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  1. Hello everyone, I just jumped into this forum to learn more about what people are doing out in the big wide world. As a performance artist, working with theatre and dance while having been an environmental activist most of my life, I am currently working on a big project to make children aware about how easy and fun it can be to make your life more environmental- and climate-friendly. Together with a group of Danish artist, I'm trying to make environmental superheroes out of thousands of kids, to make important change happen from the bottom up; hoping that they will influence their parents, by having a fun reason to do things differently and better. It starts in Danish schools, on the internet and in the real world in September of 2014. When it launches in Denmark, it'll be described thoroughly and shared as an open-source project, including source codes for online games etc. so that anyone can recreate the project in their home-country, without having the initial work and costs that we have. If you're interested in the project, please check it out at our Indiegogo page (and you don't have to feel pressured into supporting, I just don't have the information posted in English anywhere else, as the project does not yet have it's own home-page). I'v been working on it for over a year and have done this in my free time(something of which I sadly have very little :-P ). Otherwise, you can always look up the project in about 6 months time, to see how far we are... which should be pretty far. Here's the project: Hope to hear more from you all. Keep up the good work, and remember that all change starts from each one of us, not through words but through actions. Regards Jens Bäckvall, Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Hello jensbackvall, welcome to Green Blog! :)