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  1. Tesla unveils their new Model S electric car

    Nice, and does look like a normal car. Not sure though if they also ship to Asia? This is th first time I've heard of this.
  2. Electric Bikes, Scooters, and Mopeds

    I live in a city and unfortunately, it's quite dangerous to drive that since we don't have bike lanes. However, I've tried this in Japan last November and was quite impressed with how comfortable they are to use. For sure more people, especially in developed countries, have been inclined to use those.
  3. USA spends 15 billion on rail lines?

    I think developed countries do need to spend quite a sum of money for that, knowing that a huge population of people use it. My country is also seeking assistance from the Japanese government on exploring the viability of installing subways.
  4. 50 cars or one bus?

    Very very interesting and thought provoking ad! Unfortunately, my country has problems with both - too many cars, and dilapidated buses that run so fast. If officials can only consider purchasing high-quality comfortable vehicles, then we have eliminated one problem.
  5. When you ride alone

    Haha that's a real energy saver you have there supergirl! Carpooling at its finest Hope you could come up with more interesting posters!
  6. I live in an developing country where buses earn by the number of passengers they carry. This increases accidents. For me to be encouraged, I would rather have the buses earn a fixed income, and it should be based on distance traveled, just like in South Korea. Of course the posts above also should be taken into consideration. People also need to contribute. In Japan, given that there's a massive rail network, people can practically walk from one station to another, removing the need to ride the train. In my country though, people still prefer to get off at their EXACT destination. I would like people to enjoy walking more.
  7. I definitely agree with this. I live in a developing country, and most, if not all have to use private vehicles. On the other hand, I've been to Japan and their massive rail network practically has replaced cars. However, I'm still optimistic that my country will also reach that point in history - perhaps after 3 generations.
  8. How do you get to where your going?

    I don't own a car, and I'm lucky that my office is 1.5 km away from my home, so I take the public bus. It takes 30 min max. Meanwhile, I walk on the way home for about 20 minutes.
  9. Hello j_evenstar, welcome to Green Blog! :)