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  1. Wildlife at Chernobyl

    I share the same opinion. Life on earth will always continue, with or without us, it's our choice not to kill us.
  2. Record cold in the US

    Yes, in my opinion this is just more proof that our world is changing... The climate is way different and harder to forecast nowadays.
  3. 10 Completely Bizarre Eco Gadgets

    To be honest, the solar climbing orangutan is awesome! I would love to have one in my house! haha
  4. Littering the Earth with Bodies

    Me too, I'll probably give mine to science too, at least I'll still be useful after death haha. On the topic, I think being buried is a little outdated and on the future people will stop doing it. Let's see.
  5. Which is the real problem: Overconsumption or overpopulation?

    That's exactly what I was going to say. One is influenced by the other, if we could stop the overpopulation, the other one would be solved as well. Now actually stopping it is a whole different story...
  6. Aliens are laughing at us in this green advertisement

    Awesome advertisement! We should preserve our world, and if ads like this ones impact more than one person, that's already great!
  7. Amazing animated GIFs of Earth over time

    Really impressive and shows the power of the humankind. We are definitely changing the planet, in good and bad ways.
  8. Hello mauricioq, welcome to Green Blog! :)