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  1. Making your own

    A lot of more eco friendly people, like to make their own stuff, A.) because that way, know exactly what's in something, and B.) it can beat a lot of the chemical processes created when factories make larger amounts of stuff, no man made preservatives etc. What kinds of things do you make yourself, in order to be more green? Other reasons for self made items are money saving, and perhaps making sure you're crafting something that doesn't contain chemicals or ingredients, that cause nasty allergic reactions. I currently make my own household cleaner using orange peel and white vinegar, bleach wipes using bleach, strong kitchen paper and water, and baby wipes, using water, baby oil and baby wash, again with strong kitchen paper. I'm also going to be making my own washing powder, and fabric conditioners. These two aren't as environmentally friendly as I would like, BUT at least I know what's going in them, so I can try and dispose of them in as 'green' a manner as possible. I don't use an automatic washing machine, as I own a compact twin tub. It uses a LOT less water, and I can use the 'grey water' from a wash, to reuse for other things.
  2. Eco trainers

    I don't tend to buy specific eco friendly clothing, but I make good use of the stuff I have, to make it last longer. Not only that, but I fashion new things out of multiple older things.