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  1. A guide to personal loan for environment

    In UK personal loan among the masses is in huge demand. The personal loan helps to turn your dreams into reality. As the name suggests personal loan is a loan taken for personal reasons. And the best part about the personal loan is that you do not have to reveal the reason for which you’re taking the loan, not even to the bank or financial institutions offering you personal loan. A personal loan could be of varied reasons like marriage, honeymoon, purchasing luxurious items etc. The repayment of personal loan varies from minimum 1 month to 7 years or as per the terms of the contract. There are many companies offering online personal loans UK. The best thing about a personal loan is that you do not need to have a guarantor for the loan. Many institutions also offer loan to people with bad credit. There are two documents which you need to show to avail personal loan. 1. Pan card/driving license or passport as proof of identity 2. Electricity bill/house tax bill/ telephone bill, bank statement for proof of address of the house. Types of personal loan 1. Car finance personal loan: if you’re in urgent need of a car or wish to have the latest model of the car, then you can avail car finance personal loan. This loan is a boon for those who live in a rural area, where public transport is scarce. 2. Home improvement personal loan: if you wish to repair your home, or want to have latest design furniture, you can avail this loan. By taking this loan, you can add value to your house. You can also build multiple stories with the help of this loan. 3. Debt consolidation personal loan: when you take a loan to pay off other installments of other loans, it is called debt consolidation. You can take a personal loan to pay off every other installment. However, it is advisable to seek debt counselor advice before consolidating your debt. Types of interest rates on personal loan The terms upon which you will receive loan will depend a lot upon your credit score. Some financial institutions offer instant personal loan but these loans generally have a high rate of interest. A person with bad credit history may get a personal loan at the high-interest rate. Generally speaking there are two kinds of interest rates: a fixed interest rate is the one whose interest rate remains the same throughout the loan period. A variable interest rate remains to change depending upon the market situation. It is advisable to take the personal loan on a fixed interest rate.
  2. Sustainable Social Enterprise in HK

    Sustainability has become more and more important in society now with ever changing climates, and overcrowded cities. This has lead a big increase of sustainable programs and social enterprises over the past decade. Sustainability is seen to be the answer to the depletion of natural resources due to the increase in demand caused by more overpopulation. Sustainability can be what helps change the world and make high demand and overcrowded cities into self-sustaining locations. Although Sustainability has been around for a while now. It is beginning to pick up more and more momentum and more and more governments and large businesses. Hong Kong is one of the most populated cities in the world with skyscrapers covering most of the streets with open space becoming more and more harder to find. More and more methods are being tried to find a sustainable food source in the future. Thus resulting in communities growing novel food sources like vegetable, fruits and even insects in their apartment and rooftop. With technology being so rich and accessible, more and more designers and pioneers are opting to explore the opportunity to have a sustainable food source in their homes and changing the diets of the many. With more and more tenants looking to opt for locally grown sustainable produce, businesses are starting to rise making sustainability and social enterprises an attractive business venture with over 574 Social enterprises currently operating Hong Kong. There is still a lot to be done. This is because of the lack of availability and high price of produce grown using sustainable methods compared to produce grown using old methods. Actions are being taken to address this issue however with some leaders and industry experts addressing the issue at the EAT Asia-Pacific Food Forum held at the end of October 2017. EAT is a organisation that looks to seek out solutions to solve the outdating food production methods that will soon become obsolete due to the continuous rise in demand in overpopulated cities. EAT brings together many users from different industries to count on their field of expertise to help collaborate to find a new revolutionary solution. It’s not just the food industry that is revolutionizing businesses in Hong Kong. The fashion industry is also looking to and exploring sustainability using unused recycled clothes to help create new lines and trends like shoes wallets and watches. Social enterprise fashion industry is also starting to rise with more young innovators starting platforms to allow users to swap, buy & sell second-hand clothes. With the climate constantly changing it is important to support social enterprises when the opportunity arises to keep businesses who care about sustainability in businesses. With more support not just from the community around but the government as well, Social enterprises and sustainability will be the solution to keeping our world moving.
  3. With an attic, the main thing that people have to think about is the accessibility they have to it. However, most attics and roof lofts are so old that when it comes time for home improvements, people don’t always consider picking loft ladders for their homes. Loft ladders, based on the type you choose to use are extremely helpful and have a number of different benefits to offer. In many cases, considering them a part of your home improvement plans can be a huge plus point. Fakro and their loft ladder ranges offer a wide range of choices for you. However, the following arealso a few things that you should consider about loft ladders when picking one for your home. 1. Availability of Space Saving space is a huge issue, particularly if you live in a small house. With a loft ladder, you can easily cut down on the total space that a loft ladder eats into by ensuring that you get it your hands on a collapsible loft ladder. These can easily fold upon themselves and save up space. Moreover, based on your space requirements, you can either get vertical loft ladders or horizontal loft ladders that save space and ensure that you don’t get annoyed with how much space your loft ladder is eating up. 2. Functionality If you’re wondering how to make your home more accessible and friendlier, you might benefit from having an electronic loft ladder. These ladders are perfect for anyone who has trouble in mobility. They also have great load bearing qualities and can be used for places where it is not possible for manual loft ladders to be installed since they would be out of reach otherwise. With electronic loft ladders, you can also enhance the security they provide by getting rails attached to them. The degree of accessibility and security they provide will make them a worthwhile investment and a great home improvement project for you. 3. Safety If you don’t people going up to the roof, you can easily have loft ladders that come with a locking hatch. This makes them extremely secure. Even electronic loft ladders can have a locking hatch too. This is great to keep inquisitive children out of the roof since they do tend to be able to manipulate manual or electronic loft ladders. Keep in mind that most loft ladders are only required in any attic or roof if you’re using the area for storage. If you’re using the area for living purposes, it is always advised to have a permanent staircase installed instead. The best part is that installation is also easy so you can easily get the loft ladder you want in your home installed on the very first day. If you want to get a loft ladder installed, take a look at Fakro and their loft ladder ranges to get the best loft ladder you want. With their help, you can easily pick a loft ladder based on your needs and choose from a variety of different designs.
  4. The Coral Triangle—which encompasses the tropical marine waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste—is recognized as the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity. In fact, even if it only covers 1.6% of the Earth’s entire oceanic area, the Coral Triangle is home to approximately 76% of the world’s entire coral species, 37% of the global coral reef fish species, and 56% of coral reef fish species in the Indo-Pacific region. Dubbed as the “Amazon of the Seas,” the Coral Triangle is a global priority for conservation, as its natural beauty and riches are threatened by climate change, overfishing, extractive industries, and poor governance, among others. This is among the primary reasons why the Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA) is working together with different groups across the world to protect and preserve the ecological health and the economic potential of the Coral Triangle. Protection of Livelihood and Food Sources Mangroves Apart from hosting thousands of species of marine life, including 6 of only 7 kinds of marine turtles, the Coral Triangle is also home to the world’s largest area of mangrove forests. Mangroves are the habitat of different species of fish, crab, shrimp, and mollusks, which are a significant food source for most of the world’s population. Mangrove forests likewise support many other wildlife populations. The dense root systems of mangrove forests also act as a sediment filter, which protects coral reefs and sea plants from being smothered. Mangrove roots also prevent erosion from huge waves and storms, thus stabilizing the coastlines. Indeed, areas where there is a marked decline in mangrove population suffer from significant coastal damage due to hurricanes or typhoons. Finally, mangrove wood is very resistant to rot and to infiltration by most insects, making it an extremely valuable resource in the construction industry. Coastal and indigenous communities actually depend on mangrove wood not only for construction but also for fuel in the form of wood chips or charcoal. Other parts of the mangrove tree are also used for animal fodder and medicinal purposes. Fish and Coral Reefs The wealth of seafood caught in the Coral Triangle alone provide nutrition for nearly 1 billion people in the world. The fishing industry also exports $1 billion worth of tuna yearly, which powers local economies within the Triangle. More than 120 million people, 2.25 million of which are fisherfolk, also directly depend on the Coral Triangle for sustenance and livelihood. Similar to mangroves, coral reefs also help protect coastlines from the damaging effects of waves and storms. Healthy coral reefs also serve as spawning grounds of fish, in addition to being a source of nitrogen and other nutrients that help marine ecosystems thrive. These diverse resources help fuel a nature-based tourism industry, which brings in $12 billion yearly. Threats to the Triangle Apart from economic and ecological benefits, coral reefs also provide a wealth of scientific information. The study of the Coral Triangle, in particular, where it is believed that coral reefs began, is essential in providing a clearer historical picture of the sea and its denizens. However, rising water temperatures, sea levels, and ocean acidity—the effects of climate change—are having a negative impact on the Coral Triangle and reefs all over the world. Overfishing and destructive fishing techniques like cyanide fishing are also depleting fish stocks. The reduction of fish populations, in turn, slows down the recovery period of coral reefs, which suffer from bleaching and from being infested by invasive species. There is hope in the horizon for the Coral Triangle, however, as some coral species here are seen to be more resilient to the effects of climate change. The scientific community is hopeful that certain characteristics of Coral Triangle reefs, if and when determined, may help boost resilience of other coral reefs. This isn’t to say that we, as a global community, should stop developing efforts and measures to help protect the Coral Triangle. In truth, people are the most valuable resource in achieving sustainability and in preserving the natural beauty and resources within the Coral Triangle. Likewise, we are also the ones who will reap the most benefits if we succeed.
  5. For your kid, a bedroom can be the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Neverland, the Land of Narnia, Arendelle or Wonderland. The four-cornered space is like the whole world. But, true or not, children’s imaginations always go beyond the doors and windows of the bedroom. You might be stressing out right now. How are you going to transform the room to achieve your little child’s wishes? Small or wide, you can still turn the whole space into a lively and fantastical one. In the midst of your improvement lists as a parent, bedroom transformation must be part of it. Out of all parts of your home, a bedroom becomes a sacred place for resting. Transforming your child’s space should be a part of your priorities to make sure you can provide comfortability and quality sleep to your child. According to National Sleep Foundation, kids spend 40% of their childhood asleep. The environment affects their sleeping patterns, and having sleep deprivation will only create an enormous effect on your child’s mental and physical health. A good sleep hygiene while understanding the aspect of affection and active caretaking in the initial development of neurobehavioral systems of your child is essential. It proves to give an impact to social policy and children’s health. Since you want your children to grow up well as they spend time in the room, you should transform it. Here are the ways to achieve it while you save space. Make your child happier than ever before. Creative Walls and Corners A normal looking corner can become lively when you place a closet, box organizers or a sofa. You can stimulate your child’s creative side by making a chalkboard wall. The good thing about it is, you don’t have to worry about wallpapers. Corner layouts make a bedroom complacent for moderns designs that are good for homework and play. It means that you have space for everything. You can also place wall and over-the-door pockets which keep the toys in sight. Put something natural like the multi-storey wooden rack to keep their favorite shoe in place. Innovative 3-in-1 When a bedroom is not spacious enough to install bookshelf, desk, and bed, there’s a way to put everything all together. The three-in-one design means every piece is close at hand. If you only have one child in a room, you can modify a bunk bed. Make the lower part of it as a space for study, put desk and shelves and use the upper deck as the bed. If your child can already climb and down the stairs, then it’s a good choice. Also, you can use the floor as a play area. Paint or put a mat with your kid’s favorite character or hero. It will make them feel secure and relaxed during sleep. Sleep on Storage Kids continuously gather new toys, books, and clothes so it is almost impossible to have too much storage in their bedrooms. The wonderful thing of getting a bed with built-in storage is that you acquire useful, comfortably accessed space for storing away stuff, without taking up space on the floor. Clever Shared Space Make standard-looking bunk beds extra special. While you guarantee the quality of the beds, don’t forget to get creative. In a shared room, place two beds, giving every child their territory. You can follow the "3-in-1" style. Provide sleeping space on top and use the spot below for their stuff. Prevent your child from falling by placing a guardrail. You may also want to take advantage of vaulted ceilings. Feature fanciful yet comfortable pillow and use window shades. For example, getting a mattress like the Sealy King Single Mattress is a good idea because it saves space and is more economical in the long run. Themes and Color Compromise Make a room with cohesive color schemes for your child. If a space shared by brothers, match up colors that compromise their tastes. As for the themes, incorporate it equally. If one likes soccer and the other likes baseball, make sure to divide the transformations without bias to make a peaceful relationship. Fun Roulette Transform a plain and small room into a space that saturates playtime for kids. It will encourage them to have fun without gadgets. Spare boxes for toy storage that fits within the grid system. Make it height-friendly to make it accessible for the younger ones. Sometimes, age range stirs sibling relationships, but through smart bedroom layouts, you can create an avenue that will make your kids closer together. Get Crafty You can use fabric to add an element of adventure. Kids admire the exhilaration of having a camp in a tent, which you can simply recreate using a couple of wooden poles and a canopy hung from the ceiling on four hooks. You can make a reversible canopy with two different fabrics to easily alter the atmosphere of the room. If you want to have the entire camping ambiance for your kids, oversized floor cushions and bean bag covers are perfect for playdates and bedtime stories. And to keep the floor space free, you can attach a few hooks so that it is easier to hang it on the walls. Forget It Not Aside from saving space and integrating their likes, finding the best bed and mattresses must also be on top of the list. Find a breathable and comfortable pillow to help them sleep better. You can place scents to fit your child’s mood. Also, think about a good room lighting fixtures and color tones that can give off a warm light at night. Takeaway It’s only natural for kids room to be messy, but with proper and stylish organizing and storage systems, you can make the room lively while keeping it uncluttered. Keep the things that they love throughout the sound night and boost their mental clarity and happiness . Moreover, get rid of the things which are not in use and donate it to the less fortunate. Incorporate the things which they love to boost their mood and to make them feel your love. Let them feel like princes or princesses and less like a brat. Make the room uniquely stylish while keeping the mess to a minimum. Author Bio An interior designer by profession, Rachel Minahan is a mother of one who likes stuff that talks about parenting and home improvement. Regardless of her busy schedule, she never forgets to spend time with his daughter.
  6. The Importance of Recycling Scrap Metals

    “Scrap metal” is a common business term that refers to excess metal that has been discarded within the workplace. If metals are being used for production in any factory, there’s a very high chance that a lot of scrap will be produced. Scrap metal is generally discarded by the company and taken to waste treatment centres. However, because metals do not decompose quickly, it’s actually not a wise idea to throw away such large quantities of scrap metals. Instead, you should seriously think about recycling the metals rather than throwing them away. Here are just a few reasons why recycling is such an excellent idea. Consumes Less Energy The excess amount of energy being used for extracting virgin ore for metals could be significantly reduced if scrap metal is used. The amount of energy being used for such tasks has increased dramatically over the years, primarily due to the rise in demand for metallic ore. The excess amount of energy used in extracting virgin ore costs money, the burden of which is passed to the end-consumer. If you want to save money the next time you order metallic goods from any place, you should think about ordering from a place that utilises scrap metals. Scrap metal recycling in Perth could significantly reduce the amount of energy being used while processing metallic ore. Environmentally Friendly The benefits of recycling have been touted for many years now, and also play an important role in recycling scrap metals. As mentioned above, scrap metals do not decompose quickly, so they lie under the earth in landfills for hundreds of years. Instead of discarding the scrap metals, you should think about recycling them simply to play your part in protecting the environment. Recycling is environmentally friendly and minimises greenhouse gas emissions by a significant margin. When a recycled material is used as compared to a raw material for making any product, a significant amount of energy is conserved. This prevents greenhouse gas emissions and also reduces the amount of excess resources being used by the business. The less amount of energy being used ultimately translates into lower waste, and also proves to be an excellent way you can play your part in saving the environment. Conserving Resources Conserving resources is very important in the modern age, especially because most metallic ore is on the verge of running out. As demand has increased significantly over the years, awareness has begun to increase about the importance of conserving resources. If resources are not conserved, there’s a chance that the earth will run out of certain metals within only a few decades. The major reason why scrap metal recycling is so important nowadays is because it significantly helps in conserving resources. In order to convince more and more businesses to recycle scrap metals, the government has also begun to offer tax rebates to businesses that can prove they recycled a specific amount of scrap metals in the last year.
  7. Nowadays with the ongoing concerns about our environment becoming more and more polluted from carbon dioxide emissions from cars, planes, and power plants and other human activities, it is more important than ever before that companies reduce their carbon footprint and actively do things to protect our climate. Courier companies are now stepping up to do something about this! This short article and guide will examine what exactly courier companies are doing to help the planet to be more sustainable for future generations. Specifically it will refer to DHL, UPS and FedEx. We often think in terms of cheapest this cheapest that, where can I get the best deal? Naturally then it would follow suit that the cheapest international courier service is a good fit. However I would like to point out that the cheapest service may not be the most environmentally friendly. So if climate change and a reduction of co2 emissions are things that are important to you and you value a sustainable future then perhaps it would be better to do some further research before selecting a domestic or international courier. Leading green courier services include, DHL worldwide, who are implementing more environmental technology to ensure a greener planet. In Manhattan DHL have released a ‘green fleet’ of delivery vehicles, this is a direct reflection of their environmental strategy and ultimately shows proper action being taken. DHL goal is to reduce their carbon efficiency worldwide by thirty percent by 2020. Their eighty vehicle green fleet is using fifty hybrid trucks, and thirty battery powered vans. I suggest that you specifically research the type of vehicles that will be used by a specific courier service like UPS, FedEx etc. for moving your shipment on a specific route for example sending a courier to Australia. FedEx state on their website, that they plan to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by twenty percent by 2020. They also mention that they are going to expand their on-site renewable energy usage, although they are not specific as to how this will be achieved. Regarding UPS, and their environmental protection; they have a shipping option called UPS carbon neutral shipping option which is a greater environmentally friendly option, UPS plan to also use more renewable fuels. In 2015 UPS added 1750 vehicles which has the newest technology to further reduce its carbon footprint. Aside from this UPS plan to plant 15 million trees by December 21st 2020. Hopefully as they all modernise their fleets they will be using more green vehicles to achieve their reduced emission targets.
  8. How To Deal With Soil Pollution

    Soil pollution or contamination of any kind can pose a significant threat to the ecosystem of an area, as well as the people who live there. Often, pollution can go unnoticed for many years, causing silent damage. Fortunately, there are ways to treat contamination, as well as professionals who know how to deal with the problem efficiently and effectively. These companies should be your first port of call if you suspect that soil contamination or pollution is effecting your home or local environment. Who Can Treat Soil Pollution? Specialist earthworks remediation contractors will be your first contact if this problem is suspected. They have plenty of expertise in this issue, and will be able to assess the land in question, run tests, and carry out a range of treatments to decontaminate the soil and remove any pollution present. A variety of treatment techniques have emerged in recent years, allowing remediation experts to deal with a vast range of hazardous contaminant materials, from heavy metals to pesticides. They should be able to treat your soil quickly and at a reasonable price, so making contact is key to the swift decontamination of your land. What Is Soil Pollution? Soil contamination and pollution primarily occurs as a result of human activity, such as infestation of pesticides from agriculture, industrial waste emitting toxic chemicals into soil, or biological waste. These can include: · Industrial waste, including textiles, pesticides, drugs, petroleum, glass, steel, and other materials from industrial factories and oil refineries · Urban waste, including rubbish and sewage · Agricultural waste, including fertilizer, pesticides, manure, and debris · Biological agents coming from animal manure · Radioactive contaminants, including substances like Nitrogen, Radium, and Uranium (these substances can be particularly toxic and dangerous when released into soil) When these contaminants are released into the soil, they disturb the natural balance of chemicals that exists in healthy soil, causing a build-up that exceeds the natural level of a particular substance. This causes pollution that spreads through the soil and is then released into the atmosphere of the area. What Are The Effects Of Soil Pollution? The effects of soil pollution on a population will depend on the type of contaminant in question, as well as the extent of the exposure. Unfortunately, contamination can have a drastic impact on people, animals, and plants, so the entire ecosystem can be under threat from pollution. Children are particularly vulnerable to soil contamination because of their weaker immune systems, and the closer proximity they tend to have to the ground. Because gases coming from the soil can move upward through the earth, moving by wind and spread through the air we inhale, certain contaminants can present a major problem. Pollution in soil that’s used for agricultural purposes is of particular concern, as the contamination can spread into the food being grown at the location, which then causes illness in those who eat it. Certain symptoms in a population can indicate the presence of soil pollution. These include nausea, headaches, widespread and unexplained fatigue, rashes, eye problems, kidney and liver problems, and certain types of cancer. These symptoms can be triggered by a broad variety of types of soil contaminants, so it’s crucial that the land is tested thoroughly by specialists to avoid pollution taking place and causing widespread damage.
  9. Over the next 20 years, it is estimated that we will reach our maximum capacity for oil consumption. Furthermore, as the global production of oil decreases – and demand continues to increase – the construction industry is going to need to consider how it can be sustainable and function in a world that will need to be more environmentally friendly. Used within manufacturing processes throughout the Western world, the construction industry depends upon cheap crude oil. Within the UK alone, the construction industry accounts for 50% of all carbon emissions – produced by machinery, production and other building techniques. Regarding the long-term effects of pollution and our planet, as well as the way construction techniques can damage the environment, the industry as a whole is beginning to change and recognise how it can rectify its problems when it comes to the consumption of oil. In the US last year alone, eco-friendly construction firms found that revenues had reached $245 billion, marking a positive step forward and change in light of the ever-changing needs of our planet. Construction techniques If the design of a proposed structure is to be ecologically sound, then three things needs to be considered before the structure is built. First, materials should always try and be locally sourced. If they aren’t, have they been renewed or can they be renewed and recycled in the future? The second thing to consider is whether energy used to build the structure is being wasted. During the construction process, energy can be wasted when machines are overused and overworked, wasting expendable energy. On the flip side, Nifty Lift boom lifts are designed so that they do not waste expendable energy during the construction process. This is because they use a hybrid motor, so while the electric engine is being used, 0% emissions are produced so that the diesel engine is never overworked or overused onsite. Thirdly, when used as insulation, recycled paper – as opposed to more expensive alternatives – can be used during the construction of roofing. As opposed to incurring the cost of roofing insulation required for that job, recycled paper can be used as it saves time and money. It also counters the requirement to wait for insulation specifically needed for the onsite construction job. Sourced from sustainably managed forests, timber should be used that doesn’t negatively impact the environment. Reclaimed wood should also be used where possible, rather than chopping down a tree. The main benefits of eco-friendly construction. Accounting for 80% of a building’s total running costs over its lifetime, operation and maintenance account for a significant proportion of total costs. If those constructing these structures aim to implement green energy initiatives, the operating costs of using water and energy can be decreased by a third. After construction, how daylight is used in the structure should be considered to decrease artificial lighting costs. This is because vitamin D can help to improve the ‘indoor environment quality’ of a building, which can benefit all of the occupants within it. Ultimately, if these processes are utilised by construction firms in the US and throughout the world, then this will help to radically decrease the rate of climate change. This is of course the end goal of any green construction firm aiming to become greener, economically conscious and more efficient. Sources:
  10. The Environmental Truth Behind Gardening

    Gardening goes beyond just a hobby. It’s not just watering and plucking leaves. It’s more than just finding a seed and planting it in the ground. And it’s true that planting your own food can help cut down costs from your monthly grocery budget. But it goes beyond even that. When you decide to make a garden, you don’t just do gardening for yourself. You do gardening for the environment. Here are some of the reasons why: Plants Oxygenate The Air This is Science 101. Plants are essential to our ecosystem because they are the ones that cleanse the air we breathe. Plants absorb the carbon dioxide we release and in return they release the oxygen we need to survive. Trees and plants are the lungs of this world. Purifying Bodies of Water Your garden plants can also help in water purification. By having a garden such as a rain garden, you can make use of run-off rain water and prevent harmful substances and pollutants from making it into our bodies of water (e.g. lakes, river, and streams) where we get not only our drinking water, but our other sources of nutrition. The run-off water can be used in reed bed systems for filtering gray water that can be reused around the home and yard, and can even be recycled for consumption purposes. What Noise? Having a garden rich in trees and plants has been proven to reduce the effects of noise pollution. Trees and plants absorb these loud sounds making its surrounding free from — or at least have lesser effect — of noise pollution. So if you live near a motorway or road with frequent passing vehicles, it can be a good idea to start this new “green hobby.” Wildlife Habitat It may just be a small garden with little patches of greens, but it can still be a very important place for wildlife to be. Plants can be both the home and food source of animals and/or insects that no matter how small are still essential to the balance of natural processes and phenomena. Imagine that, simply by planting a garden, you are even helping life thrive, even unconsciously. Plants Help Regulate the Temperature There’s a big and significant difference between a barren land and a land that’s filled with plants. In winter, a barren land can be really cold and in the summer it can be very hot. But a landscape with plants (in this case, a garden) can warm your home in the winter and cool it down in the summer. Such is the importance of even a small hobbyist’s garden. If you don’t have space for your own garden and want to rent a garden plot, check out YardYum! They help you find available garden plots for rent in your neighborhood. Think of this as an extension of the community gardening concept. So tomorrow when you go out and water your plants, wear a smile knowing that you are actually doing Mother Nature a favor, no matter how small a contribution it may be.
  11. Ranking the range of electric vans

    According to statistics gathered by, the electric vehicle market is strong. With the number of electric vehicles on our UK roads increasing year-on-year, it is clear the market is growing. Their data shows that the number of new registrations of plug-in cars has increased from just 3,500 in 2013 to over 85,000 by the end of 2016. In addition, there are around 5,000 registered electric vans across the UK as well. With interest and demand for electric vehicles on the rise, it’s no surprise that more businesses consider adding an electric van to their fleet. With so much choice, buyers can face a tough decision when choosing the right van for them. To help you along, commercial vans specialist Van Monster has some of the most popular electric vans against key characteristics such as battery range, speed and power. Table 1 Name of van Release date Battery range (miles) 0-62mph time (secs) Top speed (mph) Minimum kerb weight (kg) Renault Kangoo Z.E. All models out now except for revised model, which is due to arrive in late 2017 106 (Though a revised model revealed at the 2017 Brussels Motor Show is claimed to offer a range of 168 miles) 20.3 (for standard model) 22.4 (for Maxi Z.E., Maxi Crew Van Z.E. and Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Cab Z.E. models) 80 1,426 (for standard model) 1,505 (for Maxi Z.E model) 1,553 (for Maxi Crew Van Z.E. and Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Cab Z.E. models) Renault Master Z.E. Late 2017 124 TBC 71 TBC Nissan E-NV200 Out now 106 14 76 1,517 (for ACENTA, ACENTA RAPID, ACENTA RAPID PLUS models) 1,542 (for TEKNA RAPID, TEKNA RAPID PLUS models) Peugeot Partner Electric Out now 106 18.7 68 1,589 Table 2 Name of van Maximum power (hp) Maximum torque (Nm) Gross vehicle weight (kg) Gross train weight (kg) Maximum payload (kg) Renault Kangoo Z.E. 60 226 2,126 (for the standard model) 2,175 (for the Maxi Z.E. model) 2,260 (for the Maxi Crew Van Z.E. and Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Cab Z.E. models) 2,500 (for the standard model) 2,497 (for the Maxi Z.E model) 2,260 (for the Maxi Crew Van Z.E. and Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Cab Z.E. models) 595-632 Renault Master Z.E. 75 TBC TBC TBC Between 1,000 and 1,100 (in van form) 1,400 (in flatbed form) Nissan E-NV200 107 254 2,220 Information not available 770 Peugeot Partner Electric 67 215 2,225 Not suitable for towing 636
  12. If you have noticed that your energy costs are on the rise, there are some things that you can do to improve your energy usage and put some extra money in your pocket. Here are a few ideas that may help you avoid a hike in your energy bill. Consider Switching to a New Provider If you have been with the same energy provider for several years, you may want to look into the new businesses in your area that offer electricity services. Over the past few years, there has been a major gap between the standard variable tariffs that most people in the area pay for their energy and the cheaper fixed-price deals. Those who have been with the same provider for a while may want to consider going with a different company that has recently started offering their services in the UK, such as Selectra UK. Make Your Payments Using the Right Method If you have been paying for your monthly energy charges by cash or cheque, you could be paying out excessive fees that are unnecessary. It is possible for you to save even more on your energy costs if you choose to prepay or use the direct debit option that will automatically debit your bank account when your bill is due. The best way for you to manage your payment methods is to create an account online and manage things from there. This will allow you to keep up with all your different payment methods and find out which require an additional fee. Obtain More Control Over Your Heating For homeowners in the UK, the best way to save on your energy costs is to look at any issues with your heating. Most of the energy used in homes in the UK is due to heating. Many people consider their heating bills to be the same as fuel costs but what they don’t know is that what they are paying out for the most is heat loss. Simple Fixes Around the Home That Will Decrease Your Energy Costs If you believe that your energy bill is higher than it should be, you should look at the reasons for heating loss in your home and fix any issues that you find. You may need to add more insulation to your home or check the windows to see if there are any cracks in the framework. Once this is taken care of, you can also turn down your thermostat to a comfortable level and leave it there. You can also time your heating sensibly by turning off your heat while everyone is gone for the day or lowering it at night when you can use more blankets to stay warm. You may even want to use radiator valves to zone the heat in each room so that bedrooms and bathrooms receive less than family rooms. You don’t have to live in a cold home to see a major difference in your heating bill. Just make some routine changes throughout your home and with your thermostat to ensure that you lose less heat and place more money inside your wallet.
  13. When considering fundraising ideas, there are certainly a wide variety of options available, including everything from car washes to bake sales; just about anything that can be traded, bought or sold can also be used for effective fundraising. However, fundraising bricks are an idea that can be very unique. These bricks can have many different uses in addition to various brick options. This fundraising idea can actually be used to build everything from buildings to planters and walls. It is simply a matter of choosing which option would work best for your fundraising goals. First of all, it's important to keep in mind that these fundraising bricks aren't limited to only traditional clay bricks. Obviously, clay bricks are typically the default choice, but there are other options available that can be used for your fundraising. For example, fundraising bricks can also be made from glass or stone. For some purposes, stone bricks might be a better option, such as when you want to use the bricks to replace bricks in an aging cobblestone street or for a better choice for memorabilia; likewise, glass bricks can be a beautiful choice for dividers or decorative windows. Of course, metal bricks are also available and can be a wonderful option for some situations. In fact, these bricks don't even need to be full-sized bricks in order to be workable. So, when planning a fundraiser with bricks, don't feel like you must be limited to clay bricks. Of course, clay bricks certainly have many diverse uses, but it's important to keep in mind that fundraising bricks also offer an excellent selling point when you're trying to raise funds. While everyone likes the opportunity to contribute to some type of community project, they aren't always willing to actually come out and carry bricks, but having a location to place the bricks can help solve the problem that many donors face. They can have their brick placed in a public and prominent location, which can also stoke donor egos. Clearly, if small metal bricks are used for fundraising, a person might want to actually keep it; however, other types of bricks are generally not something that a donor will want to carry with them. Fortunately, this means that having somewhere to place the brick is important. A typical solution is to use them to build a wall, but this is certainly not the only thing that they can be used for. Fundraising bricks can be placed in a retaining wall or even used to make a planter. If a group is trying to raise funds to improve a garden area or build a playground, the idea of using the bricks for a retaining wall could be a wonderful solution; the wall will provide an excellent way to surround a structure or keep sand in place. Likewise, a group that is raising money for trees or to decorate an area might find that building planters works great for their purpose. Donors like when they see their gift being used in an interesting way, you might even see a rise in your fundraising results when you keep that point in mind. In short, when you use fundraising bricks, you not only have an excellent way to raise funds, but you'll also be able to help build a community. It's also important to remember that donors often like to support creativity, and creative placements of fundraising bricks can help benefit your cause.
  14. Why Fundraising Bricks Are A Great Idea

    Whether you are planning a fundraising campaign for your school, church or club, fundraising bricks are a great idea. Getting people to open up their wallets and contribute to a good cause can be trying. However, with customized bricks you will find that the job maybe a little easier. Many people like it to be known that they made a contribution and they like acknowledgment for their support. And fundraising bricks offers them just that. A Simple and Effective Idea This a simple but effective way of raising funds. You can choose a dedicated walk or wall where the bricks will be placed. Brick companies that design and create such bricks offer products in several sizes and styles. If you find that you have limited space you could also opt for miniature bricks. Do speak to a designer at the company so that he or she can explain how the bricks can be used not only to raise funds but to also create a sidewalk, path or a structure that could be used. An online survey will reveal that brick companies that specialize in fundraising bricks offer many online resources that can help you and raise the required funds. These include virtual brick tools that help you choose the right style and size of brick, and the also the design and message that will go on it. You could also create free online presentation to support the cause. Altruism is the basis for most charitable acts. However, when people also receive a physical acknowledgement for their contribution, they are more than pleased. Also they are likely to remember the cause and contribute to it again in the future. It is vital that you design your fundraising campaign well and generate enough publicity about it. This will ensure that it gets the attention that it needs to make it a success
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