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  1. supergirl liked a post in a topic by Sweetpea in Making your own   
    Id like to know too. Anything to take the vinegar edge off cleaning. I dont like my house smelling like a pickle for an hour after cleaning.
  2. supergirl liked a post in a topic by Simon Admin in Why China cannot fight pollution and climate change   
    Panos Mourdoukoutas has written this opinion piece on about why he believes China cannot fight pollution. According to him the problem is:

    "The problem, however, is, that by contrast to the US where the polluters are private companies, in China, by and large the polluters are government companies—State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and Town Village Enterprises (TVEs). This means that the government as owner and manager of these enterprises is part of the problem it is called to address."

    What do you think about this? Is state-ownership of energy companies and factories a problem?

    Personally I am a bit skeptical to this argument. I would think that this state-ownership is exactly WHY China can fight climate change and pollution. The Chinese government has direct control, and does not need to implement controls through a painfully slow legislation process. This allows them to respond to changes in their economy much more quickly.
  3. NoNukes liked a post in a topic by supergirl in Eco trainers   
    I don't often tend to buy eco friendly clothes but always try and go for a vegan option where possible. I'm not sure if this counts as well? Converse are quite a good choice because it doesn't hurt any animals in the making. I guess the rubber soles are a bit of an issue when it comes to recycling though. I would be interested to see some more links to environmentally friendly clothing if anybody else has any great recommendations?
  4. supergirl liked a post in a topic by offgridgirl in Is anyone a "prepper"?   
    Do any of you actively prepare for off grid living or for economical issues that may force others into living green? Stockpiling food, learning herbology, and other forms of prepping maybe?
  5. supergirl liked a post in a topic by Simon Admin in Why Drinking Bottled Water is Bad for You and the Environment   
    I don't understand why people find it hip to drink expensive water which has traveled miles and been sitting in a fridge in some random shop for ages. I rather want fresh water from the tap.