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  1. Climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity today and yet our political systems refuse to move quickly enough to do anything about it. It threatens to undo all the gains that have been made against poverty in recent decades. But how does it affect Ireland and where does it fit in the global picture? The film ‘Drop in the Ocean?’ talks to some of Ireland’s leading environmental scientists, writers and activists to find out. You can watch it here What people are saying about Drop in the Ocean 'Deserves to be seen widely' Philip Boucher-Hayes, RTE 'This eye-opening video from Trocaire on climate change in Ireland and around the world is a must watch for everyone.' Sorcha Pollock, Journalist, Irish Times 'Very well-made short climate change documentary by Eoghan RIce and trocaire team - really worth watching' John Burke, RTE, This Week 'Maybe the most urgent 27 min clip you will ever watch. Thanks trocaire .' Trevor Sargent 'If anyone cares about Climate Change there's a film worth seeing at' Liz McManus 'Really brilliant documentary joining the dots on Climate Change -please watch (even if you know it all already!)' Anja Murray, Ecologist, Eco Eye Presenter on RTE 'Stunning film about Ireland and climate change by Eoghan Rice and Alan Whelan for Trocare. Watch, be informed. Beautifully shot and produced, balanced and objective and overall thoroughly compelling.' Tom Halpin, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland How long is it? The film is just under 28 minutes long. Who's in it? Among the interviewees are: Dr John Sweeney, Climatologist, NUI Maynooth, Ireland Paul Melia, Environment Correspondent, Irish Independent Oisin Coughlan, Director of Friends of the Earth Ireland Ciara Kirrane, Stop Climate Chaos Ireland Coalition coordinator John Fogarty, Templederry Community Windfarm John Gibbons, Environmental Writer Stephen McCabe, Environment Scientist
  2. Hello Greenblog folk, I just wanted to tell you about a short documentary i've made about Ireland and Climate Change, looking at how one small country contributes to and is vulnerable to climate change, it features some of Ireland's leading climate change scientists and activists and has some strong reviews from Irish national media such as the Irish Times and RTE. More info and the film here and it's on YouTube here cheers,Alan
  3. Hello Alan Whelan, welcome to Green Blog! :)