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  1. It is widely seen, these days’ most of the farmers in USA are using humic acid for agricultural purpose that improves soil quality and enhances growth of crop. Humic acid is also called as humus, which is extracted from compressed, ancient plant matter in form of leonardite. A kind of high polymer heterogeneous aromatic material- Leonardite contains hydroxyl, carboxyl, phenolic hydroxyl and various other active groups, which forms a black brown appearance. Humic acid is the commercial term for combination of humic and fulvic acid, which are found in naturally occurring deposits. Known to be an ideal additive- humic acid boosts soil bio-activity as well as improves performance of compost fertilizers by speeding up the composting process. Great Functions and Benefits of Humic Acid for Agricultural Purpose: Humic acid will help in balancing nutrition and enhances nutrient uptake of soil by combining nutrients and humic acids.Optimize N-nitrogen, P-phosphorous and K-potassium, uptake of crops.Improves soil structure and increases the buffering power of soil.Regulates the pH value of soil by neutralizing both acid and alkaline soils.Proves resilience power of crops to successfully withstand cold, draught, pest and any kind of disease.Beautify appearance of the crops as well as promotes to grow healthier and stronger growth.Helps in stimulating beneficial microbial activity.Getting Best Quality Humic Acid Online: In order to maintain a sustainable agriculture development, you need to regularize the use of agriculture humic acid by Humic Harvest, which is one of the leading providers and manufacturers (in the USA specialized in WEFHAS certified products) of finest quality humic acid and fulvic acid to farmers at a relatively low price. Our manufactured agriculture humic acid is listed and accepted by OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute in USA) as organic, which rates high its credibility. You can order humic acids in bulk amounts from us at a great price that will help in getting good crop with a minimum investment. You will get a best soil conditioner for your farms by buying humic acid from Humic Harvest that will work as a compliment to the fertilizer and restore soil health, which will be best for your crops.
  2. Are you using high value humic acid coming from some of the richest carbon sources in this world? As per agricultural experts, you should never settle for low quality humates or humic acid that are high in metals and treated with heat or toxic chemicals for extraction. The application of such humic acid will have little impact on your agricultural yield due to low nutritional value. You need to try something better and more organic (WEFHAS Ag Grade) humic products which can increase your agricultural production with improved soil fertility and microbial activity continuously for years. Building soil fertilization with purely organic and biologically safe humic acid can add to the efficiency of all commercial fertilizers applied in your agricultural field. Again, it will help stabilize chemical fertilizers and reduce their wastage that usually take place through water and air resulting in environmental concerns. With minimal tillage prices and increased rate of water and chemical fertilizer utilization, WEFHAS humic acid assures to increase your agricultural condition and yields. In this way, it will have a direct influence on your bottom line, causing you experience the results quickly. For a good experience in agriculture, you need to depend on the affordable supply of high grade and naturally water extracted humic acid which is free from hazardous materials and synthetic chemicals. It has great potential to improve nutrient content of your plants along with their survival rate and insect resistance capacity. In fact, the plants in your agricultural land develop power to tolerate stress, heat effect and nutrient inadequacy when they are provided with WEFHAS humic acid. It assures you healthy crop and better agricultural yield. Humic Harvest wants to provide an economical and effective solution in WEFHAS humic acid to help you overcome various agricultural issues. Feel free to invest in the high quality, biologically active and high performing humic acid by Humic Harvest and get benefits that you can only imagine!
  3. Humic Acid – A Must Have for Agricultural Practices Humic acids are the smallest in size and complex molecules that are formed naturally from the microbial decomposition of organic stuff including decaying plant materials. These acids are always present in healthy and pure quality soil. In unhealthy and extremely low quality soils the organic cycle of humus formation with degradation of plant roots, soil microorganisms and fungi gets disturbed, resulting in depletion of humic acids that are most important for plant health, growth and/or vitality. As soil in many agricultural lands is not always in perfect condition, adding humic acid to agricultural soil can help bring quick improvements in soil structure and restore it to its earlier condition. Water Extracted Humic Acid for Maximized Soil Health and Better Farm Yield Humic acid products vary in quality and value. They are obtained from organic sources of variable quality available in the world. Many poor quality sources contain humus that is rich in metals or need the utilization of harmful chemicals or heat for extraction. The choice of pure distilled water extraction method can produce humic acid with greater purity and biological function while maintaining the required quality guidelines of WEFHAS standards. The water extracted humic acid is prepared in line with WEFHAS certification standards to provide consumers with high quality and naturally extracted humic acid without the inclusion of hard synthetic chemicals, toxic materials or heat. Multiple Agricultural Benefits of Water Extracted Humic Acid 1. Brings a boost in the efficiency of chemicals applied on lands like fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides etc 2. Stabilizes chemical fertilizers in agricultural land. 3. Controls the PH of the agricultural soil to create the best conditions for plant’s survival and growth 4. Improves soil’s capacity for Cation Exchange 5. Accelerates beneficial microbial activity 6. Releases bound and immobilized soil nutrients for plant use 7. Prevents conditions in soil that would end in runoff or volatilization 8. Makes toxin materials inactive or convert them into beneficial forms Humic Harvest wants to bring all the above discussed benefits to farmers all across the world at a very low price. It offers the best quality and highly effective humic acid products for agricultural use. Be sure that all of its products are organic, naturally extracted and have the best chemical buffering ability. If you want to have no heat or harmful chemical treated humic acid products for enriching your agricultural soil, order water extracted humic acid at Humic Harvest. We will deliver pure and organically extracted humic products with assurance of bringing a boost in your soil quality and performance.
  4. The planet earth has been losing ecological balance due to industrial uprising. All of its inhabitants have landed in a world where a growing level of toxin is seen everywhere, from food and water to air. You should try to prevent the toxin from growing further and becoming intolerable for the world population. World voices its concerns over matters like continuously exhausting fossil fuels, toxic agricultural supplies, synthetic chemical compounds and more. Your wrong practices and lack of awareness are ultimately creating problems for our planet earth. It is likely to worsen unless the global community considers changing its present practices regarding agriculture production/fertilization, environmental waste and dietary patterns. You should use organic supplies and natural products to control the environmental pollution and crop losses that our harmful chemicals have caused over these years. The choice of alternative energy source, agricultural materials and sustainable practices are important. By choosing for organic sources and using natural extraction process (WEFHAS) Humic Harvest is keeping ahead of other Humic acid suppliers in United States. We are specialized in providing top quality agricultural humic acid and fulvic acid products to all those farmers who want to increase their yields with low risk and low priced fertilization materials. Our objective is to protect the Earth and increase its agricultural production with organic compounds. We want to see farmers enjoying greater sustainability and profitability with affordable and reliable organic agricultural humic acid products. No matter whether you own a small or large farm, you can order us online and enjoy the proven benefits of OMRI listed organic agricultural products – humic acid and fulvic acid. Humic Harvest is among the known organic humic acid suppliers in United States that are working to bring a difference in the life of farmers by providing them with safe and organic fertilizers at lower cost. Our products are organically extracted and free from harmful chemicals to improve farming experience of customers in harmony with nature and environment. Consider purchasing organic agricultural humic acid products from Humic Harvest for healthy and sustainable crops along with better chance of profits.
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