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  1. Simon Leufstedt liked a post in a topic by remonray in Why do I love Eco-Denmark   
    This morning I saw some documentary about Denmark which Impressed me so much.So,I google for some more infos and thought to share in this green community.
    The use of cycle is the developed country is so rare and in the trend of declining in the developing country,maybe due to the raise of living standards of people.But,The statics of cycling in Denmark is so amazing.

    *16% all trips are in bicycle
    *1.1km is average cycling done by a denish in a day.
    *44% denish doesn't even own a car.
    *17% male & 36% female in Demark goto their workplace by cycle.

    for more information you may google it.

    I also heard that,Denmark is currently getting 10% of its total energy source through wind energy.
    So,salute for Denish for this great move and being eco-friendly.

  2. remonray liked a post in a topic by Rhonda in Record-breaking 154 meters wide wind turbine   
    That is huge, but it does make sense if it's going to produce more power. I'm not sure building turbines of this size is a good idea for off-shore locations, though. Not only is it going to take a lot more effort and resources to make sure it's secure, it will also entail large expenditures of resources to deal with any maintenance. I hope that doesn't put the carbon equation too far on the plus side.