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  1. I also say to plant a garden.  If not a full garden, then plant a few flowers, herbs, or a tree.  Teach the basic conservation rules first.  I would teach the child to turn off the lights when not in use, turning off the water while brushing teeth, and recycle.  Make the activities fun.  Maybe write a song or play about helping to take care of the earth.  Make crafts with leftover materials like boxes, egg cartons, and scraps of used paper or newspaper.

  2. Sorry, I am going to be the opposing side to this poster.  I understand where they are coming from.  I understand their ideas and motivations behind their thoughts, opinions, and advertisements.  However, I think the ad with Hitler is downright appalling and rude.  How can you even suggest this is ok?  He was a man known for killing thousands, millions of innocent lives.  To even suggest or hint that someone would be like him for "not sharing their car" is outrageous.  I think there are better ways to educate the public about saving the environment.  I think this turns people away more than helps. 

  3. Okay, the only reason I clicked on this article was because of the title.  Not all SUV drivers are stupid.  The driver was littering.  That was the problem, not her driving on SUV.  And I am someone who owns an van.  I had to have a vehicle large enough for my family plus my equipment for work.  I am NOT vain for needing and wanting a vehicle that fits my family.  Granted, I did my research about the makes of the vans.  I researched who gets the best gas mileage, where the cars were made, etc.  Don't lump all SUV drivers and owners into the "stupid" or "they're unnecessary" box please.

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  4. Can someone please explain how clothing can be eco-friendly or environmentally friendly?  I have never heard this term before with clothing, accessories, and fashion, and I don't understand what this means.  I don't see how a company can claim this. I am just a little lost on this idea.  Thank you.

  5. Do you want electricity?  Have you researched wind power?  On a tv show, I saw a home that was heated by the earth itself.  The house partly under the ground.  They lived out in the desert and as the sun heated up the ground, the home took that energy, stored it, and used it for other applications.  Pretty cool!

  6. I was trying to think back that far, and I don't even remember hearing that news.  It is sad!  Where I live, the local news media does not show many world events.  If they do, it is a 30 second clip no more than one minute.  I do know that nuclear radiation causes harmful effects, some still unknown.  No one can state for a fact what the effects will be 50 years from now, but there will be harmful consequences.

  7. Also, I think you just need to learn to appreciate and dwell in the beauty of the things around you.  Yes, we need to help conserve, educate, and do our parts.  However, I don't want to think about all the doom.  I think change starts out small and gets bigger in time.  Start with yourself then families then city, etc.  

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  8. I think it is a good idea.  Being a new member, I am not worried about it too much.  It makes me think about my posts and makes sure my points of conversations are valid.  Plus, most forums have this system.  Like you said earlier, it keeps those (I believe you called them) trolls away.  I am here to learn, not cause issues.

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  9. My sense of humor says the answer to your question would be "frog towels" since they are green, but I know that is not what you meant.  I have heard of the bamboo towels on Shark Tank, but I have never seen them used.  I think it would be more eco-friendly and more economic to use cotton towels.  They wash over and over.  They would not have to be shipped in from overseas.  That is my train of thought.  Someone please correct me if I am wrong. 

  10. I love walking for leisure and for exercise.  It is very enjoyable if I go at my own pace.  From my house, I can walk to one grocery store and two pharmacies.  However, I cannot get around my city very well if I walk other places.  My town is very spread out and many business centers or areas have no sidewalks.  Of course, there are sidewalks in front of the buildings but not to and from my house.  The roads are too busy with car traffic.  I wouldn't risk it.