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  1. Simon Leufstedt liked a post in a topic by forextraspecialstuff in Do you buy organic food?   
    Myself and my family buy organic all of the time. We do the bulk of our shopping at farmer's markets and this is generally where we buy our organic products, if we cannot find it at the farmer's market we will buy it at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. The price can be a bit high but I really believe that an organic diet is healthier for us. We don't just buy organic produce, we also buy organic eggs and meats. I have noticed a huge difference in the taste of organic versus non organic meats. We will continue to buy all organic until we are unable to.
  2. Simon Leufstedt liked a post in a topic by forextraspecialstuff in Hi Everyone!   
    Hi All,
    New to this forum. I spent some time poking around and it looks like a great place to share ideas and opinions. I'm passionate about the environment and truly believe that one person can make a difference. I look forward to learning from everyone, thanks for having me!
  3. oraclemay liked a post in a topic by forextraspecialstuff in Green cleaning and Green Products   
    I agree with oraclemay I like homemade products because I know exactly what goes into them and can rest easy that they are as close to all natural as I can get. The bulk of the cleaning supplies I use is homemade and natural. My current favorite is an all purpose cleanser I make, it's simple and easy. I combine warm water, vinegar, alcohol, a drop of dish soap and my favorite herb (lately I'm partial to rosemary or sage) in a bottle, muddle the herbs add to the liquid and then I'm all set. It does require a bit more elbow grease than harsh chemicals but I'm happy to exert the effort so my apartment smells nice and fresh.
  4. forextraspecialstuff liked a post in a topic by oraclemay in Green cleaning and Green Products   
    Although these products are all great, I am much more interested in homemade products that are made up of every day substances we have in our homes. I do believe that this is by far the best and safest way to go green.