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  1. Little secrets to save our Earth...

    Upcycle! There are numerous websites out there with tutorials on how to reuse t-shirts. Here are just a few things that can be made by upcycling t-shirts: -cleaning rags -cloth grocery bags -produce bags -skirts -cloth napkins -cloth diapers -reusable baby wipes -unique baby and toddler clothing Glass bottles and jars can also be used to store creative homemade gifts. The list of things that can be upcycled is limitless!
  2. I am becoming concerned about our indoor air quality since the heat has been sweltering lately leaving little opportunity to open any windows. I have heard that ferns are a good toxin remover. Are there some plants that are more effective than others when it comes to reducing indoor pollutants?
  3. What are the plants in your yard?

    We have a lone peach tree that my parents helped me plant in our backyard. We also have a few indoor plants including a small aloe plant and some bamboo. My goal for next spring is to start and maintain a small container garden with onions, peppers, and possibly a few herbs. My daughter will be 2 by then and I think this would be a great hands-on learning experience for her (and me).
  4. Green Family Activities

    Another fun activity could be planting a small garden. If you have limited space, container gardening could work just as well. When I was a pre-k teacher, our team helped students plant, water, and weed a small vegetable garden. The children really enjoyed helping and they were always wanting to pull weeds and check for ripe vegetables. Their absolute favorite part was having the opportunity to pick the vegetables. I only wish that we would have yielded enough of the tomatoes or squash to actually make a dish for the students to taste.
  5. Making your own

    I currently make my own toothpaste using coconut oil and baking soda. For laundry detergent, I blend together Ivory soap, borax, and washing soda. I use a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water to create a multipurpose cleaner. Pour that mixture in a spray bottle and you are ready for some serious cleaning action! I also use a combination of castor oil and olive oil as a facial cleanser. This regimen is better known as the oil cleansing method. How long do you allow your orange peels to soak before using the cleaner? Does the peel leave any film or residue on your container?