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  1. I  use my bike to go everywhere. Because my arches are pretty much shot, I don't walk long distances.  The last time my car broke down I couldn't afford to replace it and I would have had to replace the crankshaft to repair it, so I now bike everywhere. I have a good quality bike.

  2. So far do-it-yourself is the primary option in the U.S.  Most of the work being done is focused on industrial waste systems where there is a lot of profit $$$$. collecting the methane primarily requires having a good seal on the lid (assuming you have a concrete tank) and a vent leading to a bladder type tank (which you will probably have to make yourself). I hope to finish a detailed article for my blog shortly and will try to at least put together a list of references shortly. How you utilize the methane is another set of options. Even burning it is better than just releasing it into the atmosphere,

  3. My city has some bicycle lanes and tries to market itself as bike friendly. We are on a major bicycle tourist route and the city and county have done a marvelous job of creating a bike route for these tourists in the hope of cashing in on the tourist traffic. I suspect that the construction was paid for out of Federal and State funds and probably some community groups. Much of the route is also part of a rails-to-rails trail.

  4. About one fourth of U.S. households use septic tanks for sewage disposal. When a  septic tank is functioning properly it produces methane (actually, it produces gobar, a mixture of methane, carbon-dioxide, and water vapor). Methane is a far more significant greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, so using that methane as a power source helps reduce global warming.  It takes very little to capture that methane.  In some parts of the world this is done to provide power to remote areas. I am trying to encourage a movement in the U.S. to promote power from septic tanks. Can I get some discussion going on this subject?