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    Well it all depends on where I am going and what I am going to do. But I usually take the train for long distances, the bus on semi-long distances (also depends on the weather) and I use my bike for shorter distances. :)
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    I've changed the reputation system a little today. I've replaced the up and down arrows with a simple "Like" button. As a result you cannot downvote posts anymore. But I think this new system with only a Like button is friendlier and a bit more familiar for people so hopefully it will get more usage (or likes!).
  3. Jabsfreelanceworld liked a post in a topic by Simon Leufstedt in The U.S. now uses more corn to fuel their cars than to eat   
    Only around 20% of all the corn grown in America now goes to feed humans. The majority of the corn produced is being turned into ethanol fuel, TreeHugger reports. And one smaller part of the corn production also goes to feed our ever expanding meat industry.

    Global Hunger Index says that America's use of biofuels plays a big role in creating famine's and increasing food prices around the world.

    "US policies encouraging corn ethanol production, such as subsidies and mandates, ensure more corn is grown for fuel rather than food – especially when oil prices are high. "What this means is that every policy on biofuels will create an increase in volatility, will create an increase in price and that will be translated to all the other countries," Torero said. Torero warned that projected growth in US biofuel production over the next decade would put even more pressure on global corn prices."
  4. Jabsfreelanceworld liked a post in a topic by Simon Leufstedt in Why others do not believe in global warming?   
    Why do some people deny the overwhelming evidence for anthropogenic climate change? I think there are many different answers to that question.

    Their denialism could for example be supported by religious beliefs. Especially Christians have this weird belief that we humans have the right to do whatever we please against nature because we are above the animals. Some also believe that it doesn't matter if we destroy our planet and nature simply because the rapture / judgement day will soon come and that they will come to a better place after their death.

    I wrote a blog post in 2009 about how Evangelical Christians in USA help spread climate denial and confusion. A study done by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life showed that among white evangelical Protestants in USA only 34% believed the earth is warming due to human activity, and over 30% of them don’t believe in it at all. Another example of this is Congressman John Shimkus (R-Ill) who in 2009 said that God will decide when the earth will end during introductory remarks at a House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment.

    The denialism could also stem from political views which are often mixed with religious beliefs (see this post: The Norwegian terrorist is a climate denier). People who adhere to conservative, neo-liberalism and general right-wing politics are often negative against pro-environmental policies and laws. These people base their climate denialism in right-wing ideology. A survey done earlier this summer clearly showed that right-wing libertarians and conservatives doesn’t like environmental regulations while being more supportive of corporations. I quote:

    "While 39% of the general public agree with the statement that “stricter environmental laws and regulations cost too many jobs and hurt the economy” as many as 79% of libertarians agree on that."

    "The only ones who rather want to see more investments in the fossil fuel industry than the development of renewable energy sources are “staunch conservatives”. Libertarians also misses a majority agreement on this issue."

    There is also the example of denialism funded and supported by huge corporations that invest heavily into lobbyists who tries to delay policies and regulations aimed at stopping climate change or improving our environment. The Koch Industries is a great example of this. Volkswagen is another example.

    Another reason for denialism could be simple ignorance or lack of education and knowledge about climate change.