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  1. This year the natural and healthy looking skin is under the spotlight. The trends focus on the bright and fresh face. So if you want to make some improvements in your skincare, now is the time. Finding the perfect products can be quite a struggle. If you are not among the lucky ones who have great skin completely effortless, you probably experienced some unpleasant eruptions. The problem is that even an expensive skin care can cause the evolvement of pimples and red spots. It’s difficult to predict how your skin will react to a certain product, especially when it’s not a cheaper one. There is also another worrying aspect. In the recent years the not – so – pretty face of the cosmetic industry was brought into light, raising a lot of questions. Animal cruelty and undisclosed ingredients resulted in severe criticism towards the cosmetic business. Green and homemade skincare gained popularity as a safe and healthy alternative. By using natural ingredients, you are cleaning and nourishing your skin with quality products, while preserving the environment. Even if it didn’t work, you would not regret spending a lot of money on something useless. You can make everything you need for your skincare routine with a couple of organic products you can find in the grocery store. Face Scrub You can do your own luxurious exfoliant with only 3 ingredients. Mix a cup of brown or white sugar, ¼ cup of coconut or almond oil and 2 tablespoons honey. Essential oils and vitamins are optional. Raw honey is extremely beneficial for the skin because of it anti – bacterial qualities. Exfoliation is important to remove the dead skin and stimulate the development of new cells. Cleanser For this recipe you need to make a little investment in chamomile oil and white clay. Combine these ingredients with egg white and flour. Cleaning your face regularly will ensure its healthy and amazing look. Toner Toner is great for making your face smooth and soft. Get a couple of aspiring and mix them with apple vinegar and water. Pour it in bottle and use it after cleaning your skin. Acne – Free Mask If you have reoccurring and severe issues with your skin, try an oatmeal and onion mask. You can find these unexpected skin products in almost every household. The onion has anti – inflammatory qualities that will heal the acne marks and reduce the redness. On the other hand, oatmeal will take care of the clogged pores. All you need is to combine the leftover oats, sliced onion and some honey. Whitening Mask If you want to get rid once and for all of the acne scars or any type of skin coloration and apply a yogurt and lemon mask. You will need the juice of one fruit and 150 g Greek yogurt. You can use the mask to treat specific area or you can apply to your entire face. Make your routine completely green by creating your own face cleaning products. Find more at: London Carpet Cleaning Ltd.
  2. Most air fresheners today are not really ones that obliterate odors, but mostly ones that work on masking them. They work that way and fool the brain into thinking the smell has evaporated, but in the end the bacteria that causes it often remains behind. Antibacterial air fresheners of course exist, but they are often limited to hospitals in many cases. There are also quite a few chemicals present in most commercial air fresheners out there and aerosols that happen to be either triggers for allergies or sometimes just downright hazardous when inhaled. Phenol, petroleum distillates, formaldehyde, butanoic acid, methylformamide, polyacrilic and nitro musks and a lot more can be a cause for skin irritation, carcinogenic influence, organ toxicity, neurotoxicity, endocrine gland disruption and worse. The air freshener industry nowadays uses thousands of synthetic chemical ingredients that are there to stabilize products, increasing their shelf life and boosting profits across the board by lowering production costs and ensuring effective results biased for said increased profits. While this is understandable from a business point of view, the health issues that may occur in such cases give rise to the need to find alternatives in many cases. The rarely recyclable materials used for packaging of these products, mostly spray cans and plastic bottles end up in your local landfills each year. The automatic air fresheners on the market work even when they don’t really have to. Depending on their chemicals this may quickly become an irritant for more sensitive people. Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions and a lot of companies are looking forward to green ways they can improve their products, as well as the time-tested recipes for homemade alternatives: Opening windows can really improve the air quality in a home and fast, something a lot of people tend to forget due to air conditioning being so prevalent in most modern homes. Never underestimate how welcoming a breath of fresh air may be when the place feels stuffy even with the AC on. Using a tablespoon of salt with about half an orange or a lemon can temporarily bring a fresh citron smell in a room. You don’t have to waste the orange, you can even use a scooped out one instead. Vanilla extract placed in small containers around your home can also really brighten up the mood without chemicals and aerosols. Make a potpourri of roses, lavender or some other scented flower or plant you have around your garden and bring the floral scent in your rooms safely. It can’t be used all the time, but it is an excellent natural solution to the issue. You can also make use of baking soda to remove acidic odors from your home, simply sprinkling it over the area that needs the scent gone and then vacuuming it. You should always remember to treat the cause of the scent instead of the symptoms, such as pet bedding creating a really unpleasant stink. Cleaning it may not be a great option, but it would work if you leave it in the sun once in a while. The same goes for floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and many other aspects of home cleaning in general. Cleaners Up Ltd. can help you with more cleaning tips
  3. Green Cleaning Health Benefits

    As green cleaning grows in popularity, a lot of people tend to see the worth of implementing it into their everyday routines. Thanks to research and warning labels we are finally aware of a lot of the dangerous qualities of most conventional chemicals used in cleaning products that are in fact completely pointless if we can use safer alternatives. Cleaning is one of the more important parts of our daily lives, as it doesn’t really matter how many times we try to clean a home, it will always need more cleaning every week or so. Dust mites can be fought by using regular cleaning as often as possible, as well as the danger of mold spores and mildew which happen to threaten every bathroom and kitchen if it was abandoned for too long. The use of harsh chemicals will have extremely bad effects on not only your local environment, but your health and the surfaces around your home. In many cases such chemicals can cause allergies to flare and may even become a trigger for asthma attacks if you’re not careful. There are plenty of green products capable of getting things done without too much effort involved and by keeping you safe from harm. A lot of cleaning products will have a negative impact on building occupants, but you can control this by ensuring there are no respiratory irritants, as well as other contaminants which will end up hurting you as well as cleaning your areas. Chemical reactions between certain cleaners can also endanger your life, such as the one between ammonia and bleach, so you would do well to stick to nontoxic solutions that work wonders. If you remove such products from your household you will have a much greater chance of success without the inherent danger you’d need to deal with otherwise. Keeping your home’s air conditioning or ventilation running or opening your windows on a regular basis is another key to keeping your home nice and clean, as well as keeping your air quality great as you go. If you want to have more practical examples of applications for everyday cleaning, then you can go with the following examples: You can clean windows with a simple mix of water and distilled white vinegar. They will work flawlessly for this purpose, easily working the same way as any other window cleaning product without the need for any chemicals and possible toxicity. You can also work with rubbing alcohol to do the same, as it can also break down fat from fingerprints and more. Lemon juice and olive oil can really get things going in terms of furniture polish, as they will really help without the toxicity involved in most other cases. They can help your furniture shine, but it will also leave a pleasant scent of lemony freshness when you’re done. Flour, salt and vinegar can be excellent metal cleaners with a good bit of success without any toxicity and heady smells. You can mix them together in a paste, covering the area in need of cleaning. Let it dry and then buff it with a soft, clean cloth and you will have excellent results. You can clean copper and brass with a simple slice of lemon, as the acid in it will break down patina and return the shine to your metal objects. Cleaning Domestic Cleaners Ltd. can help you with more tips. Heather Roberts is a freelance guest blogger from London, UK. She has got many published articles on various topics such as cleaning, organizing, home and garden etc. She loves to spend her time with family and friends and she also tries to live an eco-friendly life.