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  1. Becoming Environmentally Conscious As you might have known, air pollution threatens the livelihood of both humans and the environment every day. According to the EPA, “680 to 1,700 premature deaths have resulted in heart or lung disease,” which may be attributed to hazardous air pollutants linked to cancer. Continual exposure to the toxic environment has decreased the longevity of the average human life. Fortunately, many parts of the United States are fully dedicated to becoming environmentally conscious and want to provide a sustainable lifestyle for everybody to enjoy. There are several criteria for becoming an eco-friendly state, which includes usage of renewable resources, effective recycling and management of waste, access to organic/local food, green transportation methods, air and water quality, and land dedicated to quality green space, such as parks and recreational areas. By meeting this criteria, carbon footprint decreases dramatically. Vermont: The Road to Becoming Environmentally Conscious Vermont is considered the number one most environmentally conscious state in the United States. Being the second least populous state, Vermont is devoted to providing healthier living for their limited number of residents. It has the lowest carbon footprint and the fewest carcinogenic toxins, helping to provide that well-known, crisp, mountain air. This is due to policies that promote renewable and alternative energy, recycling, and many local food choices. Living the Vermont Lifestyle Vermont promotes healthy living by providing plenty of outdoor leisure activities. There are many areas in the state that allow swimming, biking, horseback riding, boating, golfing, and walking – many of them throughout Vermont’s vast mountain ranges. Quechee Lakes is an example of healthy Vermont-style living, located just south of Burlington. It’s a community that provides outdoor activities for all residents around the area. It is also home to one of the best skiing locations in the country. Burlington, which is Vermont’s main hub, has a growing business community that attracts many friendly entrepreneurs, delicious local restaurants, and a lively nightlife. Vermont is also very family-friendly. Many leisure activities are kid-friendly, and include public parks, walking trails, rock climbing, and fishing. Conclusions Being environmentally friendly is no easy task, but is becoming necessary to sustain a practical level of health. If you want this type of risk-free environment, Vermont is the perfect place to enjoy both a healthy lifestyle and an eco-friendly environment. Start making the change today!
  2. Have a birthday or anniversary party coming up? Why not make the celebration a bit greener in order to help the environment? Check out this article for some eco-friendly tips on how to reduce your party’s carbon footprint. Hint: it should also lower the budget for the event. An eco-friendly party doesn’t necessarily have to be for an environmental cause. It doesn’t even need to have a nature theme or anything like that. People usually believe that throwing a greener party will mean upping their costs or annoying their guests by bringing up environmental issues. It doesn’t have to be that way – in order to help the planet you only have to keep in mind that the choices you make in the planning stage will inevitably affect the environment. It’s just up to you how much. We have plenty of resources available to help raise awareness on environmental issues. If you’re looking to make a difference for the planet, every small effort counts. You can use the special occasion coming up to inspire loved ones to make more eco-friendly choices in their everyday life, while keeping your budget manageable and making planning much more fun. If you follow a few simple guidelines, any event can become a bit greener, regardless of size or occasion. Forget about paper invitations Paper’s impact on the environment is significant – so spread the word about your gathering without leaving a paper trail. There are plenty of invite sites that allow you to create and personalize online invitations to send to your guests via e-mail or social networks. In case you’re looking for something fancier, Paperless Post lets you choose from plenty of elegant designs to suit every occasion. Additionally, every virtual card is delivered in a personalized envelope, and the website allows you to manage your RSVP list online. Say no to disposable plates and cups Reducing waste should be one of our main concerns when it comes to environmental issues. After all, each item we throw away is a waste of resources and a burden to the environment. Most of our trash ends up in landfills, which pollute the atmosphere and can have possible harmful effects on our health. Instead of using disposable plates and cups at your event, which you’ll only end up throwing away afterward, go for reusable ones. The cleanup may take you longer, but the planet will be grateful. If you don’t have enough dishes, borrow from friends and neighbors. Don’t worry about mixing colors and patterns – you can actually add an eclectic element to your event this way. Go green with your catering When it comes to cooking for the event, it is wise to have at least one dish that’s completely meat-free. According to the Meatless Monday movement, the meat industry generates nearly one-fifth of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions that are accelerating climate change worldwide. By serving your guests a delicious vegetarian meal, you show them that meatless dishes don’t have to be free of taste. To green up you cooking for the party, you should also use organic and local ingredients as much as possible. Additionally, you can serve food that your guests can eat with their hands to minimize the need for plates and cutlery. Don’t buy new décor Don’t buy new decorations. Instead, make use of decorations you already have or make your own, personalized ones using material you have lying around the house. Check out Pinterest for inspiration on how to make homemade party decorations that will save you some cash and add some personality to your gathering at the same time. Cut back on carbon emissions Being in charge of your RSVP list, you can easily find out where your guests are coming from. If possible, try to coordinate small groups for carpooling parties in order to cut back on carbon emissions. As a bonus, people will know beforehand who the designated drivers will be, which can come in handy in case you’ll be serving alcohol. Offer plants as party favors If you’re looking to give away some party favors, plants are always a good idea. Miniature potted plants make great parting gifts that your guests will enjoy for a long period of time. You can even organize a fun party activity and invite everyone to decorate their own pots with reusable materials. Other great ideas for party favors: sustainable bags and homemade goodies. All parties can be green parties when you’re looking to become more environmentally-friendly. After all, it’s our duty to keep the planet as safe as possible so that future generations will be able to enjoy the same natural resources and healthy surroundings as we do now. With minimal effort on your part, you can put together a remarkable gathering which will also remind your guests about the importance of preserving the environment, in every way possible.
  3. Hiring a good tree care company or arborist will save you a lot of headaches. Professionals handle tasks like tree removal and tree trimming, which can be too dangerous for unskilled individuals. Here is a list of what you should look for in a good company or arborist. Trees are extremely beneficial. They keep the air clean, produce oxygen and help prevent soil erosion. They also provide beauty and shade. No wonder more people are planting trees in their yards – besides creating a charming landscape, they manage to save money and boost their property value, by up to 15 percent. Caring for trees is necessary if you plan to enjoy them for years to come. Storms and diseases affect their health and structure, so hiring a specialist is sometimes necessary. You can contact a reliable arborist, or a tree care company with a good reputation. Tree care usually includes work that can be dangerous for unskilled people. You should leave tree trimming and tree removal tasks to specialists in order to avoid injuries. They have the proper training and tools needed for these types of dangerous activities. Not to mention that they also offer clean up services, which means you won’t have to deal with branches or trunks left in your yard. There are many tree care companies and specialists out there. In order to find the right one, a little research and patience is required. Here are some tips on what to look for before appointing tasks to anyone. Insurance Make sure the tree care company has proper insurance for the type of work it is performing. The same goes for arborists. Ask for a certificate of liability and call their insurance company if you want to double check. If the company isn’t insured and an accident happens on your property, you will have to deal with a lot of daunting issues. Property damage won’t be covered. Anyone who is injured can also sue you. Check Their Credentials Take a look at the company’s credentials and affiliations. Arborists should have International Society of Arboriculture certification. Ask about membership in professional organizations, which demonstrates willingness to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and safety requirements. Ask Around Don’t be shy and ask for references from past customers. Check them or even visit past employers to make sure everything went smoothly. A reliable company won’t have any problem with giving potential customers a list of their past jobs and contacts. Check Their Equipment Workers from the tree care company should be using helmets with face shields, or at least protective glasses. Climbers should be equipped with proper climbing gear - saddle, helmet, glasses, steel toe boots, climbing ropes. Safety equipment will keep both you and the working crew safe. Get The Estimate in Writing In order to avoid any problems and protect yourself, make sure the estimate is in writing. Don’t rely solely on someone’s word. Stay away from companies and arborists who demand advance payment or seem eager to start working without giving you an estimate of the entire project. Removing a big tree is something you should never take on yourself. You risk damaging your property and seriously injuring yourself. It’s important to take your time when looking for professionals to undertake dangerous activities. If you are not careful enough, the whole process can cost you more than you anticipated.
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