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    Hello everyone, I'm Alfonso, 26 year old entrepreneur from Manila. I try my best to be environmentally responsible and I try to influences the people close to me to do the same as well. I'm glad to be here and I hope to learn more about climate change, co2 emissions, pollution and hopefully play a bigger role in my community as an advocate for a greener future.
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    Did you know that 91% of all Americans drive to work alone in their car? I unfortunately am one of them. If every one of us could cut out just one of those trips per week by carpooling, taking the bus, walking, or riding a bike, carbon emissions would be reduced by almost 150 tons. That is a significant amount.

    What we all need to do is find a way to cut out one car trip a week and find an alternative way to do it. This could include a trip to the store, a doctor's appointment, hair cut, etc. and get there by another means of transport. It's really not hard to do when you consider that almost 50% of the car trips we make are less than 5 miles. You can easily do that on a bike even if you're not in the best of shape. Just think, riding your bike will help you lose some weight and cut carbon emissions.

    If only 1 driver in a household switched to public transportation full-time, that one person's carbon footprint would be reduced by 30%. My sister walks to work everyday saving herself money on gas and burning off calories from lunch. Walking to work is free and you get a little exercise too.

    If you're interested in connecting with a carpool or maybe even starting one yourself, you can check out one of these sites: or