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  1. Nowadays with the ongoing concerns about our environment becoming more and more polluted from carbon dioxide emissions from cars, planes, and power plants and other human activities, it is more important than ever before that companies reduce their carbon footprint and actively do things to protect our climate. Courier companies are now stepping up to do something about this! This short article and guide will examine what exactly courier companies are doing to help the planet to be more sustainable for future generations. Specifically it will refer to DHL, UPS and FedEx. We often think in terms of cheapest this cheapest that, where can I get the best deal? Naturally then it would follow suit that the cheapest international courier service is a good fit. However I would like to point out that the cheapest service may not be the most environmentally friendly. So if climate change and a reduction of co2 emissions are things that are important to you and you value a sustainable future then perhaps it would be better to do some further research before selecting a domestic or international courier. Leading green courier services include, DHL worldwide, who are implementing more environmental technology to ensure a greener planet. In Manhattan DHL have released a ‘green fleet’ of delivery vehicles, this is a direct reflection of their environmental strategy and ultimately shows proper action being taken. DHL goal is to reduce their carbon efficiency worldwide by thirty percent by 2020. Their eighty vehicle green fleet is using fifty hybrid trucks, and thirty battery powered vans. I suggest that you specifically research the type of vehicles that will be used by a specific courier service like UPS, FedEx etc. for moving your shipment on a specific route for example sending a courier to Australia. FedEx state on their website, that they plan to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by twenty percent by 2020. They also mention that they are going to expand their on-site renewable energy usage, although they are not specific as to how this will be achieved. Regarding UPS, and their environmental protection; they have a shipping option called UPS carbon neutral shipping option which is a greater environmentally friendly option, UPS plan to also use more renewable fuels. In 2015 UPS added 1750 vehicles which has the newest technology to further reduce its carbon footprint. Aside from this UPS plan to plant 15 million trees by December 21st 2020. Hopefully as they all modernise their fleets they will be using more green vehicles to achieve their reduced emission targets.
  2. How To Deal With Soil Pollution

    Soil pollution or contamination of any kind can pose a significant threat to the ecosystem of an area, as well as the people who live there. Often, pollution can go unnoticed for many years, causing silent damage. Fortunately, there are ways to treat contamination, as well as professionals who know how to deal with the problem efficiently and effectively. These companies should be your first port of call if you suspect that soil contamination or pollution is effecting your home or local environment. Who Can Treat Soil Pollution? Specialist earthworks remediation contractors will be your first contact if this problem is suspected. They have plenty of expertise in this issue, and will be able to assess the land in question, run tests, and carry out a range of treatments to decontaminate the soil and remove any pollution present. A variety of treatment techniques have emerged in recent years, allowing remediation experts to deal with a vast range of hazardous contaminant materials, from heavy metals to pesticides. They should be able to treat your soil quickly and at a reasonable price, so making contact is key to the swift decontamination of your land. What Is Soil Pollution? Soil contamination and pollution primarily occurs as a result of human activity, such as infestation of pesticides from agriculture, industrial waste emitting toxic chemicals into soil, or biological waste. These can include: · Industrial waste, including textiles, pesticides, drugs, petroleum, glass, steel, and other materials from industrial factories and oil refineries · Urban waste, including rubbish and sewage · Agricultural waste, including fertilizer, pesticides, manure, and debris · Biological agents coming from animal manure · Radioactive contaminants, including substances like Nitrogen, Radium, and Uranium (these substances can be particularly toxic and dangerous when released into soil) When these contaminants are released into the soil, they disturb the natural balance of chemicals that exists in healthy soil, causing a build-up that exceeds the natural level of a particular substance. This causes pollution that spreads through the soil and is then released into the atmosphere of the area. What Are The Effects Of Soil Pollution? The effects of soil pollution on a population will depend on the type of contaminant in question, as well as the extent of the exposure. Unfortunately, contamination can have a drastic impact on people, animals, and plants, so the entire ecosystem can be under threat from pollution. Children are particularly vulnerable to soil contamination because of their weaker immune systems, and the closer proximity they tend to have to the ground. Because gases coming from the soil can move upward through the earth, moving by wind and spread through the air we inhale, certain contaminants can present a major problem. Pollution in soil that’s used for agricultural purposes is of particular concern, as the contamination can spread into the food being grown at the location, which then causes illness in those who eat it. Certain symptoms in a population can indicate the presence of soil pollution. These include nausea, headaches, widespread and unexplained fatigue, rashes, eye problems, kidney and liver problems, and certain types of cancer. These symptoms can be triggered by a broad variety of types of soil contaminants, so it’s crucial that the land is tested thoroughly by specialists to avoid pollution taking place and causing widespread damage.
  3. Over the next 20 years, it is estimated that we will reach our maximum capacity for oil consumption. Furthermore, as the global production of oil decreases – and demand continues to increase – the construction industry is going to need to consider how it can be sustainable and function in a world that will need to be more environmentally friendly. Used within manufacturing processes throughout the Western world, the construction industry depends upon cheap crude oil. Within the UK alone, the construction industry accounts for 50% of all carbon emissions – produced by machinery, production and other building techniques. Regarding the long-term effects of pollution and our planet, as well as the way construction techniques can damage the environment, the industry as a whole is beginning to change and recognise how it can rectify its problems when it comes to the consumption of oil. In the US last year alone, eco-friendly construction firms found that revenues had reached $245 billion, marking a positive step forward and change in light of the ever-changing needs of our planet. Construction techniques If the design of a proposed structure is to be ecologically sound, then three things needs to be considered before the structure is built. First, materials should always try and be locally sourced. If they aren’t, have they been renewed or can they be renewed and recycled in the future? The second thing to consider is whether energy used to build the structure is being wasted. During the construction process, energy can be wasted when machines are overused and overworked, wasting expendable energy. On the flip side, Nifty Lift boom lifts are designed so that they do not waste expendable energy during the construction process. This is because they use a hybrid motor, so while the electric engine is being used, 0% emissions are produced so that the diesel engine is never overworked or overused onsite. Thirdly, when used as insulation, recycled paper – as opposed to more expensive alternatives – can be used during the construction of roofing. As opposed to incurring the cost of roofing insulation required for that job, recycled paper can be used as it saves time and money. It also counters the requirement to wait for insulation specifically needed for the onsite construction job. Sourced from sustainably managed forests, timber should be used that doesn’t negatively impact the environment. Reclaimed wood should also be used where possible, rather than chopping down a tree. The main benefits of eco-friendly construction. Accounting for 80% of a building’s total running costs over its lifetime, operation and maintenance account for a significant proportion of total costs. If those constructing these structures aim to implement green energy initiatives, the operating costs of using water and energy can be decreased by a third. After construction, how daylight is used in the structure should be considered to decrease artificial lighting costs. This is because vitamin D can help to improve the ‘indoor environment quality’ of a building, which can benefit all of the occupants within it. Ultimately, if these processes are utilised by construction firms in the US and throughout the world, then this will help to radically decrease the rate of climate change. This is of course the end goal of any green construction firm aiming to become greener, economically conscious and more efficient. Sources:
  4. The Environmental Truth Behind Gardening

    Gardening goes beyond just a hobby. It’s not just watering and plucking leaves. It’s more than just finding a seed and planting it in the ground. And it’s true that planting your own food can help cut down costs from your monthly grocery budget. But it goes beyond even that. When you decide to make a garden, you don’t just do gardening for yourself. You do gardening for the environment. Here are some of the reasons why: Plants Oxygenate The Air This is Science 101. Plants are essential to our ecosystem because they are the ones that cleanse the air we breathe. Plants absorb the carbon dioxide we release and in return they release the oxygen we need to survive. Trees and plants are the lungs of this world. Purifying Bodies of Water Your garden plants can also help in water purification. By having a garden such as a rain garden, you can make use of run-off rain water and prevent harmful substances and pollutants from making it into our bodies of water (e.g. lakes, river, and streams) where we get not only our drinking water, but our other sources of nutrition. The run-off water can be used in reed bed systems for filtering gray water that can be reused around the home and yard, and can even be recycled for consumption purposes. What Noise? Having a garden rich in trees and plants has been proven to reduce the effects of noise pollution. Trees and plants absorb these loud sounds making its surrounding free from — or at least have lesser effect — of noise pollution. So if you live near a motorway or road with frequent passing vehicles, it can be a good idea to start this new “green hobby.” Wildlife Habitat It may just be a small garden with little patches of greens, but it can still be a very important place for wildlife to be. Plants can be both the home and food source of animals and/or insects that no matter how small are still essential to the balance of natural processes and phenomena. Imagine that, simply by planting a garden, you are even helping life thrive, even unconsciously. Plants Help Regulate the Temperature There’s a big and significant difference between a barren land and a land that’s filled with plants. In winter, a barren land can be really cold and in the summer it can be very hot. But a landscape with plants (in this case, a garden) can warm your home in the winter and cool it down in the summer. Such is the importance of even a small hobbyist’s garden. If you don’t have space for your own garden and want to rent a garden plot, check out YardYum! They help you find available garden plots for rent in your neighborhood. Think of this as an extension of the community gardening concept. So tomorrow when you go out and water your plants, wear a smile knowing that you are actually doing Mother Nature a favor, no matter how small a contribution it may be.
  5. Ranking the range of electric vans

    According to statistics gathered by, the electric vehicle market is strong. With the number of electric vehicles on our UK roads increasing year-on-year, it is clear the market is growing. Their data shows that the number of new registrations of plug-in cars has increased from just 3,500 in 2013 to over 85,000 by the end of 2016. In addition, there are around 5,000 registered electric vans across the UK as well. With interest and demand for electric vehicles on the rise, it’s no surprise that more businesses consider adding an electric van to their fleet. With so much choice, buyers can face a tough decision when choosing the right van for them. To help you along, commercial vans specialist Van Monster has some of the most popular electric vans against key characteristics such as battery range, speed and power. Table 1 Name of van Release date Battery range (miles) 0-62mph time (secs) Top speed (mph) Minimum kerb weight (kg) Renault Kangoo Z.E. All models out now except for revised model, which is due to arrive in late 2017 106 (Though a revised model revealed at the 2017 Brussels Motor Show is claimed to offer a range of 168 miles) 20.3 (for standard model) 22.4 (for Maxi Z.E., Maxi Crew Van Z.E. and Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Cab Z.E. models) 80 1,426 (for standard model) 1,505 (for Maxi Z.E model) 1,553 (for Maxi Crew Van Z.E. and Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Cab Z.E. models) Renault Master Z.E. Late 2017 124 TBC 71 TBC Nissan E-NV200 Out now 106 14 76 1,517 (for ACENTA, ACENTA RAPID, ACENTA RAPID PLUS models) 1,542 (for TEKNA RAPID, TEKNA RAPID PLUS models) Peugeot Partner Electric Out now 106 18.7 68 1,589 Table 2 Name of van Maximum power (hp) Maximum torque (Nm) Gross vehicle weight (kg) Gross train weight (kg) Maximum payload (kg) Renault Kangoo Z.E. 60 226 2,126 (for the standard model) 2,175 (for the Maxi Z.E. model) 2,260 (for the Maxi Crew Van Z.E. and Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Cab Z.E. models) 2,500 (for the standard model) 2,497 (for the Maxi Z.E model) 2,260 (for the Maxi Crew Van Z.E. and Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Cab Z.E. models) 595-632 Renault Master Z.E. 75 TBC TBC TBC Between 1,000 and 1,100 (in van form) 1,400 (in flatbed form) Nissan E-NV200 107 254 2,220 Information not available 770 Peugeot Partner Electric 67 215 2,225 Not suitable for towing 636
  6. If you have noticed that your energy costs are on the rise, there are some things that you can do to improve your energy usage and put some extra money in your pocket. Here are a few ideas that may help you avoid a hike in your energy bill. Consider Switching to a New Provider If you have been with the same energy provider for several years, you may want to look into the new businesses in your area that offer electricity services. Over the past few years, there has been a major gap between the standard variable tariffs that most people in the area pay for their energy and the cheaper fixed-price deals. Those who have been with the same provider for a while may want to consider going with a different company that has recently started offering their services in the UK, such as Selectra UK. Make Your Payments Using the Right Method If you have been paying for your monthly energy charges by cash or cheque, you could be paying out excessive fees that are unnecessary. It is possible for you to save even more on your energy costs if you choose to prepay or use the direct debit option that will automatically debit your bank account when your bill is due. The best way for you to manage your payment methods is to create an account online and manage things from there. This will allow you to keep up with all your different payment methods and find out which require an additional fee. Obtain More Control Over Your Heating For homeowners in the UK, the best way to save on your energy costs is to look at any issues with your heating. Most of the energy used in homes in the UK is due to heating. Many people consider their heating bills to be the same as fuel costs but what they don’t know is that what they are paying out for the most is heat loss. Simple Fixes Around the Home That Will Decrease Your Energy Costs If you believe that your energy bill is higher than it should be, you should look at the reasons for heating loss in your home and fix any issues that you find. You may need to add more insulation to your home or check the windows to see if there are any cracks in the framework. Once this is taken care of, you can also turn down your thermostat to a comfortable level and leave it there. You can also time your heating sensibly by turning off your heat while everyone is gone for the day or lowering it at night when you can use more blankets to stay warm. You may even want to use radiator valves to zone the heat in each room so that bedrooms and bathrooms receive less than family rooms. You don’t have to live in a cold home to see a major difference in your heating bill. Just make some routine changes throughout your home and with your thermostat to ensure that you lose less heat and place more money inside your wallet.
  7. When considering fundraising ideas, there are certainly a wide variety of options available, including everything from car washes to bake sales; just about anything that can be traded, bought or sold can also be used for effective fundraising. However, fundraising bricks are an idea that can be very unique. These bricks can have many different uses in addition to various brick options. This fundraising idea can actually be used to build everything from buildings to planters and walls. It is simply a matter of choosing which option would work best for your fundraising goals. First of all, it's important to keep in mind that these fundraising bricks aren't limited to only traditional clay bricks. Obviously, clay bricks are typically the default choice, but there are other options available that can be used for your fundraising. For example, fundraising bricks can also be made from glass or stone. For some purposes, stone bricks might be a better option, such as when you want to use the bricks to replace bricks in an aging cobblestone street or for a better choice for memorabilia; likewise, glass bricks can be a beautiful choice for dividers or decorative windows. Of course, metal bricks are also available and can be a wonderful option for some situations. In fact, these bricks don't even need to be full-sized bricks in order to be workable. So, when planning a fundraiser with bricks, don't feel like you must be limited to clay bricks. Of course, clay bricks certainly have many diverse uses, but it's important to keep in mind that fundraising bricks also offer an excellent selling point when you're trying to raise funds. While everyone likes the opportunity to contribute to some type of community project, they aren't always willing to actually come out and carry bricks, but having a location to place the bricks can help solve the problem that many donors face. They can have their brick placed in a public and prominent location, which can also stoke donor egos. Clearly, if small metal bricks are used for fundraising, a person might want to actually keep it; however, other types of bricks are generally not something that a donor will want to carry with them. Fortunately, this means that having somewhere to place the brick is important. A typical solution is to use them to build a wall, but this is certainly not the only thing that they can be used for. Fundraising bricks can be placed in a retaining wall or even used to make a planter. If a group is trying to raise funds to improve a garden area or build a playground, the idea of using the bricks for a retaining wall could be a wonderful solution; the wall will provide an excellent way to surround a structure or keep sand in place. Likewise, a group that is raising money for trees or to decorate an area might find that building planters works great for their purpose. Donors like when they see their gift being used in an interesting way, you might even see a rise in your fundraising results when you keep that point in mind. In short, when you use fundraising bricks, you not only have an excellent way to raise funds, but you'll also be able to help build a community. It's also important to remember that donors often like to support creativity, and creative placements of fundraising bricks can help benefit your cause.
  8. Why Fundraising Bricks Are A Great Idea

    Whether you are planning a fundraising campaign for your school, church or club, fundraising bricks are a great idea. Getting people to open up their wallets and contribute to a good cause can be trying. However, with customized bricks you will find that the job maybe a little easier. Many people like it to be known that they made a contribution and they like acknowledgment for their support. And fundraising bricks offers them just that. A Simple and Effective Idea This a simple but effective way of raising funds. You can choose a dedicated walk or wall where the bricks will be placed. Brick companies that design and create such bricks offer products in several sizes and styles. If you find that you have limited space you could also opt for miniature bricks. Do speak to a designer at the company so that he or she can explain how the bricks can be used not only to raise funds but to also create a sidewalk, path or a structure that could be used. An online survey will reveal that brick companies that specialize in fundraising bricks offer many online resources that can help you and raise the required funds. These include virtual brick tools that help you choose the right style and size of brick, and the also the design and message that will go on it. You could also create free online presentation to support the cause. Altruism is the basis for most charitable acts. However, when people also receive a physical acknowledgement for their contribution, they are more than pleased. Also they are likely to remember the cause and contribute to it again in the future. It is vital that you design your fundraising campaign well and generate enough publicity about it. This will ensure that it gets the attention that it needs to make it a success
  9. Unlike the olden days there are many facilities available these days for better stay and to enjoy with the family. Those who plan for vacation with the family would expect a best place of stay that can give them feel at home experience. In the modern world there are more facilities available for people to enjoy their stay as they can have feel at home experience but more than beyond home experience. In such places the stay would be more comfortable and enjoyable as the provided facilities will be much more than our expectation. Camps Bay is one of the best places for tourists and those who want to enjoy their vacation with their family or spouse and it can be considered as the most beautiful popular destination in the world. The trueness of the nature is that at different places the beauty of the nature will be different and especially in some places of the world it will be much more beautiful which you can’t expect in any other place except that place. You will have same kind of feeling if you choose any villa to stay from Camps Bay Villas There are many villas in Camp Bay to choose and you can browse about the places and take a virtual tour so that you can decide on choosing a particular villa. The best of villa at camp bay is that you can have a quality time with your family because it is the place of solitude. You can have all the facilities to enjoy your accommodation. The balcony view is where you can start energetic morning, because from balcony you can see the scenic beach that allures your eyes. It would be feast to your eyes. You can spend relaxing tine with your loved one at the deck from where the mountain and beach view will be fantastic to you. Your family can have best time with you all the time from morning to evening because they can rest and relax in the living room, master bed room and also in various places of the house. No other place can be much luxurious when it comes to villas like camps bay does. The kitchen is fully loaded with sophisticated features so that the family or the individual can enjoy hassle free cooking. You don’t need to worry about safety and protection because the place is always the safest and there are many people who say that they had best experience of staying at Camps bay villas and there are no chances for risk. Those who want to have a stay in a different luxurious and sophisticated place with the family can choose Camps bay villa. Though people love to taste different recipe, they mostly love to taste the home made, self-prepared or the recipe made by spouse or the family member than restaurant food. This is easy and possible in camps bay villa because the modern advanced and sophisticated kitchen in camps bay villa will be the best place for cooking for any person in the world.
  10. One significant element of power system design is to select the right distribution equipment. Based on the design of the power system and different other criteria one amongst the switchgear and switchboard is chosen. Switchgear and switchboard both of these two systems are used to redistribute electricity to other electrical equipment or power circuit, but their structures are fabricated and tested to different standards. The type of the circuit breakers used in the system marks the key difference between the switchgear and switchboards. The three different sorts of circuit breakers are available in several interrupting ratings. However, initial installation cost also pays a crucial role in the selection process, the price between a high-end distribution switchgear and low-end switchboard differs a lot and requires to be assessed against issues of reliability, maintainability, and downtime. An insight on switchboards Electric switchboard directs electric current from one end to another source. Each of the panels is integrated with switches that allow electricity to be redirected. The switchboard is immensely helpful in protecting the technician and other operators from possible electrocution or shock. The switches control the amount of current that passes into the switchboard and they are fed from generator featuring AC frequency as well as load sharing controls. Prior to open the switchboard for maintenance, it is crucial to separate the power, as the busbars are bare. The electrolyzed busbars are a strong source of power and while working on energized live switchboard, taking important precautionary measure is highly essential. Hence, the technicians must be ready with the protective equipment like gloves, thick rubber mats while working on an open switchboard. Now let’s have a look at different sorts of circuit breaker out there in the market Molded case circuit breakers This sort of breakers is commonly referred as MCCBs and widely used in panel boards and switchboards. The voltage ratings in this type of circuit breakers generally range from 15-3000 amps. Here the breaker mechanism is completely sealed within the external molded case. When the breaker has problem or failure, it needs to be replaced. The breakers are usually bolted onto the bus or may be integrated with plug-in designs. The addition or removal of MCCBs to a switchboard must be performed after turning off the power source of the switchboard. Insulated case circuit breakers Insulated case breakers or ICCBs is designed to offer features usually available in power circuit breakers. The voltage ratings range from 400-5000 amps. This sort of breakers is available as additional options in switchboards and designed to the similar standards as MCCBs, they offer access to replaceable parts like contacts. Power circuit breakers Here the voltage ratings range from 800-5000 amps, the power circuit is tested under different standards from the ICCBs and MCCBs. They are connected to the bus in a draw out design enabling the breakers to be withdrawn fully or partially while the entire switchgear is powered on. PCBs is integrated with numerous components which can be replaced, inspected like pole assemblies, contacts, and arc chutes. Complexity and project type often dominates the selection; naturally, a manufacturing facility is much different in comparison to the office facility. However, the most viable way of selecting the right switchgear system is to consult with high voltage engineers.
  11. Doing your regular laundry task through the washing machine and tumbler, literary devour electricity. It has been estimated that in average household laundry consumes nearly 5 percent of the overall electricity bill. By bringing small changes to the regular procedure of washing clothes, one can cut down the energy bill to a significant level. Nearly 90% of the electricity used in a washing machine goes behind heating up the water and the rest of the energy is needed to run the motor of the machine. There are effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint to the environment and make the burden lighter on your pocket. Let’s catch a glimpse of them- • Only bad stains, dirty clothes and stinky underwear require warmer temperature to be washed properly, otherwise, 300 C is enough to wash off the regular clothes. Choose a laundry detergent that is made to use with cold water for availing best result. Most of us are not aware of the fact that washing machine can actually work equally well with cold water. Wash the clothes through the lowest water level and shortest cycle feasible for your requirement. However, it’s important to wash the clothes with hot water occasionally as it prevents the forming of bad odors and accumulation of bacteria in the machine. • Instead of washing your clothes regularly via the washing machine use it only when you amass a full load of clothes as partially loaded washer consumes as much electricity as a completely loaded machine. However, when you need to operate the machine with a partial load make sure you place it in proper load size. However, never overload the machine, as it will impede the washer to clean the clothes properly. • Use an outdoor washing line instead of an electric dryer as it’s not only the eco-friendly way of drying your clothes but also save a large amount on your electricity bill. However, when the weather makes it impossible to dry your clothes outside, an indoor wall mounted clothes line can come into great help. • When you are running out of time and it’s become important to use an electric dryer, take out the clothes out of it as soon as possible as modern appliances continue to rotate to avoid creasing thus consume more energy. • Before putting your clothes inside it, sort them out by the type of fabric, as different fabric requires different timing to dry and clean the lint after every use. By cleaning out the fluff you can help the machine to operate efficiently. Instead of using old appliances bring home energy efficient washer with higher energy rating that tends to consume nearly 37% less electricity. If you are not ready to invest in energy saving appliances then investing on the clothes line is certainly a good alternative way to save on electricity bill. There are wide variations in clotheslines in Australia that can be easily bought from the online website.
  12. Saving the Cost of Products in Recycling

    What is mill scale? It is found on all hot-rolled steel products. A particularly thin outer film of hematite, Fe2O3, is found on the surface of steel. The inside part of the magnetite contains very fine metal grains as well as residual black FeO that contributes to the coarseness of descaled metal. Found on all hot-rolled steel products this waste product is not able to be used unless handled in a protecting air or descaled. What is mill scale? The oxidized, hardened, surface that advances on steel as it goes through its process that is hot is what is called mill scale. It contains oxidized iron, iron as well as other undefined contaminants such as oils and carbonates. Byproduct waste Mill scale is the by-product waste of steel which can be used again as the prime substance in many other industry processes. There are other companies that produce by-products that other industries can use in their recycling processes and can deliver materials of good quality to other industries. These quality materials have value among the companies that recycle material and that are reliant on the industry as well as the application. The price for mill scale depends on the application as it can vary. Add FE units Even through the material mill scale is a waste stream, when there is depletion of standard scraps many iron or steel manufactures prefer mill scale as an addition to the FE units. But the composition depends on what type of steel is being produced. More uses There are many uses and more are being investigated all the time. This helps with the cost attributed to recycling. The recycling business has become costly often costing much more than a company can afford. This is what happened with companies that first recycled paper, glass, and aluminum cans. When all of these products are recycled it cost money and uses other materials. The solution of this problem is to find ways to use the waste-products of recycling. Steel industry An example is of the steel industry. Tons of materials are moved from mills into landfills using space and resources that are valuable. But by keeping these streams clean and using separating, they are able to take these materials to sell and reused in other industries. Mill scale in all its forms can serve other uses in other industries. Replaces iron ore and limestone Usually mill scale consists of large amounts of FE or iron with smaller amounts of silica and alumina. This is common when recycling using the “sintering” process. Recycling by this method assists in sparing raw materials such as iron ore and limestone that are normally used. Often these raw materials need to be shipped from far away so by using mill scale this addition expense is avoided. Used in sinter process There are numerous studies investigating the potentials by-products of recycling in the process known as ‘sintering’. Aside from the sinter process, several of the preferred sinter goods are able to be accomplished by the use of 40 up to 50 kg of mill scale per sinter ton. Sell of mill scale There are companies that get mill scale (iron oxide) from sources of production in the United States and sell it for export or domestic use. Use in China This waste product by most U.S. steel producers is being used in China especially when China first became a worldwide steel maker. All FE materials that were by-products were considered by China as potential supply options which made the process of making steel for them cheaper. For more information on mill scale you can found information at
  13. The natural beauty cannot be replaced by artificial things. The positive externality that you feel when moving in a peaceful green area cannot be achieved when travelling in a metropolitan city full of sky scrapers. The size of the homes have unfortunately shrank in the past few decades. Large homes are not affordable and flats are becoming more common. This has also resulted in evolution for gardens and they are being adjusted according to the size of flats and small homes. Therefore, whatever type of home you have, you can have an exquisite garden. Here are some of the top trends that you may consider for garden at your home. Different color plants Color combination matters a lot when you intend to decorate your home. Having plants in your home of different colors give unique look to your entire place. Dark walls are becoming more trendy and gray and golden color plants appear more beautiful with them. With some green plants, you can always paint few plants in the above mentioned colors in order to give a trendy look to your indoor/outdoor garden. Moreover, you can use Coleus plants that are multicolored. They come in different sizes and colors and you can always match them with color combination of your home. Growing vegetables indoor Gardening becomes more lucrative when you get some tangible benefit out of it. Many people consider gardening as a time taking activity that has got little benefits. However, you can reap fruits of gardening by growing some seasonal vegetables that you can actually eat after they are ready. Growing vegetables do not require large space, you can easily grow them indoor. Tomatoes and Peeper are the most popular home grown indoor vegetables. They require proper sunlight.Other certain conditions must be checked before growing them. Care must be taken to give them adequate water and sunlight. Carrots and Mushrooms can also be grown at home and you can eat organic and healthy home grown food from your own garden. Outdoor Fire pits It is one of the most joyful feelings to sit in mild winter in your home with a fire pit. Having a fire pit in your garden gives it an exclusive look. Fire pits are becoming more trendy and you can have one in the center of your garden. You can even have barbecue on that fire pit. It will be something adorable. Care must be taken when deciding the position of fire pit in order to avoid fire in the ground. LED lightening in your garden Lightening your garden with LED's is economical, yet the most creative thing you will ever see. Lightening embellishes your garden. The LED lights use minimum amount of electricity. They also come in different colors. The best thing about LED lightening is that you can use different color LED's for different events. You can have red lightening for Christmas and blue lightening for your birthday. If you make good color combination of LED lightening with the plants, your garden will appear more beautiful and appealing. Swimming pool in the garden Swimming pool between your gardens is the most luxurious thing to experience. However, you must have a big garden in order to accommodate a reasonable swimming pool. In-ground pools are expensive to build but they look more coherent with your garden. You can discuss with a professional swimming pool design and construction company on different options for designing and constructing a beautiful swimming pool within your budget and space. You can have a small swimming pool that can help you to exhaust your everyday stress and tiredness. Safety precautions must be taken if there are kids in your home.
  14. The electrical energy owing to the high voltage nature has to be carefully managed and channelized. The dangerous property of carrying the huge amount of electrical charge can trigger catastrophe if goes out of control. The power stations and the sub-stations have the involvement of heavy electrical machinery and gears. The maintenance of this equipment is necessary both for the effective functioning of the station as well as the safety of the workers who work there. The substation services of heavy electrical equipment are offered by a number of maintenance professionals spread all across the globe. The increasing demand for electricity the world over due to the increased use of consumer goods have made the electricity distribution substations to provide electricity without any failure on an almost non-stop basis. This makes it all the more important to keep the equipment functioning in top notch condition. A typical power transmission involves equipment like switch gear, transformers etc. High energized zones make the formation of electrical arcs. This electrical arc needs control and to be dimmed as and when required for maintenance and repair work. The involvement of maintenance professionals from places like that of the United Kingdom offer solutions like high voltage protection and design or commissioning of work involving power projects, overall maintenance of power lines and substations. The maintenance services are also extended to the companies through technical and professional advices. Most of the companies provide expert guidance through a highly skilled team of electricians and engineers and too on a 24-hour basis 7 days a week. A company of this sort offers services through the maintenance of gears, the installation of heavy sub-station equipment, the maintenance of essential electric components like switchgear, the decommissioning and removal of old gears and stations which lead to the demolition and strip down of the same, design work adhering to the technicalities that are involved. Assistance is also provided regarding the purchase of equipment, and maintenance help according to one’s individual preferences. A reputed line-up of clients is already asserting the need, importance, and popularity of such maintenance work. The voltage span, which is covered while providing services, ranges from very low to as high as 400KV. The services can be availed from most of the United Kingdom. The aim of such organisations providing assistance lay in minimising the defunct or breakdown aspect, increase the overall life expectancy of the equipment, increasing the work efficiency level of the machinery with the timely intervention to check the overall machine parameters.
  15. More and more the people of the world are becoming aware of our cultural and societal effects on the environment. There are now several initiatives in many countries that are focused on setting and enforcing standards. With the help of the federal government they help ensure that our reliance on energy and resources have as little to no effect on the environment as possible. While we’re not quite there yet, these entities have made significant strides in many aspects of our lives while helping to create better, more functional and greener furniture that is still stylish and desirable. The Forest Stewardship Council The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organization that is tasked with promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. They set standards on forest products and also label them as eco-friendly. Established in 1993, the FSC promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forest products. It has over 800 partners including some big household names, such as IKEA. The FSC and its support partners work to abide by and maintain the standards set in order to ensure as little harm to forests as possible. Eco-Friendly Furniture As someone who is in tune with the how we as a society can affect our environment, it’s likely that you put forth the effort to do what you can to mitigate potential damage through the use of green and eco-friendly products. The FSC shares the common belief that we not only must do this as a society, but also have the means to do so. Through the use of these types of products, you and your family will be doing your small part to help lower your contribution to the different issues affecting us all. There are now many products and office furniture that you can purchase that are indeed eco-friendly yet stylish and functional. From an ergonomic office chair to an adjustable height workstation, there are literally hundreds of types of unique office furniture pieces that you can choose from that will look fantastic. You’ll also know that you have taken the time to ensure that the furniture in your home, small office or even at work are as environmentally friendly as possible. How the FSC Has Contributed to a Greener World Because the Forest Stewardship Council has created standards that all of its support members must adhere to, more furniture than ever is certified green or eco-friendly. Furniture companies for example, must ensure that they are logging the right trees, ensuring the preservation of forests deemed to be “no-cut” forests. While the system that the FSC has in place is not without its critics, its core values are true and they continue to improve the integrity of their organization and certification system. Some opinions on the FSC for example suggest that only the largest of companies can afford to meet the standards required for certification. This makes it much more difficult for local and smaller logging companies to meet the standards set, which in turn can be viewed as anti-competitive. Because large brands can afford the certification, their product may be looked at as favorable. To its credit, the FSC has implemented specialized requirements for smaller companies that are logging areas 100 hectares or smaller. The Benefits to the Consumer for Purchasing Eco-Friendly Products Companies have recognized the demand for green and eco-friendly furniture and this is a market that will continue to grow. The benefits to the consumer then, are also growing. There are government subsidies for companies that meet green standards set by organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council, which means higher margins to the spreadsheets. The added bonus is that it will also help market their brand as one that is environmentally aware. For consumers, the biggest benefit of course is in knowing that you have purchased a product that meets these standards - that your furniture did not contribute to adverse effects on the already depleting resource that is the world’s forests but was instead made from sustainable resources. Well made wood products can also last a really long time. If taken care of, furniture can last generations. Additionally, it can also be reclaimed and possibly built into something else and will look beautiful for years to come.