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  1. Everyone has only one life in this world, and it seems that we have too much time for everything. But not always our plans come true and often people complain that they have no time for their families, children and other happy moments which are in our lives. Of course, I don’t say that we should just sit at home and enjoy our lives being in the circle of the closest people. But I want you to read this and to find some useful pieces of information which will let you to spend time right. So the first thing which takes too much our time is television. Yes, you look the first episode of new soup opera and understand that you can’t imagine your life without it. Now just count how much time you waste watching these films which don’t make your life better. You just look at the life of other person, and do nothing with your own one. You don’t earn money at this time, and members of your family live without your attention. I also don’t forbid you to watch TV all the time. Just plan your time and let yourself to watch something, for example, one or two times in a week. Even in this case you can watch some comedies which will be interesting for each member of your family. Look at your communications with some people. Maybe you even don’t want to speak with them, but you can’t say “No”. I understand that you want to be kind and polite with everyone. But when people become really impudent, make everything right and say them that everything has end, as well as your kindness. Gossips and talks without sense also take too much time and don’t give anything pleasant. I don’t mean talks between friends. I say about simple discussing of other’s lives, when people want to know a lot of details. Relations without love. Don’t waste your time when you are young and beautiful, and when at the same time you are with the person you don’t love. Don’t be afraid of being alone. Believe me, it is better! Depressions. This feeling also take too much time, especially when you can solve almost of your problems, but you can’t do it, and I don’t know why. I advise you to find a hobby you will like and to spend time with use, not with bad thoughts.