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  1. Its so sad, and what makes me really upset is that the pesticide companies have all the control and power. The Guardian published an article about research being done in the UK which is funded directly by the pesticide companies (see I'm sure I can guess what the outcome of this study might be!
  2. Healthy and environmentally friendly diets

    I agree and like to see the increase in meatless mondays and other similar inititivaites - personally my diet is mostly plant based, but I do eat grass fed (ideally wild) meats from time-to-time. Goat curry is delicious and our local farmers market has started selling goat sausages which I'm going to try next time I go along!
  3. What does your personal diet pyramid look like?

    I recently read In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto by Michael Pollan and it shows how crazy the current 'recommended' food pyramid is. The idea that fats are bad and grains are good is still out there and yet all (or most of) the evidence shows the opposite.