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  1. Largest Crocodile Captured

    ^ That crocodile was found here in the Philippines. Sadly, its been turned as a tourist attraction by the local government. They should have just released it in the wild where it can populate rather than let it sit in the cage where people look at it and take pictures of it. I think that it may cause a huge amount of stress on the croc. I don't really like how the local government here in the Philippines handle this kind of situation.
  2. Bike Lanes

    I'm also very curious. Most cities and towns here in my country doesn't even have bike lanes. I really wish to have bike lanes, much like those in Japan. It helps people to save by saving gas money or transportation expenses, it helps people get their dose of daily exercise, and it helps the environment by reducing the harmful gases that come from vehicles. I think that we should contact the local city hall and pitch them our idea. It may sound like a long shot but hey, at least we need to try right?
  3. Why Drinking Bottled Water is Bad for You and the Environment

    Drinking bottled water is also the cause of the huge accumulation of plastic bottles all over the world. If people just stop and think about the damage that they are doing not only in their pockets, but to the environment as well then maybe the damage to our world may be greatly lessened. For me, I bring my own water every time I go to school. It helps me to live green and I get to save pennies at the same time.
  4. Shitty Coffee but sooooo Good

    I've seen a video of that on youtube. A couple tried it and they were totally impressed of how the coffee tasted. They didn't expect that it would taste very good considering where it came from. Given the money, I too would like to try that coffee. Sadly, I'm a bit broke so I can't yet.
  5. Less Plastic? Really, SanDisk?

    Its really funny. I agree with the other posters above. They should just leave these kinds of things behind the counter so that people cannot shoplift. Besides, I thought there is already a security device located on the entrance of stores which alarms whenever people leave with things that they still haven't paid for. I wonder if it didn't occur to them to use those devices.
  6. Healthy Activities

    Nice, showering in the rain does sound so much fun. For me, I don't smoke because I want to live a long and healthy life. I also recycle old plastic bottles. I've seen where the garbage men dump our garbage and boy, it isn't pretty. Plastics, steel, and other crap all at a single location. They didn't even bother to segregate the trash.
  7. Do you have a grey water system?

    I'd like to ask a question. Doesn't vinegar leave its smell on your clothes after washing? I'd like to suggest this to my mother but she might react in a not-so-good way because you know, she and even me thinks that vinegar might leave its smell on our newly washed clothes.
  8. Reuse plastic bottles

    Nice tutorial mate. I also want to recycle and reuse our plastic bottles but I just can't think of a way to reuse them. All thanks to you, I can finally be able to put all those platic bottles to good use. Before, I just save all of them and dump them to the scrap yard to earn a little bit of cash.