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  1. Presidential Pardons

    What do you think of claims that obama is the Antichrist? Well regardless of some research that might lend itself to that conclusion, I doubt it but, it does show how easy it would be for the Antichrist to come to power. No one know obama existed and poof, he is running for President with no real track record of doing anything. Oh wait, he did vote "present" a lot! And you have the press in other countrys falling at his feet and crying "the savior of the world has come". But, he has a long way to go and the first time he screws up we will have to see if they toss it off or jump him like the bunch of shallow minded dogs they are... :D
  2. Solar Panels on Graves??

    Ok, but given the slope of some of those roofs, I am still thinking better to look at more practical and less costly places to build them <_<
  3. Losing sight of the real problems?

    Have to agree with you on several points and now we do have people saying "the next Ice Age is almost upon us" but either way we still need to change the way we are interacting with the environment. And the "warm" people might do much better if they focus on working to change our interaction rather than running around it little circle screaming that the oceans are going to rise 200 feet and flood the world. After a while and the sea level is the same, credibility is lost and you still have the problems.
  4. The fence is supposed to...

    It appears that part of the issue is that the core values are a moving target..
  5. Presidential Pardons

    as long as that was a potential democrat its ok....
  6. Losing sight of the real problems?

    Well the latest polls show that people are losing interest in doing the really hard stuff, too many people crying wolf ( the world is coming to an end) and interest is down.
  7. Solar Panels on Graves??

    For very old building, 100 years+ they may have a point, and as you said "The possibilities are endless" for newer buildings that would already have updated wiring to support the panels. I would think almost all government buildings should be the starting point. <_<
  8. Presidential Pardons

    I assume that you have eaten a few puppies your self and are an expert on the subject :lol:
  9. Solar Panels on Graves??

    Will never fly in most countries but does make sense where they have large buildings that house graves etc. In reality, they need to look at may of the large factories that have lots of space on the roof and the amount of solar panels would be huge as would the amount of energy created. :D
  10. New Member Ranks

    10-4 last time I checked they amounted to the same thing! Check your local garden center!
  11. Obama says "help is on the way"

    Capitalists societies are the only ones where the environment does come in second, most, it not even on the list..... <_<
  12. Religion? What is that?

    Reading it would be a place to start but there are additional books that might help you as well.
  13. Presidential Pardons

    The pic of him eating kittens is total bull shit! Get a life, surely you are not dumb enough to fall for that one....
  14. Meet the Pope of Pork

    Nope, he sells them and counts the money, and then buys more pigs to repeat the cycle..... :whistle:
  15. A Green Christmas

    Well, if you have to slather, at least use lights that use the minimum amount of electricity and put them on a timer so you don't leave them on all night.... <_<
  16. A Green Christmas

    Thanks, I always wondered what you looked like when you slipped off your alien mask.... :thoughtful:
  17. Religion? What is that?

    I am impressed, all you did was prove that you have no clue what religion really is.. Will have to recommend a few good books so you can catch up....
  18. Dubya Shrub's Parting Gift

    The icons on the left should have a tiny little eco-flag for you to wave :lol:
  19. Should you use more paper instead of less?

    In the northwest, around Mt. St. Helens you can see thousands of acres of forest that has been planted in stages. You can even Google it and see the new forest growth.
  20. Presidential Pardons

    And despite your what you think, "pardons often lack public support", 99% of the time they do have public support and some times the public is the ones that have been pushing encourgement for the pardons to take place.
  21. Presidential Pardons

    There are a few others also and "My question is why is an elected official permitted to override the judicial process?" in the US and several of the other countries it is PART of the judicial process. It serves as a safety valve since it is highly possible for the judicial process to fail, politics remember, and people can be set free for "questionable" judicial actions. Happens in ALL countries, the US and several other just recognized it.....
  22. Dubya Shrub's Parting Gift

    Clearly you slept thru history in school. :lol:
  23. Should you use more paper instead of less?

    this could be true, only if pigs fly(really fat pigs)! :lol:
  24. A Green Christmas

    Ah ha, the Scrooge comes out of the closet! :celb:
  25. Presidential Pardons

    ALL presidents do this both republican and democratic, he has done less than some of the others, but I guess some idiots would not know that! B)