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  1. Simon Admin liked a post in a topic by shilpa in Re-Learning to Ride   
    I have been cycling for a few years now, and I completely enjoy it. I think the best motivation to start cycling once again is to think about the benefits of cycling, which are quite a lot. Everything we do in our daily lives has a benefit and a purpose and the same applies to cycling also. 
    The benefits of cycling are it helps to improve your concentration. While cycling you need to focus and keep your mind, eyes, hands and feet in the right directions, in this way you improve your concentration. It is the easiest exercise to tone your muscles and increase your stamina. The muscles of the feet and thighs gets toned quite quickly by cycling regularly. The best advantage is cycling helps to reduce the risk of heart related problems and keeps you fit and strong.
  2. Simon Admin liked a post in a topic by shilpa in Why others do not believe in global warming?   
    Global warming is occurring at a very severe rate and is adversely affecting our environment. About ten years ago, during the monsoon season there were heavy rains and it used to prevail for at least half a year in our town, but now we hardly see any rain during the monsoon season. We must really worry about all that is happening to the climate and take the required actions. 
    I think the real reason why some people refuse to believe in global warming is because they are scared. They prefer to think about the environment as an evergreen and protected place where they can keep exhausting the resources as long as they want. If they believe in global warming, the very thought of it forces people to change the way they live their lifestyle and be more careful about spending their resources. Hence, it is easy to be ignorant and act as if nothing has happened.
  3. Simon Admin liked a post in a topic by shilpa in Greetings to everyone   
    Hello everyone. My  name is Shilpa. I am a college student doing my graduation in zoology. I am glad to be a part of this forum and to be able to interact with other members. The environment is an issue that has become a lot more sensitive as the days pass by. Hence, I am excited to discuss and find out different techniques in this forum to make the environment a little better than its earlier conditions. It is really nice to meet all of you.