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  1. Reduced E-Waste By Recycling and Reusing

    This is insightful. On my island recyceling electronics actually costs the user money (compared to getting 5c back for a waterbottle). I miss the recyceling center we once had. Loving the computer aquarium! Kasha
  2. How to increase your blog's chances of getting featured

    Thanks for the tips! -Kasha www.greenmindtraining.com/blog
  3. Hello Kasha_Kealoha, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. Kasha_Kealoha


      Thank you Simon! I'm looking forward to contributing. Is there a way to synch my personal blog at www.greenmindtraining.com with your site? I think my content is relevant to your community and saw there was an option for sharing. Mahalo!


    2. Simon Leufstedt

      Simon Leufstedt

      You can always create a blog and then add an RSS feed (from your personal blog) that will be imported. Each feed article will be added as an entry to your new green blog. You can also just add your personal blog as an external blog here. But this will only be a link to your personal website and it won't import any posts. http://green-blog.org/blogs