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  1. People are used to believing that an eco-friendly lifestyle is monotonous and very restricted. That is actually not true. Eco-friendly habits may seem too expensive and pointless. But it is the other way around. This article offers you some habits and tips on how to be thrifty and eco-friendly at the same time. After using these, not only you will feel better, but your wallet will do so. 1. Use cash. You probably use the credit card for paying the purchases. And sometimes turn to the plastic too often. Thus, you waste money on unnecessary goods. When you use money in cash, they seem to be “real”, and you exactly know how much to spend. Using cash only will make you think about each purchase wisely. In such a way you will stop misusing the resources. 2. Choose correct investments. Taking a loan for a new house, car or education is okay. Best installment loans also work when you need to pay bills or seek for an emergent medical help. But have you ever think about investing money into eco-friendly equipment? Solar panels or wind turbines are the most effective decision for the household. The money you will save from renewable energy will compensate for the initial credit amount. 3. Mind your spending. Every day you drink coffee and eat snacks. These small usual things may cost you big money in total. The first reason to stop consuming them is to become healthier. If you stop drinking coffee and eating trash every day – your body will become stronger. The second reason is to stop utilizing packaging. All of the junk food is usually wrapped into a plastic or cardboard. If you eat healthy meals, prepared at home, you will cut the expenses and also save the planet from harmful wastes. 4. Control money leaks. Look around attentively and try to notice how much of your money is wasted every day. You may not see it because it seems like a utility from the first sight, but it is actually a useless detail. Let’s take a full cable package as an example. Do you watch all of these channels? Should you pay so much money for it? Next one is your modern air conditioner. How long should it work to cool the whole house? Maybe you would better open the window? Using the domestic appliances prudently will keep safe both your wallet and the environment. 5. Choose eco-friendly transport. Spending money on petrol is one of the most essential points in our lives. Driving takes less time than walking or riding a bicycle. But it also takes more money. Curiously that sitting in traffic is also bad for the health. Noxious toxic fumes trap into the car even while it stays on the road. So, do not be lazy and take up some new sports, bicycle or jogging, for instance. Consider walking or riding a bicycle to school or work, if you live not far from it. These were some tips, which require a significant reconsideration of lifestyle. But we also offer some hints to make them a habit. They are easier to carry out but do the same effect. 1. Use less water – this rule is banal. Do not leave the water running when not using it. Spend less time in the shower. These simple tips will lead to saving costs of your bills. 2. Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones. It may cost you a bit more initially, but, in the long run, they are a great idea not only out of concern for reusability. Cloth napkins can be a beautiful dressing for your kitchen table. 3. Break the habit to buy a bottle of water every day. Buy a reusable water bottle and fill it with fresh water whenever you need. 4. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are one more decision for your wallet and environment. They use less energy than traditional bulbs, thus you can save the costs on the energy. 5. Hanging the toilet paper over the roll may appear a silly life hack. But it works. When you place the toilet paper in such a way, you can see more sheets, and that is why you pull less paper. These simplest tips are available for everyone. As you see, they do not demand any money wasting, but they do save your funds. There are still many changes to adapt, which can make the Earth healthier, and make your financial situation more successful in the process.
  2. However sadly to talk about this, we all understand that our planet is going through hard times in ecological aspect. Maybe now it is still not so critical, but big troubles are to come. All those problems are due to human activity and industry and only people can change the situation if they come to their senses, of course. If you are reading this article, you are not indifferent to our planet`s future. The green jobs now are not only the kind of volunteering in your free time, but can be a full-time job and perhaps calling of your life. While searching for any position, you need to write a resume, that`s apply to online resume service and increase your chances. And follow the next tips, of course.why Define What You Are Good At At first, in any job search, you should decide what you are good at, think what of your skills and life experience can be transformed into employment. That`s easier if you`ve already been employed and more difficult for those who has just graduated and only have theoretical knowledge. You shouldn`t be a scientist in physics and mathematics to work in this field, managers, advertisers and others are also required. Don`t narrow your opportunities, now a lot of knowledge are needed in the green field. Start Being Green in Everyday Life While searching for a new green job, or trying to transform the old one into a green flow, teach yourself to care about the environment in your daily routine. At home you can save water, turn off the lights when you`re not in the room; in the office turn off the computer while not working with it, print only most required documents and ride to your work on the bike. That are only a few ways to live eco, find out more and help your planet every day. Get the Extra Knowledge The ambitions are always welcome, but as usual, it is not enough to be loved by the employers. Look realistically at your skills and opportunities because a job market is a competitive place. Always be ready to study something new, visit the training programs, which develop the specific skills and give the current eco-knowledge. Consult with People Talking to people and asking for an advice or any piece of information is the best thing ever in solving any problem. It concerns finding the job too. Talk about your intentions to add some eco in your life with friends, relatives, people from the queue and on the bus stop. The chances are they know someone who works in this field and can contribute to your search or tell how he found his job. Search Properly While making a search on the Internet, pay attention to this points: Make sure you are searching in the green job banks. If you`ve decided the green job to be your future, it will be a good start. Specify the word search as particular as you can. The terms like “green” and “environment” are general ones, to be true, and lead to many non-green results. Use more specific words like “ecological”, “sustainable”. Take the job titles from the career profiles as the examples for search. The green jobs are relatively new and, therefore, the same set of duties can have various names in different companies. Search for tools and technology terms related with eco instead of job titles. Work for yourself If you cannot find an eco-job you like, start your own eco-business and incarnate all of your daring ideas. Changes in the life are always real, you only should desire them and invest your energy for their realization.