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  1. The U.S. now uses more corn to fuel their cars than to eat

    New land is being turned to farmland for corn at an alarming rate over here in the US too. It's destroyed native plants and habitat for wildlife at a fast pace. The whole poicy is just to make money.
  2. Energy Saving Lightbulbs

    Hopefully, they will all be replaced by LEDs once the technology needed to dissapate the heat appears. They are a lot more efficient but the heat sinks really hurt their environmental friendliness and price effectiveness.
  3. Wildlife crossings

    I've never seen these before but I've actually imagined creating the same thing! People don't even realize how many animals are killed from a road crossing through their home. I've seen road where a dead animal is in the same part of the road every three days!
  4. Hello turt, welcome to Green Blog! :)