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  1. That is a very nice looking car! I'm surprised that Tesla are still making cars though, didn't they at one point go bust?

    I believe they couldn't sustain their business when they were only making their electric sports car the Tesla Roadster.

    It is nice to see them up and running again though, and making more.. down to earth, consumer cars. It is a shame about the price though, I can't see them racing out of the showrooms.

  2. How could she possibly be surprised about being fined when she is throwing bottles out of her window every day, let along onto someone's garden?! You have got to love the irony of her name :lol:

    Some people have no regard for the environment, in the main city near where I live, littering is rampant, but that is hardly surprising with all the council houses and pubs in that area. On friday and saturday nights it becomes a pig sty.

  3. I have recently decided that I am to quit smoking. I haven't been smoking long (only about 4 years) but I have decided that enough is enough, because if I don't, I'll look back in 10 years time and wonder why I didn't stop then!

    Cold turkey never works for me, I've tried, I end up becoming a snarling beast and I don't want to put my friends and family through that!

    I am slowly weaning myself off the cigarettes, one day at a time, and it is working, but it doesn't stop the craving when I'm at work or otherwise pre-occupied...

    What are your experiences with quitting smoking? Any advice?

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  4. I bought some Kopi Luwak for my dad on Father's Day as a bit of a joke present (he's something of a coffee fiend) and when we tried it, I was surprised!

    I thought it was going to taste of well.. crap. But how wrong was I! Very delicate tasting, as if some of the coffee flavour has been sucked out by the civet's digestive system.

    My dad loved it, and so did I.

  5. Wow, most of those are just rubbish!

    The cardboard toilet isn't even supposed to be an eco friendly solution.. I have seen those things before (not used, thank god), and they are meant to be for convenience more than anything, in case you're caught short on a long drive or something. I think I'd rather wait until the next service stop than sacrifice my dignity :lol:

    I do see a use for it though: Festivals. I'm sure anyone who's seen/smelled festival port-a-potties will agree with me there!