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  1. Maybe, they already see it as a losing battle (fighting to stop global warming). If my opinion is correct, then were doomed. Maybe some of us will adopt to the change but surely many will not survive to tell the story. But, maybe it is still not too late and we can still make the difference. The problem is, how many of us are willing to make its share.
  2. BBC drops Frozen Planet's climate change episode

    No matter what are the reasons why these networks drops a very good environmental documentary is that, they simply don't care about the environment at all. They only look for the money value of their shows. No matter how do they put it, environmental documentaries should be given its full priorities to be aired and watched by the whole world. That is only if they really care about it.
  3. Effects of Global Warming

    Everyday, I've seen over the TV, the effects of global warming too. Weathers are becoming unpredictable, pollution are more deadlier and are more harmful. Acid rains are more frequent and smog are more experienced in urban areas. Not to include what you already had written. Personally, the effect of global warming would be felt more in 5 to 10 years to come. That is if don't do anything about it now.
  4. Why others do not believe in global warming?

    It's simply because they don't care. People who belongs to this group are simply doesn't care about the future. Or maybe, they themselves are the one's polluting the environment. Manufacturers, businessmen, corporations, etc. which only thinks about how to bring money on their pockets. But maybe, when majority will stand and knock their conscience, maybe they'll listen and believe that global warming is for real.
  5. Why China cannot fight pollution and climate change

    China government are making all its best to fed up more than 2 billion Chinese people. Its making drastic move to boost-up its economy and now making a giant step in the world international community. The problem maybe is that there are some neglect on the government's policy towards environmental protection.
  6. Most affected continent

    I would say Antarctica is most affected continent by global warming. As it is where our vast deposits of ice caps and are now melting at a very fast rate. The effect of these meltdown are not yet felt by the whole world, but sooner or later it will take its toll and will affect our way of life. Marine life are now beginning to take its toll and if we do not do something about it, we too are in the blink of destruction.
  7. Top 10 Things You Can Do to Reduce Global Warming

    Awareness to the effect of the global warming is the best way of doing your share in protecting Mother Earth. Educate yourself and help others educate themselves will do more than doing it on your own. With this collective effort, we can win the fight against global warming.
  8. Top 10 Things You Can Do to Reduce Global Warming

    6. No to hot water. To heat up your water during a shower or bath, takes much energy. So as much as possible be contented to that tap water to ease your comfort. If not possible, try to set your water heater to a low power to save that energy. Also, clothes washed in cold water have no difference that if wash in hot water. 7. Go recycling. By recycling organic waste or composting it if you have a garden, you can help eliminate the methane gas released by bio-degradable waste in the dumpsite. But make sure that your compost pit is set-up properly, so that decomposition is done in a manner that there is much needed oxygen to circulate. Otherwise, your effort will not pay that much. 8. Self-Waste reduction program. Simple self-waste reduction program such as taking your lunch in a reusable lunch box instead of a disposable one, you save the energy needed to produce new lunch boxes. 9. Tree planting. Provide that much needed shade on your backyard by planting enough trees. Note that a single tree will absorb as much as one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime. And will reduce your air conditioning bill by as much as 15%. 10. Park your car away from your office. Walk that extra half mile to your office by parking your vehicle away will not just save energy. Much better if you take the public transit one or twice a week. 11. Tune-up your car. Cars not properly maintained increases not just fuel consumption but carbon dioxide emission as well. Adjusting your driving style by choosing the proper gears, not abusing your gas pedals, etc will also reduce CO2 emission.
  9. Top 10 Things You Can Do to Reduce Global Warming

    Here are mine : Taken from my article "Proposals to Stop Global Warming" If one of us would do this simple task, then we would be able to help the environment heal and stop the wide spread destruction of global warming problem. 1. Energy Star logo. When making a new appliance purchase, look for the Energy Star label and choose the most energy efficient products available. Energy Star label means that the product you intended to buy are most like to be an environmental friendly. 2. Stand-by mode. It takes about 25% of your appliance electricity consumption will be loss if you just set it to standby mode instead of turning it off. If you only use that appliance for about 3 hours at a day and switch to stand-by mode, it means that 21 hours uses about 25% of your electricity. That means electricity consumption for that particular appliance doubles. And what if you have several appliance that are on the stand-by mode for that particular day. This load is often called “phantom loads†or hidden loads. 3. Fridge and freezer locations. You must place this appliance on areas away from cookers or boilers as they consume much more energy than if they were standing on their own. 4. Defrosting. Defrost your old fridge and freezers regularly. And as much as possible, replacing them with new ones will save-up as much as twice than your old ones. 5. Shower over bath. Instead of taking a bath, a shower would be much preferred to do if you want to save more energy. Use a low-flow shower sheds instead of the high powered one. six more to come: