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  1. The craters in Siberia and the melting of the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps is documented. For whatever reason, people are in denial. The plain facts are that it IS in our self-interest to do everything we can to stop this. Yet the LA Times reported in this link that in most of the country there are rules against solar power. I admit here in Minnesota it might be a bit of a gamble, but that isn't going to stop me from getting solar panels when we can afford it!
  2. I reuse everything I can. What I can't, I try to recycle. I use reusable grocery bags where I can, and recycled paper where I can't. I'm trying to learn to garden. In my garden I also have native plants. I am pesticide- and herbicide-free. I use beneficial insects as pest control. I buy from neonic-free nurseries. I recycle old clothes. I buy from thrift stores when possible. I am learning to compost. I take public transit when I can.
  3. Re-Learning to Ride

    Mostly I'm posting for encouragement. I haven't ridden a bike in almost 30 years. I bought one last summer but it's sitting in the garage. I need motivation to get on it and get back to learning how to balance. It's hard to be motivated when it's so hot out right now. Ideas for motivation?
  4. This year I've had volunteer mullein and milkweed plants show up in my yard. These are the plants that have most attracted bees, which I desperately want to keep around. My other flowers haven't done nearly as much to attract friendly pollinators. What are some good sites for finding native plants for an area?
  5. What do you do with old clothes?

    I donate a lot of them to friends. Right now I'm buying all of my clothes from thrift shops because I have dropped a lot of weight in the last year. Other than that, I tend to wear clothes until they're completely worn out. After that, they're cleaning or craft supplies.
  6. Last winter my rain barrel cracked in the cold - I didn't get the water out in time and winter ice ruptured the bottom. This is the kind of rain barrel I have. Does anyone know how it can be repaired so I can use it again?
  7. How to Recycle Your Unwanted Christmas Presents

    The other reason to do this is to make sure your thank you notes go to the right person. But yes, regifting is fantastic! Another thing you can do in the case of food gifts is to bring them to your workplace. Unfortunately most charities cannot accept regifting of food items, but your workplace will probably enjoy them. I've also taken things I couldn't eat over to the local fire station that night, since someone has to work that night and just because I don't like X kind of food doesn't mean someone there won't. I think this applies to gifts for any occasion, not just the holidays! Great ideas.
  8. We have five indoor cats. Yes, I know the first step in the triangle of plastics is reduce plastic use, but paper bags of litter rip. The next step is reuse, and I came up with a way to reuse the plastic litter bins as square foot gardening tubs. You may be familiar with "Earth Box" type gardening bins. They're designed for weed-free gardening or apartments. The idea is to have a plastic bin with a screen a few inches fro the bottom. A tube runs from the top to the bottom through a hole in the screen. Another gap in the screen is across from the tube on the other end of the tub. The final element is a drainage hole right above the screen. You put gardening soil mix on top of the screen and water through the tube. The dirt wicks up moisture. I used cat litter tubs to make the same kind of thing. You can see them off to the back in the attached picture - they're the yellow things. Would anyone be interested in more information?
  9. How did you celebrate World Carfree Day?

    This year's event is Monday, 22-SEP. I'll make sure to work from home or take the bus and light rail that day. So far my metro area's transit page doesn't reflect any awareness of this. Are other people reaching out to publicize it?
  10. Straw bale houses

    This is fascinating! I found this link here about constructing them. Now I'm considering building one as an outbuilding. So neat! I know this is a post from January, but I'd like to second the call for information on this kind of building.
  11. Hello Devichan, welcome to Green Blog! :)

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      Thank you! Just setting up my profile, will post soon!