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  1. Should I get a Mac?

    If you are going with the iOS systems than Mac is only option but Mac is not that bad good. If you going with the Windows than it more comfortable that's my personal point of view.
  2. Movies you would want to watch again

    As I am environment lover. So, I would like to see The Day After Tomorrow, The Core and 2012.
  3. Eco Gadgets you own

    Well at this time I don't have any eco gadgets but yes I had a solar battery bank for my iphone. From now couple of days I actually think to purchase new one. This battery bank was damaged due to fallen in water. It looks like this
  4. Hello from San Francisco!

    Hi Ethan, Welcome to green-blog. This board is great for environment lovers and for those who actually want keep environment as good as it was. Have a nice time here and take a look around board. Regards!!! Cam Vatandoust
  5. Wildlife crossings

    Glad to see these pictures Simon. Actually in my area I never seen this kinda of bridges. But I think through this animal easily crossing the roads. Wish people can see this kinda bridges in every country.
  6. Energy Saving Lightbulbs

    Admin is right dude. Yo u don't have to worry about this. Any random brand's energy saving light bulbs you pick up from the market are safe. CFLs are still good for us and it always will be ..
  7. In my country public transportation is good and clean. I often travel in public buses. But we are four friends who are working in same building so we are sharing car. I think that this is also good step for saving environment.
  8. The innovative approach to achieving project goals, allows its clients to get the results they are looking for achieve their sustainable business goals and also minimize compliance, and ongoing monitoring costs. Today’s ever changing economic landscape continually forces companies to start looking at new ways to do business to achieve their goals, while keeping their costs to a minimum. This is today’s reality in operating within a global economy, and surviving among tough competitors. Also the recent developments in expanding technology, and making it accessible, and approachable, have allowed companies to further explore new ways of doing business. Ways that were not possible just a few years ago. “Our model track record in serving public and private clients and providing responsible services and our knowledge of regulatory environmental regulations help our clients meet their particular challenges, whether in capital works delivery, or in environmental compliance and monitoring.” Project Specialist, Julia Scott said in an interview. “We also specialize in providing project management services to client to achieve their results on their capital works projects.” “We provide a no obligation consultative session to each of our perspective clients to assess their needs, and in order to find out all the specific details and about their project. Once we all are clear on their specific project criteria, we will put together an approach to achieve their deliverables. We also provide free support to our client on their facility and production until they actually achieve their results and receive their approval.” Scott said.
  9. Hi from Canada

    Hi, all member I'm a nebie here and want to start a blog on environment. SO that people aware from the environment.
  10. Hello gpm, welcome to Green Blog! :)