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  1. rose liked a post in a topic by DayGreen in Do you buy organic food?   
    I wish I could afford to buy organic foods all the time, but unfortunately, my budget won't allow it. I do when I can afford to, and I'm willing to sacrifice quantity for quality when need be. Ideally, I would have the space to grow organic vegetables and raise some chickens and goats, but that's not an option in my current living circumstances. I think it's good to note than when you do buy organic products, it's important to make sure that they are certified organic; otherwise, you're just wasting your money in many cases.
    I think the company that delivers the organic fruit is offering a valuable service. What a great idea!
  2. rose liked a post in a topic by xcmiller93x in Do you buy organic food?   
    I am a college student, and right now I am at home for winter break. My mom told me that she actually buys organic fruit. There is this company that will deliver organic fruit to your door! They have a preset menu of the fruits for the week, but you can pick different fruits if you want. You can get organic fruit delivered to your door as often as every week. We get it every other week, and it's great. It's so convenient.
  3. rose liked a post in a topic by Love 4 Mother Earth in Infographic: The hidden face of Coca-Cola   
    Soda is addictive, sugar in general is addictive. Sweets. chocolate have an addictive component. You get sugar cravings.

    It's been a few years since I hardly eat any sweets, and never drink any sugar soft-drinks.
    . I think the key to this is eating lots of fruits.

    Fruits are rich in natural sugar, and the difference is: a candy bar will give you a sugar high, and then a sugar low, followed by a craving - whereas if you eat 4-5 bananas, you get a natural high, without the low, you feel full of energy and you feel good and healthy. 

    I think this is the key to kicking the soda habit - getting your sugar fix from fruit, and why not, from freshly squeezed fruit juice. 
    Buy a juicer and drink fresh juice. It will help you kick the soda habit in no time.

  4. rose liked a post in a topic by DayGreen in Infographic: The hidden face of Coca-Cola   
    I have had the hardest time kicking the soda habit, and I desperately want to. The products offer absolutely nothing of substance or value. They are horrible for our bones and teeth, our waistlines, and our brains. Their production harms the environment significantly, and the plastic bottles are also helping to destroy the environment. Quitting soda is a win-win-win situation for everyone. I'll use this infographic as inspiration for quitting the nasty things in the New Year.
  5. rose liked a post in a topic by Cammie27 in Infographic: The hidden face of Coca-Cola   
    I am going to post this on my bulletin board over my desk. I am working on kicking a killer (literally, if I let it...) soda habit and over the last two or three days found myself falling back into old ways. Coke isn't my poison of choice, but the point is well made and certainly applies to other soda brands as well. 
  6. rose liked a post in a topic by Simon Leufstedt in Infographic: The hidden face of Coca-Cola   
    Do you consider the hidden environmental footprint when your buy and drink Coca-Cola, or any other similar carbonated soft drinks? Yeah, probably not!
    The infographic below shows some of these hidden environmental costs and health issues that comes with drinking carbonated soft drinks. For example: While drinkable and clean fresh water is a precious natural resource it takes three bottles of water to produce one bottle of Coca-Cola.
    It's important that we take responsibility for the things we choose to consume.

  7. Simon Leufstedt liked a post in a topic by rose in Hello from New Jersey   
    My name is Rose.  I live in New Jersey close to Atlantic City.  I truly believe in being one with nature. We all live on this planet and must help preserve her.
  8. rose liked a post in a topic by justusforus in Simple ways of being green?   
    Save on water use.  Recycle, repurpose or reuse what you can.  Walk or ride a bike when you can.  Participate or contribute if you can to worthy causes.  Talk to others about being green...spreading the word and changing one attitude is a big step.
  9. rose liked a post in a topic by joydyats in Why others do not believe in global warming?   
    I think there are just people who are not conscious with the environmental changes. I personally believe in Global warming. In this earth, we reap what we sow so that is basically it. We reap what humanity sow in nature. Sad but true.
  10. rose liked a post in a topic by shopy99 in Why others do not believe in global warming?   
    i don't know why people do not belive global warming exists, i live in a country which used to have 4seasons now we only have 2 how is that not global warming and pretty soon we'll have summer all around. too bad i love winter and for 3 years ti hasn't really snowed. :(
  11. rose liked a post in a topic by Simon Leufstedt in Why others do not believe in global warming?   
    Why do some people deny the overwhelming evidence for anthropogenic climate change? I think there are many different answers to that question.

    Their denialism could for example be supported by religious beliefs. Especially Christians have this weird belief that we humans have the right to do whatever we please against nature because we are above the animals. Some also believe that it doesn't matter if we destroy our planet and nature simply because the rapture / judgement day will soon come and that they will come to a better place after their death.

    I wrote a blog post in 2009 about how Evangelical Christians in USA help spread climate denial and confusion. A study done by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life showed that among white evangelical Protestants in USA only 34% believed the earth is warming due to human activity, and over 30% of them don’t believe in it at all. Another example of this is Congressman John Shimkus (R-Ill) who in 2009 said that God will decide when the earth will end during introductory remarks at a House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment.

    The denialism could also stem from political views which are often mixed with religious beliefs (see this post: The Norwegian terrorist is a climate denier). People who adhere to conservative, neo-liberalism and general right-wing politics are often negative against pro-environmental policies and laws. These people base their climate denialism in right-wing ideology. A survey done earlier this summer clearly showed that right-wing libertarians and conservatives doesn’t like environmental regulations while being more supportive of corporations. I quote:

    "While 39% of the general public agree with the statement that “stricter environmental laws and regulations cost too many jobs and hurt the economy” as many as 79% of libertarians agree on that."

    "The only ones who rather want to see more investments in the fossil fuel industry than the development of renewable energy sources are “staunch conservatives”. Libertarians also misses a majority agreement on this issue."

    There is also the example of denialism funded and supported by huge corporations that invest heavily into lobbyists who tries to delay policies and regulations aimed at stopping climate change or improving our environment. The Koch Industries is a great example of this. Volkswagen is another example.

    Another reason for denialism could be simple ignorance or lack of education and knowledge about climate change.
  12. rose liked a post in a topic by mountainhiker in Stupidity in action: Congressman says God decides when the earth will end   
    TRUE stupidity is thinking that God is not in charge and true Hypocrisy is thinking that only you have the right to state your beliefs.
  13. rose liked a post in a topic by Simon Leufstedt in Abortions   
    What is your opinion about abortions? Are they right or wrong?

    If men were the ones having the child there would be drive-in abortion clinics everywhere and we wouldn't even have this discussion. Let the women decide over her own body herself!