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  1. Green Bag

    It's great to use green bags. We should all use this in order to reduce the use of plastic bags which contributes to pollution. Other than green bags, we should also use paper bags.
  2. Why others do not believe in global warming?

    I agree to that, people often forgets about Global Warming. I guess it's not an important matter to them, well in fact it is. People nowadays are more focus on other things like politics, how to be rich and stuff. It saddens me to see how our world change in a little span of time. Floods, Typhoons and Tsunamis are some of the effects of Global warming that has killed thousands of lives. When will people see this? I think It's about time to be more focus on this agenda for future generations to enjoy the things we have now.
  3. Simple ways of being green?

    This is a great question. Well, we often forget on how we can contribute to our society in being green. Here are simple ways of being green. 1. Recycle, Reduce and Reuse 2. Save water 3. Save energy 4. Do not burn plastics 5. Help cleaning To wrap it up, the only thing you have to do in order for you to be green is to love our environment and be sensitive enough on the effects of what we are doing.
  4. Do you use bicycle?

    Yes I use bicycle, but given the location of where I live now I prefer walking instead. It's hard to ride a bike in the mountains you know. But I'm considering to also use bicycle here. Using a bike is not only good for our health health, it also contributes in the cleanliness of our environment.
  5. How can we avoid climate fatigue?

    It breaks my heart when I see calamities like typhoons, floods, and tsunamis and I often ask myself what did we do to the world we live in. I also get frustrated when people do not care and do not even think about climate change. It doesn't make sense, we only have one Earth and we don't even take care of it. As an ordinary person, it would be in great help to avoid climate change by simply becoming responsible with our day to day activities. Like recycling, being aware of energy consumption and many other. We should not wait until we could not do anything anymore. If we want change we should do it now.