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  1. Do you have a grey water system?

    I just use grey water for cleaning the bathroom and the walls outside my house. With vinegar, I use it on removing poop stains on my baby's cloth diapers. During rainy days, I use it on the last rinse on my laundry so they will still smell fresh even if they don't get line dried.
  2. Reuse plastic bottles

    I'm going to have to do this project soon. What a neat idea! It would be perfect for sweeping leaves in my backyard. I have a couple of plastic bottles that I can use.
  3. Making your own

    I make baby food for my son. Never had to buy the jarred ones. I use the water that I use for laundry in cleaning the bathroom and the walls outside our house. As much as I can, I don't use a dryer, I line dry all our clothes and my baby's cloth diapers. We use the ceiling fan as much as possible. We rarely use air conditioning. For baby wipes, i made a couple of wash cloths made of cotton flannel and just spritz them with a solution I make out of water, soap, and baby oil.
  4. Green cooking

    I usually cook only in the mornings. I cook something that's good enough until dinner. This way I save energy. It's also less hassle and less work on my part.
  5. Green Family Activities

    I have planted a couple of vegetables and herbs in my garden with my nephews and niece. They enjoyed the whole process of it. I let them plow, plant, and water. If you're with much younger kids, then you can just let them water once you planted the seeds. We're about ready to harvest some of the vegetables next week.