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  1. Record cold in the US

    Ha! I can vouch for this wholeheartedly. My oh my this past January has been the winter from another planet. Here in my community in the state of Missouri our streets were practically paralyzed. Federal buildings were closed for almost a whole week and I couldn't even drive my car. The streets were unreal and temperatures was deadly. I'm talking well below - 0. The last time I remember a winter close to the one experience early this year was in 1994. It seem like out of nowhere there was a winter malfunction. I was pretty much trapped inside of my home. That was my experience.
  2. How Russia is silencing its environmentalists in Sochi

    I know I am WAY too late to comment on this issue, but I must let my opinion be known. Witnessing the meltdown in Russia over the past few months explains a lot in terms of their government's violation in human rights. I am not the least bit surprise at this country's insistence that environmentalists are somehow a threat to their version of democracy. Environmentalists challenge those in power regarding issues plaguing their community and country as a whole. Do you really think a country like Russia would allow those who are advocating for change in their everyday living for a healthier environment who mesh well with people who turn their noses up at such actions? No. Not one bit. I am proud these environmentalists stood their ground, even with jail looming over them as a consequence. Those in power seek to silence others who spread knowledge and truth. We can't allow this to happen. And this is why it is important to continue the fight for saving our environment.
  3. Brazil has been a hotbed for controversy over the last few weeks. Actually, controversy and Brazil have been working together for more than a few weeks. I read a lot of world news and I can go down the line of issues plaguing this country. There's no excuse in the world for government officials in Brazil to drag their feet in cleaning up Rio de Janeiro's sewage in Guanabara Bay. None. This country is hosting the 2016 Summer Olympic Games AND are currently the host of the World Cup. With all this money coming into this country how can government officials neglect this issue? Are they going to wait until the last minute or somehow direct tourists and cameras away from this area? It's not hard to do and yet I can't comprehend the reasoning on why this is being ignored. It doesn't make much sense, but yet when I think of environmental atrocities (along with human rights issues) in Brazil I can't allow myself to become too shock at the current situation.
  4. It's cold outside, so CNN debates climate change

    I don't take CNN serious on any issues anymore. This channel is trying to compete with the likes of FOX News by putting on programming and basically making light of an issue as serious as global warming. I don't find the topic of global warming as pun for entertainment. These so-called journalists should know better, but this is an era of where ratings are king and integrity in one's journalistic work takes a permanent back seat. I am offended by the clip simply because I personally feel these men planned for the interview to go a certain way and did it for a sound bite the next day. Sighs, okay I am probably sounding a little too pessimistic and my own distain for CNN is evident. I just wish people truly explore the depths of global warming and not limit it to frivolous nonsense to give deniers further reasons to reject the issue.
  5. Why others do not believe in global warming?

    I am a believer all the way. Sighs, oh my goodness where do I start with my frustration on global warming. This was an issue brought to my attention in my teen years, but it wasn't until my mid-20s when I realize global warming was something literally threatening our planet. If nothing else lets just look at the weather. I will go by what I have noticed in my town in Missouri. As a child I vividly remember having all 4 seasons in the area where I was raised. In the past 6 years I have noticed the summers are unusually long with the weather remaining in the high 70s well into November. The winter has become much shorter and I would be lucky to see snow at all. This is only one part of what I have witness and contribute to global warming. As for the deniers, I don't spend my time trying to convince ignorant people of the truth. The truth is there and my goal is not to really save those who are adamant about remaining blissfully stupid. I'll never forget a quote from Sir Paul McCartney who compared these people to those who denied the existence of the Holocaust. The evidence is there and yet you want to turn a blind eye. I can't even comprehend such logic and I am not the one to ignore evidence or neglect educating myself on an issue I know little to nothing about.