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  1. Eco Gadgets you own

    at the moment I don't have any eco gadget in my possession. BUT I am earning atm to purchase myself at least a couple of eco gadgets that are cool. But I do have a solar calculator. LMAO. First on my list, is a solar charger. It is much cheaper compared to purchasing solar panels so, I'll go for this convenient item to purchase first. I've also heard of solar radios and it got me curious. I love listening to the radio, and a solar radio would just be perfect. I've also seen a friend's post in facebook that water-powered clocks or alarm clocks do exist, and so that's cute eco friendly item to beautify in my room. I actually have a long list but enough of me atm. LMAO. So any of you members with Eco Gadgets in your possession?
  2. Cars running on water as fuel

    I remember reading some newspaper, or watched it on some news channel, 8-10 years ago, can't remember as my memory sux. A Filipino inventor was able to successfully invent a car that uses and runs on water as fuel. The right to his invention was sold to and bought by a foreign company. Ever since then I have not heard any news on that invention. I wonder if it was put into good use? If I remember it correctly, the smoke the car releases isn't as polluted as cars running on diesel or gas as fuel. I can't remember if it was an expensive technology or process but.. using water as fuel? I think twould be a good alternative. Your thoughts on this?
  3. Eco-Friendly Home Furniture

    I'm thinking of re-inventing my room. I'm going to change the paint, re-arrange some of the furniture, and replace old furniture. I'm looking for suggestions regarding what furniture should I purchase, preferably eco-friendly furniture. I need something that isn't space consuming. I'm going to replace my sofa set, I'm also considering sofa bed. I'm also thinking if I should go for hardwood or plastic? Hardwood furniture is difficult to move around though, just in case I want to re-arrange my room in the future. Anyone have any suggestion or idea?
  4. Your Favorite "Green" Country

    My TV is stationed on one channel only, everyday. It is a channel that mainly talks about Korea. I'm not Korean but I love this Country. I love the fact that they preserve areas with good scenery instead of converting them into urbanized cities. I like the fact they keep promoting eco-friendly alternatives to their people and around the world. They use solar panels on street signs, they promote wind & solar energy as an alternative. So for me, Korea is my favorite "green" advocate country. Do you have any favorite?
  5. Eco Gadgets you own

    And they last longer compared to cheap ones sold in the market. In short, cost-effective. We don't have solar bulbs in the market yet. Hopefully til' be introduced in the local market soon. :3 What is the estimate price of this solar bulb?
  6. How do you get to where your going?

    If it is just a couple of blocks away, I just walk to and from the place I'm supposed to check out. If it is not possible to walk to and from the location, that is when I use other modes of transportation. Either I use a bike or another vehicle.
  7. Cars running on water as fuel

    It was popular for a while but the government didn't support his idea. The people back then were more concerned of politics than "green-o-volution". It's a shame. Anyhow, yes, I slightly remember than it didn't have to be clean water to run the car. The car was even put to a test drive and it was working well.
  8. Your Favorite "Green" Country

    I used to appreciate New Zealand but then... This is a country with huge number of poultry right? You know, meat products. I remember in one article than methane gas is 10x potent than carbon dioxide, animals, like cows, emit (if thats the correct term) methane gas.
  9. Eco-Friendly Home Furniture

    Wow, I can't believe the other two pictures below the chocolate brown chair, number 4 and five photos were "green" furniture. Were you able to remember the websites? I might check it out for the prices and if it is possible to purchase it in the local market. Hopefully this is not only available to few chosen countries.
  10. What do you collect?

    I used to have a collection of limited edition X-Men cards. from the original members to the hundreds other character that came out, even Cyclops and Jean's daughter Oracle (if I remember correctly) who was stolen from the future. I went to school with these cards and wuhluh, when my classmates saw my collection they all picked 5 cards each and my collection was gone. I think I still have a couple of 'em left, but I've probably misplaced them as I lost interest when they've been "stolen".
  11. Do you smoke?

    No and never. I don't have plan, ever, of smoking. I love my lungs and I love being able to breath well even if the air is a bit polluted. LMAO. :P
  12. How do you stay fit?

    I don't have the time to perform any formal exercise regime. So, as much as possible I try to be mobile at work. I don't want my day to be a stagnant routine of sedentary lifestyle. Everyday, I climb the stairs from and to my office. Drink plenty of water, eat balanced diet.
  13. Google Plus

    I have the same feeling but, somehow... this will take time.. I think this is not yet Google Plus' year.. :P
  14. Most affected continent

    Developing countries are the ones suffering, especially tropical continents in some parts of Asia. :| When it rains, it pours and flash floods. >.< I think developing countries should learn from developed countries, what they're doing is affected millions of people worldwide and yet they're still aspiring to follow the footsteps of these giants. Would be best to ventured in anything organic and eco-friendly to help with mother nature.
  15. Eco Gadgets you own

    If I have learnt earlier of solar x-mas lights would have settled with those for the Yuletide season. Well, there is still a next year. There are solar bulbs? Cool. I am only aware of fluorescent bulbs. :)
  16. E-Books vs. Traditional Books

    Same goes with me, I don't like staring for long hours reading. I can stay for a couple of hours online but I don't frequently stare at the monitor. I prefer looking down on my keyboard especially when I'm typing just to avoid staring too long at the screen.
  17. E-Books vs. Traditional Books

    With the current e-trend gaining popularity all over the world, everyone is switching their old favorites to its e-version. Just like most of my friends starting to switch from reading traditional books to e-versions of these books. They find it convenient, especially for e-readers with atlas installed as they can easily search the meaning of a unfamiliar word without the help of a hand-carry dictionary. Come to think of it, less popularity of traditional/paper books there will probably less need to cut trees for mass production of printed books. There are books selling millions of copies worldwide, now if the trend goes on, there will be less need for printed copies and e-books price is cheaper. On the other hand, it seems as if time will come that traditional/paper books will be like the manuscripts written in papyrus. Preserved in museums and safe facilities. I've heard thousands of books in some big prestigious library have been disposed. I hope those books were donated to countries in need of decent books for school/educational purposes. So, which is your pick? E-reader and e-books or Paper/Traditional Books?
  18. Greetings Greenblog from the Philippines

    Hi speedy. Your username is familiar. Are you a girl? Anyhow, welcome to green-blog. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Keep posting you'll learn loads of valuable information here. I know, I did. :D
  19. Hello

    Hi Tammy, how are you? Welcome to green-blog. I hope you like your stay here, feel free to ask questions if you have any. See you around. ^^
  20. Largest Crocodile Captured

    I've seen the news on a local TV channel but, I can't really tell if it is "that" big as they claim as it the camera focus is quite a distance. The crocs look small to me. LMAO! But, if you ask me, there can be other crocs larger than the one you're talking about. But surely not as big as that one on Lake Placid. :D
  21. Healthy and environmentally friendly diets

    I eat a balanced diet. Meat and vegetables, or seafood and vegetable as a pair. But I'm mainly carnivore. You know, methane gas is 10x potent than Carbon Dioxide and animals like cows and such are main source of methane gas. :)
  22. Avoid stagnant lifestyle

    I can't say I have a stagnant lifestyle, my secular job involves at least 10x going up and down first and second floor via step floors. That's just killing me but its good for heart. I take a break from sitting for a couple of hours and then stand up for a couple of minutes when I'm loaded with and doing office work.
  23. Coffee addicts new healthy Blend

    Like! Like! Like! Only if this will be available in other countries too. But I think manufacturing companies should start studies involving in creating new coffee blends that have this type of benefits. Drinking coffee moderately btw, can help lessen the risk of cardiac related problems.
  24. Your form of entertainment

    MMORPG. Strategy based MMORPG is pretty cool. I've been an RPG player ever since I started playing FF series, Legend of Zelda, and Chrono Trigger. To de-stress this is what I do, play MMORPG.
  25. What movies are you interested in seeing this summer?

    MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Ghost Protocol. I"m so EXCITED for this MOVIE!!!!!! I so love this movie, and I like how Tom Cruise carry himself all throughout the series. Geeeeesh. He's smile is so cute. I like him as his character in M.I, Ethan Hunt. I loved his character in Knight and Day too. He is just adorable! :wub: