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  1. How can we avoid climate fatigue?

    I think the important thing to do is look at the smaller picture instead of the bigger picture. There will always be doom & gloom in the news, with climate change deniers hogging the limelight. Here in Australia, we even have a Prime Minister who is dismissive of climate change science. Thankfully, my local communities do not reflect that. In fact there's been a lot of grassroots support for the environment. In fact, we even crowd funded a the Climate Council, after their funding was cut by Abbott. There is still hope.
  2. We make it a point to recycle our printer cartridges at home. As a small business owner, we run through a LOT of toner cartridges in a month. Here in Australia, we usually drop them off at Planet Ark stations as we learned from our cartridge supplier that they do a fantastic job recycling used cartridges.
  3. Making your own

    It's pretty basic but we love making our own compost. We tried making our own soap before but it didn't work out as good as we hoped.
  4. Hello Carla Tripiani, welcome to Green Blog! :)