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  1. Green cooking

    I like meals that take little or no cooking. Things like orzo or couscous cook in 5 minutes, that saves alot of energy, cold salads and simple chopped veggies. I piund chicken thin so it cooks quickly. How do you cook green?
  2. Making your own

    Id like to know too. Anything to take the vinegar edge off cleaning. I dont like my house smelling like a pickle for an hour after cleaning.
  3. The Best Way To Make Compost Easy,Energy,Recycle

    composting is so simple, I love that id doesnt matter how little space you have you can do it in a 5 gallon bucket.
  4. We have a very good bus system in Hawaii. I can get to every corner of the island and it runs on time almost all the time. The busses run on natural gas and are generally well maintained and clean. Many people and students of all ages even elementaty use the mass transit and it is extremely safe. There are almost no school busses. The thing that would get me to use mass transit more would be faster commute time. I generally dont have 2 hours to get from my home to work and then 2 hours back. I have young children and a 12 hour day away from home is not fair to them.
  5. Why is all this trash allowed to be manufactured?

    I am on every do not mail list. I rarely get unsolocited mail anymore except from Geico. They would be a very rich company if they didnt mail me 2 of the same letter 3 times a week.
  6. Top 100 Polluters list

    Until consumers stop demanding the products these companies make it is unlikely we will see change. It is crazy to think that there are not greener, cleaner ways to go about our manufacturing.
  7. Is it just me or does it seem that there is an aweful lot of just garbage products being manufactured? What is the point of a one time use version of a multi use item. Example is dollar stire headphones. You may get one or two uses but then they break r fall apart. They go strait to the trash. Crayons that are so waxy they dont color, chalk thats so cheap it just crumbles. Sure it is a crayon or a piece of chalk but it isnt functional the way it should be. Whats the point? Do you think there should be higher quality standards for all these items being made just for the sake of making stuff?
  8. Should We Have Fewer Children to Save the Planet?

    I do agree, the greed and over consumption just because one can needs to stop
  9. Do you have a grey water system?

    My clothes have never smelled or felt cleaner. Vinegar kills the bacteria that feed off the dead skin and oils that build up along our clothes mainly the armpits and critch areas, feet, well you get it. With the bacteria killed off there is no smell. As far as the cleaning power its quite impressive. My husband came home covered in thin slimy cement that he let dry! I soaked the pants in the wash and ran the cycle, no more cement. Bleach can actually stain white clothes a yellow tint. Vinegar on the other hand causes the fibers to release the build up creating brighter colors and whiter whites. Sun is a natural bleach too. It also disinfects. Even i winter I will hang a jacket inside out in a sunny window. Any stale smell goes away in a few hours.
  10. Why Drinking Bottled Water is Bad for You and the Environment

    There really is no such thing as fresh water though.
  11. GMO rice - would you eat it?

    Because in many areas organics are very cost prohibitive for most. I would love to cut GMO's from my house but we wouldnt have enough to eat if I did. I could take on a second job to pay for it but then I would never see my family. While I feel horriblr about the situation it is expensive to eat as it is where I live and organics can be 2-3x the overpriced conventional produce.
  12. Cars running on water as fuel

    wow, do you have any links or information on this?
  13. It's More Dangerous NOT To Ride a Bike

    Unless you live in a city where there are inadequate roadways. There are people being killed left and right on bikes here not too long ago. Now people dont bother, its just too dangerous.
  14. Less Plastic? Really, SanDisk?

    These are from costco. Its a joke. Seriously though Costco puts out big cardboard slabs for the gift cards, cameras and other expensive electronics. Why not do the same for these? Package them in a reasonable package and keep them behind a counter.
  15. Where are the world organizations that are supposed to regulate this sort of behaviour!!!!!