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  1. Have you heard/seen about it? If so, have you watch it as of yet? http://starz.com/outlander http://outlandercommunity.com Have heard/seen about it via a promo regarding it just days before it premiered. I have dvr it and watched both of them. So, far loving it and hopefully it will continue until its done. By the way its based off of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series. I for one haven’t heard/seen of both of them prior to this.
  2. I mean is it just me that totally thinks Miss Kimrey, is still too young to start this and be very active in it. Especially, with both her leanings on others to help and political leanings (left, democrat, liberal, and beyond) being the way they are at the moment. As opposed to waiting it out and beyond . At the same time this also applies how old is too old for all this as well.
  3. WOW what a book this was for the most part and especially its authors.
  4. Still WOW hard to believe.
  5. I for one I have always wondered about this. Especially, seeing some members on other forums that I have found via google search. And one of them is admin/mod on there. Don't get me wrong I'm for this in ways, but then I'm also waybeyondfedup. Whats the point belonging to more then forums regarding all of this particular subject.s. At the same time do belong to others regarding this particular subject/s and other subject/s as well. I mean really prefer to stay away ones whom are run by the same people. I prefer those merge into one big forums as opposed to the other way. In which don't do for the sites/blogs/beyond that I belong to. This also applies to my own history regarding all of this. I do copying/pasting everything from forum to forum. I'm all for, but try my best have no then couple of forums per subject. As opposed to any other way because then you be known as spammer. I for know all about this because of my own experiences. In which I found I pretty much have learned some lessons, but others haven't yet or etc along those lines. No one told me before about blogging and spamming. I usually learned about anything regarding all this after the fact. I found to be annoying. In which I'm so glad that I went back to wordpress because I'm able to reblog entries that find to my liking. Unlike blogger where I had no as how to do this. I found that the share buttons that wordpress have done a world of difference for me. Since I can share the link via my FB to my FB page waybeyondfedup. Then I don't need to keep copying and posting it all FB. At the same time I still do it for another forums that I belong to. In which I wish there is a social share button, so then I don't need keep on copying and pasting. Because then wouldn't be known a spammer no more.
  6. Whom needs more of a life then what she has had so far. As opposed to what it has been for the most part of her life and etc. Yet to reach this stage of life and beyond.