticides used to kill bacteria, viruses and mold. There are far safer alternatives to utilize. Anything with the above listing is not required to clean your house. Enzymes These are proteins, often mixed in with cleaners to break down soils and stains. These are natural, so it is easy to disregard them as safe. For example, a toxigenic chemical, boric acid, is commonly added to stabilize the enzymes. This combo is most hazardous when the reproductive system is exposed to it. Optical Brightener As the name implies, it can make fabrics appear brighter to the naked eye. Laundry detergent will utilize optical brightener. It can blanket the clothing being run through the washing machine. Optical brightener can also cling to the clothing even after a rinsing. This fact is relevant because the brightener chemical can also cause skin irritation. Organic Okay, something labelled organic has to be a safe pick, right? Sadly, this idea is not foolproof. Given there are no legal restrictions regarding the term organic, it pays to be skeptical. It is a loaded term which can mean a whole lot of nothing; a USDA Organic logo is the only safeguard to go off of when making a selection. The logo does create a legal imperative that makes the company bound to honor their claim of the item being organic. If the logo is absent, pick the product at your own risk. Surfactant A surfactant is a chemical compound used to loosen dirt and grease. They are necessary for cleaning. It is also true that some surfactants are safer than others. Certain surfactants are toxic to aquatic life, like nonylphenol ethoxylates, and are slow to decompose. What Labels are Safe? Given the list has been all negative, this question is inevitable. Fortunately, there exist safe selections. The terms you want to look for will say biodegradable, Green Seal / Ecologo, essential oils and free and clear of perfumes and dyes. Looking for these labels will help you make a safe selection for your household cleaning and avoid hazardous VOC’s.
  10. There is no doubt in accepting the fact that solar energy yields a lot of advantages, and this is the prime reason why people in today’s age are opting for this option for saving the environment. Solar energy Long Island has received huge popularity for several reasons. However, protecting the environment is not the only factor. There are many other benefits associated with the use of solar energy such as cost-benefit, low maintenance, energy independence etc. whether you are interested about protecting the environment from global warming or you are more attracted towards the low-cost factor, going green is remarkably a smart idea. Here, in this article, you will come to know about a number of reasons why using solar energy panels is the most beneficial option. Knowing these reasons will let you understand why it is the most viable and attractive alternative fossil fuel energy. So, now, let’s have a look at those reasons below so you can take an informed and wise decision. Why is solar energy Long Island the most demanding option? 1. Protect the environment The most important and prominent factor is the environmental benefit. The overuse or overexploitation of the non-renewable resources leadsto some burning problems such as extreme level of pollution, higher costs, paucity, and so on. We, people, should not depend on fossil fuel for creating energy because the resources will gradually disappear over the years. Above all, depending on fossil fuel continuously will lead to even more pollution, and this will eventually affect people’s health and the climate. Therefore, opting for a safe, clean, healthy and renewable source of energy is imperative. 2. Solar energy is renewable One of the most important advantages is that it is a renewable form of energy which we can use for billions of years. The sun will shine forever, and thus, using its power will never diminish, unlike those fossil fuel energy sources. When fossil fuel energy will not be available on the earth anymore, the Sun will still be there and provide enough power to the world. 3. Solar energy is clean Unlike fossil fuel energy, solar energy is clean and harmless. There is no unpleasant smell, no gas emission, no smoke – it is completely clean. Considering the harmful green-house effect and climate changes, finding a clean source of energy like solar energy is the best way to protect the environment and reduce the negative effects that fossil fuel releases in the environment. Using solar energy is like protecting ourselves and our generation to come. Living in a safe and healthy environment is everyone’s right, and it is our responsibility to protect it from harmful gaseous effect. 4. Low-cost factor Solar energy is associated with the low-cost factor, and it is environment-friendly. As its main source of energy is the Sun, once you install a solar panel, you can use free energy as long as you want. It is for everybody, and you don’t need to spend a penny on availing this. You can relish its benefits. While for using fossil fuels, you need to pay a certain amount as it is brought from different sources and suppliers, and thus, it is not free like solar energy. Therefore, these are the above-mentioned reasons why solar energy Long Island has received so much acceptance from the people. It is the best means of energy which you can use for a long time without bearing any harmful effect.
  11. Jute bags and their promotional aspect

    Jute is a super fiber that has been around since ancient times. It is a natural fiber that is derived from a mix of different vegetable fibers. The main plant is generally the jute plant. It has a rustic yellowish brown look to it. Jute hessian bags changes its strong personality to somewhat beautiful as these bags are great to look at as well. Companies often make promotional jute bags due to the strength and durability of this material. This signifies the feeling of generosity and care towards customers. In the current time when people are stressed over ecological issues, jute can be a promising answer as it is totally natural and is easily biodegraded. Mentioned below are some types of jute bags used for promotional purposes by a lot of businesses and especially retail and wholesale stores: 1) Jute vine Bags A lot of small businesses specially retail and wholesale firms have been using these for promotional purposes for a long time now as they order custom vine bags with their logo and contacts mentioned there. These accessories have a very positive impact on customers as it makes them feel special and they will always remember your business whenever they buy vine due to the bag. This increases the number of returning customers. 2) Carry bags Jute is an eco-friendly material and with governments around the world restricting the use of plastic bags, this is a great way to earn some loyal customers by providing them jute carry bags for their daily shopping. Stores have been doing this for a long time and it allows them to please both customers and the government with one blow. These bags can have your stores name and details printed on it which will act as a source of advertising whenever that bag is out in public. 3) Jute handbags There are a lot of designer jute handbags which can be gifted to loyal customers. Make sure you don’t overdo the advertisement on the bag as handbags can be used daily. It is human nature to talk about their belonging hence by giving customers beautiful handbags you are advertising yourself at a large scale as whenever someone asks them about the bag, the name of your business will surely pop-up and you will have a high chance of gathering potential new customers. Customizations available for jute bags When you decide to do promotional giveaways of jute bags there are certain things that the agency will offer you, they are as follows- 1) High quality image printing As a business you can print the services you offer on these bags along with your name and images of your products. All this is done in high quality and acts as a source of advertisement. 2) Print your logo Printing your log on the promotional bag is optional but somewhat important as you can make your presence felt without disturbing the overall looks. This is a great way for maintaining goodwill among costumers. 3) Customize the color scheme You can customize the color scheme of the bag and can make it more matching to the color scheme of your logo or you can do this to simply improve the looks of the bags.
  12. Finding an eco-friendly moving company

    Not enough people try to make their move eco-friendly. They get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of moving and seem to forget that mature nature needs us to protect her. This usually leads to mountains of plastic and cardboard and enormous amounts of fuel used in order to deal with a move that could've been much greener. Well, since you are reading this article, we can safely assume that you are not one of those people. You remembered that relocation needs to not only be efficient but that it should also be green. For that we commend you. And we would also like to help you out by giving you some tips for eco-friendly moving. Finding an eco-friendly moving company A big part of having eco-friendly relocation is to find an eco-friendly moving company to work with. With their help and advice, you will be able to make your relocation as green as possible and help reduce your carbon footprint. But, unfortunately, it is not easy to find a moving company that is really eco-friendly. Luckily, this is not the only way in which you can make your relocation eco-friendly. But, it is an important part, since movers can use up a lot of fuel and packing supplies if they don't care about the environment. So, let us look into what finding eco-friendly movers are all about. If you really want to have eco-friendly relocation you need to do your research and make sure that the movers you work with are truly green. Start online The best place to start looking for eco-friendly movers is, surprise surprise, online. Simply go to sites like Google and type in your area and moving company. So, if for instance you live in Rhode Island and you want to hire reputable moving professionals in Rhode Island area, simply type in "Rhone Island moving company". This will give you a clear oversight of which movers are the most prominent in your area. Unfortunately, most of them will not be eco-friendly. So, what you need to do is to check out each and every one of them and see if they mention eco-friendly moving services. If they do, there is a good chance that they are the movers you need to contact. What to keep in mind The main reason why so few moving companies are eco-friendly is that it takes money to be so. Being eco-friendly and being cost-efficient doesn't always go hand in hand. Especially when it comes to moving. A company needs to be very well established and it needs to have the proper motivation in order to truly be eco-friendly. Saying that you an eco-friendly moving company is much easier said than done. Alt: Cars and trucks on the road Another problem is that saying that you are eco-friendly is a great commercial. Figuring out whether a company is really eco-friendly or not takes knowledge and dedication. And moving companies don't usually count on their clients having them, so they simply claim to be eco-friendly without actually being so. Therefore, in order to do your business with a green moving company, you need to interview them. You can learn from Verified Movers how to do so properly. Unless they know all about the cost differences and the environmental impact that green moving has, they are not eco-friendly. Getting eco-friendly packing supplies The second part of having eco-friendly relocation is getting green packing supplies. This part is much more reliable as it is much easier to find green packing supplies then green movers. Although we feel that we should warn you, green packing supplies are not always the cheapest option. But, if you know how to make your move efficient and cost-effective, you will barely feel the added cost of green packing supplies. Cardboard vs plastic One of the more common misconceptions about green moving is that cardboard boxes are greener than plastic ones. Once you look into it a bit you will see that this is far from true. Not every type of cardboard is recyclable or biodegradable. Therefore, it is not the best choice when it comes to having an eco-friendly move. On the other hand, using plastic containers can be a much greener option. The main difference is that plastic containers can be reused hundreds, if not thousands of times. While you can only reuse a cardboard box two or three times before you have to throw it out. Most of the moving boxes usually end up in the dumpster, which is why they are not really a green moving solution. Alt: Boxes after moving. Renting containers What a lot of companies do in order to reduce the waste produced by moving is to rent plastic containers. This is a great way to pack your possessions in an eco-friendly way as you are not throwing anything out after the move. Not to mention the fact that plastic containers are sturdier and safer then carboard boxes ever could be. Some companies that have offices in different cities which makes bringing them in easy even after moving. Others will require you to unpack as soon as possible, and then let their movers take them. Overall, renting and using plastic can be a great way to have an efficient, green move. So, be sure to consider them for your next relocation. Moving safety and eco-friendliness The one thing you shouldn't do, when making your relocation eco-friendly, is risking the safety of your move. People usually do this when they try to use as few packing supplies as possible. Do not make this mistake. You need to understand that your possessions need to be properly, wrapped, padded and packed in order to have a safe relocation. This is done not only to keep your possessions in pristine condition. But, also to make too sure that anyone handling them will not get hurt. So, remember, first make sure that your relocation is safe, and then make it green.
  13. Electricity is one of the most important resources for homes. It makes rooms bright, enables people to eat a warm meal, keeps them warm (and cold also) and allows people to access their entertainment. Overall it is fair to conclude that life without electricity will become really difficult. Electricity is the most significant blessings that science has given to mankind. Meanwhile, it is also important to understand that it could be harmful handled inappropriately. In fact, studies show that most of the residential electrical accidents occur due to the ignorance of basic electrical knowledge and carelessness while handling different electrical devices and systems. Continue reading to know about some of the most effective electrical safety tips that you should follow to reduce the chance of residential electrical accidents. #1 Don’t Mix Water and Electricity Water is known as an excellent conductor of electricity. You will easily become the path of electricity if you touch water that touches electricity. In that case, you will become electricity’s path to the ground. Individuals are also recommended to keep all of their electrical appliances away from water. Meanwhile, they also need to ensure that their hands are dry when using appliances. It will help you to prevent electrical accidents. #2 Don’t Overload Outlets If you plug in too many devices into one outlet, it might cause overloading and end up in an electrical accident. It is important to understand that every outlet is designed to manage a certain amount of current. However, many people often use extension cords to pull maximum power from one outlet. In this way, they manage to use several electrical items at the same time from one single outlet. If the outlet gets overloaded, it will cause several problems with the breaker box. In extreme cases, it might also spark and start a fire. So finally it is fair to conclude that if you end up overloading outlets, then it might set your house on fire. So avoid doing this and stay safe. #3 Use Fire Extinguishers People mainly use water to put the fire off. But when it comes to electric fire, individuals are always recommended to use water for putting it off because it conducts electricity. Due to this reason, individuals are always recommended to use a fire-retardant chemical fire extinguisher to put off the electric fire. So get yourself a fire extinguisher first and use it in your hour of need. These are the tips that individuals need to follow to avoid electrical accidents. Many people also try to fix electrical problems on their own. If you try to do something like this without any proper knowledge, it might also cause you an accident. Due to this reason, individuals are always recommended to hire a professional Point Cook electrician as well as from the other areas according to their preference. Professional electricians help their clients to fix all of their electrical issues and also protect them and their family from different types of potential electrical problems.
  14. Do you know that the use of social media has made it possible for different businesses to promote easily? Social media is considered to be a game-changer because it has allowed e-commerce to flourish. If there is one thing that you should remember when using social media, you have to make sure that you will allow your followers to grow organically. This means that you will be gaining followers because people genuinely like what you can offer. There are some applications that you can use to give you instant followers but you can be sure that these followers will not do anything for your business. The growth of your business will just be a fraud and at this day and age, this is not something that you want. Choosing the Right Social Media Platform There are different social media platforms to choose from. You are expected to choose the social media platform that will work best for your type of audience. For example, if your audience is composed of young adults, Instagram may be your best bet. There are many teenagers on Facebook too but it will depend on the type of strategies that you are going to do to choose which one will be the most effective for you. Through Instagram, growing your brand organically is possible. You just have to make sure that you will follow a few simple tips Create the Content that Your Followers Will Love Making the right content is a bit tricky when you are on social media. You have to make sure that you can offer something that will appeal to your different followers. It can be complicated in the beginning but the more that you get to know your audience, the more that you can come up with content that they would love to see First of all, you also have to be sure that you know what your brand stands for and what your brand’s image is. Based on that, you can create the next steps so that your content will always be appreciated by your target market. The second thing to remember is to consider the type of content that your competition is posting. Consider how you can make what they are posting more interesting for your audience. The Right Images Will Help How can you make people more excited to learn more about your brand? You have to post images that will catch their attention every time. You need to create an aesthetically pleasing feed that will compel them to check out what you can offer. There are some people who will actually follow you based on how well-curated your feed is. Make an effort to post the right images and this will be a big help to your brand for sure. If you would need the help of some applications to create the right content, then do it. You may need all the help that you can get in order to create the right feed that people will love. Remember that your aesthetics should still fit well with your brand’s overall image. Remember the Right Calls to Action You need to let people know what they are going to do so that they will be able to check out your products more or even purchase from you. There are some people who will see some items that they like on Instagram but because they do not know what to do, they would not do anything to support the brand. Let them know if they should check out the link on your bio so that they will be redirected to your website or you can let them know if you are selling through another website. Your customers will surely appreciate the effort. If in case there are some customers who still do not know what to do, answer their inquiries through the comments section or you can also send them a DM. Having the right call to action is always important -- no matter if you are trying to make sales, increase branding on just get attention. During the latest Trump election, several funny books and memorabilia was sold to the masses. When the ad copy and targeting was done right, pro and against products could be marketed and sold to both sides. Post at the Right Time People will unfollow accounts that will not post for a long time. You have to be consistent and make sure that you will do enough research to know when is the right time that you should post. There are some accounts that may post 5 to 10 times a day. Not everyone would appreciate this because they might think that you are “flooding” their accounts. You can limit your post to about three meaningful posts a day. Make sure that people will gain enough information about your brand and your products through the things that you post. It will be highly appreciated by your followers, for sure. Another thing that you should not forget when you are on Instagram is to use the right hashtags. Be creative and use a hashtag that is uniquely your own along with other hashtags that people normally use in your niche. It will make your posts easier to search.
  15. Tips to hiring the right people

    When it comes to hiring new employees for your business, deciding who the right person is for the job can be difficult – particularly if you haven’t had much experience in hiring in the past. As always, first impressions count. But the way a potential employee performs in an interview can be very different to how they fit in with your team. To help, the public relations team at Adoni Media have put together a few tips to get you started. Work with them first Rather than relying on a job interview, having a prospective employee work with your team can provide wonderful insight into their suitability to join your company. Before they’re offered a position, see if they could join a brainstorming session or complete a writing task. This could make your decision a lot easier. Prioritise company culture When scouting for new employees, make sure you understand what defines your company culture first. Ask yourself, what kind of workplace do I hope to build, and what traits do I want my employees to have? Having this mind, you’ll find it easier to ask relevant questions during an interview to highlight what you’re looking for in a potential employee. Though a candidate may look great on paper, other factors, like their values or interpersonal skills are just as important. Take your time Although you might be eager to fill a position, or need to hire someone quickly, rushing your decision will increase the chance of hiring someone who isn’t a great fit. Waiting for the right person, despite the long, drawn-out hiring process, is often worth it. Don’t be afraid to extend the hiring process. Your team will see this as you wanting the best person for the job, and prioritising who meshes with your company culture.