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  1. In addition to the things you said, I also think they need more routes. Where I lived last, they actually cut out lines for economic reasons, but it meant a lot of people were left without decent locations to access. They had to switch away from using public transportation instead of it encouraging more people to use it. And because of that, that means there were even more people -not- paying for it and making it harder for them to keep in business.

  2. Good for you!!

    My best advice is to find something to do with your hands. And something to fill those times where you tend to pick up a cigarette. So for example, if you smoke right after meals, then you need to find a new habit to fill that same time slot so you're not sitting around, craving one.

  3. In the last place I lived, we actually didn't have a lot of sidewalks either, so bikers were always in the lanes of traffic. It was more of a nuisance to drivers than pedestrians, but we didn't have enough bikers to warrant a full set of lanes either.

  4. Just how many bikes are there?

    It's a huge amount of money needed to create those sort of lanes even if you get it approved, so you're gonna need to have good reason for them.

    Maybe pull some data about pedestrian/bike accidents, etc, to back up your case?

  5. I make all of my cleaners. Vinegar and I are best friends.

    I also make a lot of food homemade. While I can't grow everything, I can switch away from more commercially prepared foods and start base products that haven't been altered as much yet.

  6. I wonder if maybe it actually has to do with the machines they use. If the equipment they have in place already only has set sizes of plastic packaging to use, then it may be more cost effective to continue just using the same one as they use on other items? Instead of having to buy all new equipment for a tiny item when they may not have any others that fit in the same small packaging?

  7. I am. I'm not crazy about it, but I do have quite the stockpile, multiple first aid kits, bug-out bags, etc.

    I have also brushed up on a lot of knowledge about living without modern conveniences. Part of this included joining some prepper forums where I continue to learn more and more on a daily basis. I feel fairly prepared at this point.

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  8. Obviously it would be more ideal to simply not use plastic bottles like this at all.

    Even though I don't generally buy them myself, I still end up with them anyway. For example, when the girls get sent home with them from school parties. I hate throwing them out, so I try to find different ways to use them up.

    I have never done this, though, or even considered it! I figure the next best thing to not using them in the first place is to reuse them to the best of their potential as often as possible.


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  9. I couldn't help but laugh :lol:

    But in all seriousness, what are they thinking?! I guess they use that much plastic because if not, the tiny little thumb drives would go un-noticed in shops.

    Just another example of corporate greed...

    It's not just that they would go unnoticed.

    Instead, it's that they would be easily shoplifted. It's hard to tuck a large package into your pocket, but to tuck a few flash drives in? Yeah, pretty simple.

    I really wish they'd find another alternative, though, sigh.

  10. Take an American woman who checks all the green boxes: She recycles, installs energy efficient windows, cuts back how much she drives, and so on. Yet simply by having two children, Prof. Murtaugh reports, she will add nearly 40 times the amount of carbon dioxide emissions she had saved with those lifestyle changes.

    Fair enough. I really don't have an issue with a woman having 2 children, though. Yes, she is creating more by having more children, but just by her existing, she's causing a lot of damage. I'm not going to suggest she kill herself to further reduce that instead.

    I DO think that it should be considered when deciding on having a LOT of children, though. The difference between that third and fourth child, for example? Or does someone REALLY need 10 kids? I think that if someone really wants to, then okay, who am I to judge, but I can't help but think of all the children out there that don't have homes or loving families who could be benefiting without bringing more new children into the world.