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  1. Bike Lanes

    Here it is illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalk yet there aren't any bike lanes. The next town over has bike lanes covering much of the town and I enjoy riding there. Even though drivers are supposed to not hassle bikers, they often do where I live and it makes for a very uncomfortable ride. They blast their horns at you and won't allow you to cross quite often.
  2. Reuse plastic bottles

    2-liter bottles like this can be reused in a lot of ways, though. I do buy them since I can't get my soda any other way but I either put them in the recycling or find a use myself. Obviously, you would wash them out before using them for most things. Cut the bottom off a 2-lt. bottle and put your yarn skein in, with the beginning out the top. Put the bottom back on and you've got a great way to keep your yarn clean and tangle free. Smaller, 20-oz bottles work the same for certain cotton threads. Cut the top off just where the neck meets the bottle and you have an instant funnel. File the edges of the cut off portion and stick the bottle into an old wine rack - do this for all the slots and you have a fun and unique new organizer for small items.
  3. Shitty Coffee but sooooo Good

    No thanks. That's just a completely disgusting thought. Some things are so strange, though, you have to wonder where they came from. I mean, who sat around and said, 'hey, that critter is pooping out coffee beans - let's see how they taste when we brew them'?
  4. Less Plastic? Really, SanDisk?

    You know it's a gimmick and not a true social consciousness when they do stuff like this. I doubt if that saves much plastic, even over buying 3 separate ones, because that one is far larger than a single package. I hate it when companies try to latch onto green or organic labels as a marketing ploy.
  5. Record-breaking 154 meters wide wind turbine

    That is huge, but it does make sense if it's going to produce more power. I'm not sure building turbines of this size is a good idea for off-shore locations, though. Not only is it going to take a lot more effort and resources to make sure it's secure, it will also entail large expenditures of resources to deal with any maintenance. I hope that doesn't put the carbon equation too far on the plus side.
  6. I have always had a certain amount of environmental awareness and concern, but didn't think a lot about what I could do in my own life. I've determined that it makes more sense for me to focus on my own home, rather than only lobby for new legislation or protest corporations. So I am hoping to learn more about how to live the greenest lifestyle that I can.