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  1. With so many housing developments today, forests are slowly dying. Forest serves as the natural habitat to a lot of animal species. What will happen if the forests are gone? First possibility is that animals will dwell with human in cities or towns. Can you imagine sleeping soundly then you realize that a python is next to you? Or a big bear is sitting in your veranda? Second possibility is that wild animals will die, which eventually affects the food chain. Dead forest is sure to have negative impact to the next generation. There will be no more forest to hike or trek.Lush green environment will become limited. Needless to say, many other detrimental effects will likely happen. This is why it is critical to help save the forest. In our own little ways, there are things we can do. If you cut trees, be sure to replace it new seedlings. For instance if you want to cut 1 old tree, you should plant 5 new trees. If all people share the same mission, our forest will stay until the next generation and the next. Image from
  2. Sometimes we cannot blame nature for the disasters happening on our planet. Let's face it. Majority of the calamities that badly affected different regions on earth have root causes. Yes these disasters could be man-made. There are strong basis to this. Take for instance the climate change which is worsen by our carbon footprints and emissions. This means that these disasters started from us. Check out this infographic which might enlighten us all that it is our own fault that we experience different forms of calamities - man-made disasters.
  3. It’s the time of the year again when we have to say goodbye and hello. Farewell to another year and welcome a brand new year. And as a tradition, we always have our list of New Year’s Resolutions for our self and life in general. There are people who are truthful to their resolutions; but most of us find it challenging to stick with these resolutions. So you have a long list of New Year’s Resolutions which usually include personal ones like diet, savings, job stability, etc. Why not make a change this year and include your home in your list? We should have New Year’s Resolutions for our home too to make it a more comfortable sanctuary. These resolutions do not have to be major changes. Go for green! Here are often neglected green initiatives at home. Adding these routines into your list will not only make your New Year’s resolutions distinct but it can show your support to the campaign as well. Conserving Energy/Water Okay, so you have heard this reminder since you were a kid from your parents, sisters and even teachers. The reason as to why it is always advised to conserve energy and water is pretty simple - to lessen consumption. The lesser energy and water being used, the more you are helping preserve our natural resources. So it is vitally important to practice conserving at home. Many people might have sworn to conserve but have not kept that promise. Hence, you can help make a change. Include this resolution in your list and make sure you exert an effort to realize it. Segregation of Trash This green initiative is a pretty simple task. It has been promoted by the government to make waste disposal easier and minimize garbage brought to landfill. Many people are already practicing this project. Don’t be left behind. Be sure to include this in your New Year’s Resolution list and strictly implement it in your home. Through segregation, you can identify which ones can be recycled and which one should go away. After implementing it successfully, notice a sudden change of atmosphere in your vicinity - cleaner air and surrounding. Cleaning Using Eco-friendly Products Who wants to dwell in a messy and dirty home? I guess nobody. We use vacuum to suck up all the dirt. We used different products to maintain the cleanliness in our home. But the question is - are these cleaning products environmentally safe? Many home appliances now have energy rating meaning they are eco-friendly. You may invest in these devices. Instead of buying over-the-counter cleaning solutions, you may consider using homemade versions. Oftentimes, homemade cleaning products are less harmful (safe) to the environment. Additionally, you can save extra money from this option. Thus, it is highly recommended to opt for homemade. New Year’s Resolutions are simple to make. The big challenge is the part when you have to accomplish each one on the list. Never forget to spare a small space in your list for your home. It does not really matter where you live, whether in one of those apartments for rent in Houston or a townhouse in an exclusive subdivision in California. The important thing is you can make your home more livable which may lead to running your life smoothly. All images courtesy of
  4. Autumn is not just about watching the leaves change their colors or monitoring the mercury drops in the thermometer. Many of us are easily enchanted with the changes happening on our surrounding when fall season comes. Oftentimes, we get overwhelmed by the cool weather caressing out skin and the scent of autumn. Image courtesy of However, there is one thing we should keep in mind when this time of the year comes. It is the time to prepare our home for winter. Why you need to do this? Needless to say, you do not want to be stuck in the middle of the chilling weather doing home repairs. Whether we like it or not, winter will bring ravages - both minor and major. And so to make your holiday season comfortable and worry free, here are few tips on how to get your home ready for the coming winter. Test the Heater One valuable appliance at home during cold months is the heater. This device gives us the heat needed to fight off cold. Just imagine if you do not have a heater at home. What will happen to you and your family? Thus, it is vital to keep this device at its best performance. Check your heater for sign of damages. Try to conduct a test run to determine if it still functions properly. An effective way to figure out its current condition is to listen to the sound. Should there be any annoying sound or noise, it signifies trouble. Hence, it is better to call a repair service to handle it. If you do not have enough knowledge about fixing the machine, never try to perform a do-it-yourself repair. This might just worsen the scenario. Prepare Fireplace A good alternative to heater is fireplace. Let’s admit it. The best part of the house to hang out during winter time is near the hearth especially if you do not have a heater. Fireplace has evolved over time from traditional woodburning to natural gas or propane to electric. Regardless of their type, they have one primary purpose - to give us warmth. If you are still using the traditional type, it is best to clean the entire fireplace to get rid of ashes, debris and other things that can hinder the fireplace from giving off enough heat. Start gathering and stocking logs in a dry place. Meanwhile, for those using other types must check the hearth carefully to ensure they are in good condition. Check Windows and Doors Take a look at your windows and doors to see if there are rotten parts, cracks or leakages. It is essential to repair any form of damages to keep heat inside the house. For cracks and leakages, it is better to seal them off. You may use a caulk to tightly seal the cracks. On the other hand, windows or doors with rotten parts should be replaced to eliminate possible heat escape. Check your doors if they close securely leaving no gaps. If they do have gaps when closed, have them repaired. Another benefit of sealing cracks and other heat escape is saving energy; thus your energy bills will likely reduce. Clear off Gutters and Roofs Free your roof and gutters from any debris. Leaves and twigs usually accumulate in these parts which results into clogged drainage. If you have clogged gutters, rain and melting snow are blocked which can cause household leaks and eventually damage the foundation. So the best thing to do this autumn is to get a ladder and garbage bag. Remove everything you found on the roof and gutters from leaves to dirt. In case you found mold formation on the gutter, you should remove them immediately. If molds are hard to clean, you may seek the service of professional cleaners, like the Lincoln Military Housing mold team to do the job. Keep in mind to take away any obstruction in the gutter to let the water flow smoothly. Images from
  5. It is the time of the year again where we can see different spooky decorations, food and costumes. Halloween is indeed one of the highly anticipated event of the year. People of any age take part in the said event, both young and adult, which makes it more fun. Image from Creative Commons Many children do trick or treat during this event. And to bring more thrill and excitement, most homeowners decorate their homes especially the outdoor space with Halloween themed stuff. Indeed, one can find a variety of Halloween items in stores. Are you thinking of how to embellish your yard without spending much? There are Halloween decorations you can craft at home that will not hurt your budget. And most of these decorations can be made from recycled materials. Hence, they are friendly to the environment. Flying Ghosts Fill the trees in your yard with flying ghosts. No, you do not need to buy super scary and pricey faux ghosts in the shops. Why not make your own? Look for regular latex balloons, ideally the white ones. If they are not white, you may coat them with white paint. Get a black duct tape and cut out two medium sized circles which will serve as eyes and small elongated shape for the mouth (you may add eyebrows if you desire). Form the face of the ghost and set the balloon in the middle of the gauge cloth allowing it to freely flow. Tie the balloon with black or clear sting and dangle them on tall plants in your yard. Haunted Sign Scare your unexpected visitors by adding a spooky sign in your front yard. This might give your guests a chill to the bone. Check your garage or storage room for salvage items. Look for a corbel or an aged post. Opt for a weathered one as it is more convincing. Create a scary message or welcome phrase stating that your home is haunted. Or, you can write the “Enter if you Dare” phrase. Make it more creepy by adding small spider or crows. Bat-Filled Door Cover a certain part of your main door with different sizes of bats. This kind of nocturnal mammal might not be that scary if it is just one; but if you fill the door with a number of bats, it will surely bring a different atmosphere in your yard. Buy black paper or paperboard. This will not really cost you much as you can get a piece in less than a dollar. Draw big, medium and small bats. Draw the bats on the paper and cut them off. Stick them on the main door. Bats can be arranged by size or mix them all together. There is no rule on where to stick them, just make an effort to make them look scary. Yard Tombs Create a faux cemetery scene right in your own yard. Surely, guests will get an eerie feeling when they step a foot in your yard. Cemetery atmosphere is surefire an effective way to scare them off. For an environmentally safe faux headstones, you may opt to use cardboard. It is biodegradable so it will not really hurt the environment. Think of how you want the tombs to look like. There are different shapes of tomb. Thus, you must choose which one you like. Or, you may combine them all. Add caption on the paperboard headstones for a more realistic appearance. Make sure the labels are creepy like RIP (rest in peace), vacant, etc. Halloween activities are held everywhere. So why not take part in the event? Children will surely enjoy wandering around the neighborhood with these creepy decorations. If you are living in a residential community like Lincoln Military Housing, you may even host a party right in your yard. But keep in mind that making your home look spooky does not really demand you to spend a fortune. There are recyclable materials you can use. All you need is a bit of creativity.
  6. Being a homeowner is associated with different responsibilities. There are certain obligations that homeowners needs to carry out for their homes as a way to make it more livable. And one of these is a home renovation project. It might sound expensive considering that renovation often entails spending certain amount of money. But there are simple ways to rejuvenate your home without the need to allot huge budget. Image from Green initiative is very rampant these days. It becomes the primary feature of many housing communities today in an effort to lure potential buyers and to help save the planet. If your home was built before the popularity of green campaign, there is still something you can do to support green advocacy. If you are thinking of a home renovation, you can integrate green initiatives in this project. Here are few ideas which involve green, at the same time help you save money. Change Windows and Door One part of the house that mostly get more attention are the windows and doors. That is why many homeowners want to ensure that windows and doors are hard wearing and appealing. Renovating the windows might require you to replace the entire structure. Many window styles are available now including, double hung, bow, bay, gliding, etc. Doors come in different designs too which are perfect options for either main entrance or patio. What makes this renovation idea green? Most window and door styles today are made to fit tightly with frame. Thus, when you use these types of models, there is less possibility of leakage. Being airtight means no energy is wasted if you turn on your cooling or heating system. Install Low-Flow Shower Bathroom is another part of the house that might require renovation. One thing that should never be neglected when doing bathroom remodeling is checking the shower head. It is highly advisable to use low-flow shower head to lessen water usage. With a low-flow model, you will be able to slash water consumption for bathing. You can cut back approximately 50 - 70 percent of your water usage. Conserving water is an excellent green initiative. Hence, installing a low-flow shower lets you minimize water bill and enables you to do your part in saving the planet. Replace Old Appliances with Energy Star Appliances A home renovation might also involve replacement of appliances. If you are still using older version of appliances, this might be the perfect time to replace them. But of course, you need to consider your budget if you can afford to have new ones. Most modern brands of appliances have energy star labels. These appliances are known to be energy friendly, which means they consume less electricity when used. Obviously, if you can reduce your electric consumption, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money. Opt for Sustainable or Recycled Materials In your home renovation, you might need to replace old materials with new ones. But before you shell out money for the supplies, you might want to consider choosing sustainable materials. Maybe you have heard this statement a thousand times already; but, using these supplies boasts tons of benefits . These types of materials are considered to be environmental friendly and durable. So, you will not only be able to enjoy good quality but save money as well. Home renovation is feasible without the need to spend a fortune. For simple tasks, you can do them on your own to save money. On the other hand, there are renovation companies like Normandy Remodeling, which can help you attain your goal in accordance with your budget. With green initiative in mind, your home remodeling can bring notable benefits to your family.
  7. As the campaign for going green continues to heighten, many first class hotels join the initiative to help save the planet. These hotels may seem luxurious and not caring about the environment. But the truth is, they do care about what is going on in the surrounding. That is why these opulent hotels are also doing their parts in supporting green campaign. Image from Indeed, there is a long list of green endeavors that luxury hotels can do. All these can produce beneficial impacts to the environment if carried out religiously. It does not really take a scientist to know what you can do to help take care of our surrounding. In the meantime, here are some steps that hotel personnel execute to go green in their hotel vicinity. Educate Staff About Saving Opportunities Understanding the logic behind going green is important to truly carry out any initiative. That is why hotel management conducts seminars and awareness programs about the said campaign. This effort is meant to educate hotel staff and employees regarding its significance and what should be done. Oftentimes, they educate the staff to: Turn off lights in unoccupied employee-only areas Switched off heating/cooling system when not in use Always check for and power off unused hotel equipment such as exhaust fans Conduct Regular Utility Audits Unquestionably, hotels consume a huge amount of electricity and water. The bigger the consumption, the more dangerous it is to the environment. That is why hotel management aims to reduce water and electric usage. But of course they cannot afford to compromise the quality of service and comfort of their guests just because they are conserving. And the best way to ensure both is conducting utility audits regularly. Staff should watch out for leaky faucet or shower heads. In case of leakage, they must report it so it can be dealt immediately and avoid wasting too much water. In addition, heating and cooling system should be checked on regular basis to detect possible damage causing it to consume more power. Proper maintenance of overall hotel utility system is vitally important in this initiative. Use Energy Star Appliances Needless to say, hotels employ different appliances in the whole vicinity. For instance, television set is always present in every hotel room. This is one of the many amenities that guests can enjoy from staying in the hotel. Oftentimes, there are also refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle, hair dryer, etc. The kinds of appliances provided usually depend on the type of hotel room taken. Expensive rooms like presidential suite often have more appliances. In an effort to support go green campaign, many luxury hotels today make use of energy efficient appliances. These devices have energy star label on them which means they consume less energy when used. Power efficient appliances are used in the entire hotel including the kitchen area. Provide Recycling Bins Recycling is not just applicable at home or in school. A lot of hotels likewise join this initiative to uphold the green campaign. Several luxury hotels provide recycling bins in different parts including lobby, kitchen, hallway and other public areas within the vicinity. By doing this, the management is encouraging the guests to segregate their trash by throwing what can be recycled into the recycling bin. This has also made the recycling process a lot easier to carry out. With all the luxuries you can get from staying in a first class hotel like Palms Casino Resort, you would never think that they are also doing their share in conserving the environment. If all hotels and other establishments continue supporting the green campaign in their own little ways, it is not impossible to make the planet more livable for the upcoming generations.
  8. Green campaign has been the talk of the town for many years. From government agencies, private organizations, educational institutions to households, green initiative is widely promoted. Undeniably, the best place to start a go green campaign is at home. With regards to what each one of us can do to execute green efforts, the list is quite long. Image from Recycling is one of the simplest form of green initiative. Many households carry out recycling project as a means of supporting the call for helping save the planet. Besides recycling, there are several ways you can do at home to promote green. But some apartment dwellers might think they can do less because of where they live - limited space and uncertain community rules. If you live in an apartment, you can still do your share to amplify the go green drive. Here are simple things you can execute in your apartment. Start Potted Garden Gardening is a clever way to support green campaign. Obviously, the more plants you have in your surrounding the better as they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Plants can help maintain fresh air. Thus, it is vital to grow plants in your place. If you grow vegetables, you can even minimize your grocery list. And it means saving a few bucks from your grocery budget. But living in an apartment means you do not have enough space to start a garden. Yes, it is true that you cannot allocate a lot to cultivate and grow plants. However, having no soil to dig does not really imply that gardening is impossible to realize. Start a potted garden. Plant some seedlings on pots and place them in a certain section in your house where they can get sufficient sunlight. If you have a terrace, you can line the pots along the railings. Otherwise, you can set them on the windows. They are good ornaments too. Opt for shrub or herb plants so they will not occupy a lot of space in your apartment. Line Dry your Laundry Some apartments do not have laundry area. That is why most homeowners use washing machine to do their laundry. Using washing machine means extra cost in your electric bill. It is not just an additional burden in your budget, but more energy consumption suggests that more heat is given off which eventually harm the environment. Reducing electric usage is another green initiative. And so instead of using the washing machine to wash, rinse and dry your clothes, why not employ it to only wash and rinse the dirty clothing? After rinsing, line dry your clothes rather than using the machine to dry them. Look for an area in your apartment where you can install a laundry line. It could be in a small section of your kitchen or in your terrace. As much as possible, opt for a conceal area so they will not make your interior unpleasant. Sign up for Online Billing Bill statements are easy to deliver when living in apartments. Since homeowners live next to one another, it is painless to find the addresses. But the drawback of billing statements on paper is more paper usage. Obviously, the prime material used in making papers are trees. Therefore, if more papers are manufactured, more trees are used. In addition, the process itself employ chemicals that might be harmful to the environment. What can you do to lessen the paper consumption in your apartment? Sign up for online billing. Majority of establishments now integrate online transactions. This means you will no longer receive billing statements on paper, instead they will be sent in your email address. To further support green campaign, you may opt to pay your bills online. It will save you much time and gas on your car. Many construction firms today employ green materials in building houses and apartments. If you are residing in these houses, it is already a notable action to support green. Living in an apartment like those apartments in Dallas, should not hinder you from sharing your part in promoting the go green campaign. No matter where you live, there is something you can do to help save the planet.
  9. A clean home has a huge beneficial impact on the health of the people living there. That is why, it is essential to keep the house dirt free. When talking about what can make our home dirty and unsightly, there are many things we can point out. Image courtesy of Have you spot a mold formation in the corner of your kitchen? Or molds started to grow in your bathroom? Instinctively, we want to get rid of the molds when we see them to keep a healthy environment inside our home. But if you are worried about using market-sold cleaners to eradicate molds, you can do simple cleaning solutions at home which are eco-friendly. Yes, we can easily find many over-the-counter cleaning products ; but, some of them contain harmful properties and might generate noxious effects to the environment. And so to avoid further damaging the planet, homemade solutions are highly advisable. Incredible Power of Vinegar Check your kitchen cupboard for vinegar. Obviously, you can easily locate vinegar in your kitchen considering that it is used in cooking. Vinegar will not just bring distinct taste to your food; in addition, it can remove mold build-ups as well. This handy household product is a good mold removal solution because of its acidic property. There are two options you can do. Firstly, you can directly spray/pour the distilled white vinegar to the mold formation. Or, mix one cup of white vinegar with two cups of water. After applying the solution to the affected area, let the vinegar mixture penetrates into the mold spores by leaving it for at least 10 minutes. Scrub the area with a stiff brush. Vinegar is perfect for cleaning, disinfecting as well as bacterial-killing. Stop Mold Turmoil with Tea Tree Oil Never estimate tea tree oil’s capability. As we all know, it is widely used for health-related purposes. But that’s not all! Tea tree oil is also a powerful cleaner specially in getting rid of mold build-ups. Just dilute one teaspoon of the oil into one cup of water. This will create a not-so-good-to-smell cleaning solution, but has an exceptional removal power. You can either spray or pour the mixture into the mold formation before scrubbing them off. Keep in mind that the smell might linger for a day or two before it will be gone. Don’t worry, it is still environmentally safe despite the unfriendly odor. Combine Strength of Baking Soda and Vinegar Indeed, vinegar is an excellent cleaning solution - alone. But if the mold formation is thick and might seem hard to remove, you can mix vinegar with baking soda. These products are considered as two of the best natural cleaning items found at home. Mix equal amount of baking soda and vinegar to create a paste. Apply a layer of paste to the affected area and wait for a few minutes before you scrub them. Repeat the process if formation is difficult to get rid of. Wash them Off with Dishwashing Liquid For mild formation, dishwashing liquid can do the job of removing molds. Dilute a small amount of liquid soap into a warm water. Spray the solution into the area where molds grow. Soak the area for a few minutes and scrub them away. Never forget to rinse the area to remove the foam produced by the dishwashing liquid. If mold formation does not disappear using this mixture, make use of the other natural cleaning solutions. Molds can multiply quickly. So, it is important to eliminate them. The above mentioned homemade solutions are pretty simple. And the best thing about using them is saving money and eco-friendly. There is no need to go to the store to buy cleaning products. All you need to do is find them in your home. Love your home and the planet! About the Author: Ashley O’connor enjoys sharing ideas about eco-friendly home cleaning and decorating. She loves doing DIY projects at home and households stuff on her own; however, she also seeks help from professional service providers, such as Lincoln military housing mold inspector when badly needed. Follow her on Twitter at @AshleyOconnor82 or on Google+.