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  1. Packaging that grows, great concept, maybe it will catch on....
  2. Losing sight of the real problems?

    I suspect that people getting charcoal underpants for Christmas will not be amused unless they have a real sense of humor. However due to the cost and maintenance I fail to see how it will be rated as a "green" product....
  3. Presidential Pardons

    There is a God (only one), there is a Jesus, there is a devil and there will be an antichrist. You should be more open minded! <_<
  4. Greens in America

    Totally agree that "green" should not be the domain of either party or the "Green" party for that matter. Now that obama as started flipping on his promises we will see where he winds up. Hopefully we will still see a commitment to green power.
  5. Super-Ant Taking Over Europe

    The Argentine ant sounds just like the fire ant that has invaded the US. So far it does seem like cold weather serves to slow it down, maybe that will prove true with the new ant.
  6. Easy green tech gadgets

    BPA, stands for bisphenol A. It is a chemical that is used to make hard, rigid, translucent plastics like Nalgene's water bottles and big push in the US to replace any and all water bottles with BPA free plastic. REI, major outdoor chain, stripped their shelves in just the last year and replace all of their outdoor water bottles with BPA free ones.
  7. Losing sight of the real problems?

    10-4 on the part about . If you came down from the 50,000 foot level with islands sinking and got down to something that the average person could clearly accomplish, then you would make progress.
  8. Presidential Pardons

    And a brushed up shrub named obama-lucifer is nothing to worry about! <_<
  9. Obama says "help is on the way"

    I might suggest that people in your country watch something with a little more mental pull to it than "Rupert the Bear". Most Americans never watch that after they get out of diapers....
  10. Solar Panels on Graves??

    Would be ok except for those with a fear of heights! <_<
  11. New Wind Turbines

    In reality, any country can take advantage of something this simple and the footprint is much smaller that a regular prop turbine. Its "green" designation would be attractive to many power companies in the small towns and cities that need extra power but do not have the money to finance a regular power plant. Any area of the country that is facing rapid growth can use this as added power capacity for a short term solution... :D
  12. Losing sight of the real problems?

    And there rests a major issue. No one has proven it is man-made or that it is not the result of a natural warming cycle or both. We never really see any facts only the constant one sided remarks based on smoke and mirrors. We know that this has happened before and men were not there to be blamed for it.
  13. Presidential Pardons

    obama is the one who the weak minded in Europe had fall at his feet in worship even though he has no track record.. better candidate but you are most likely wrong about either of them....
  14. Solar Panels on Graves??

    And I think is really pushing the point. You may get away with it in the UK but in most of the world I think Simon's reaction would be the norm....
  15. Easy green tech gadgets

    Simon, Really good point, taste was one of the reasons that a ton of research was (and still is) done getting the correct plastic mix in bottles.
  16. Hello Everyone!

    envirogadget is very cool and you have a lot of great gadgets, some of which have got to wind up in the winners circle. Good work..... :D
  17. Solar Panels on Graves??

    Well, I guess it does save on fertilizer! :thoughtful:
  18. Easy green tech gadgets

    Shelf life will be the key as to how well this concept will make it in the marketplace. One soggy bottle and its over.... B)
  19. Presidential Pardons

    Wow, what humor, that minion would hardly qualify anyone for the job. Now on the other hand if you look at some of the minions of obama, like Hillary, well now there is a scary minion...... :D
  20. Losing sight of the real problems?

    To many people only want to focus on the "man-made" cries because that attracts more attention. And to muddy the water even more, now some are starting to say we are swinging into a cold period, ie, in may places this will be a much colder winter than many of the last winters. Looking out the window at a covering of snow that we have not seen in several years myself so I too have to wonder "what happened to global warming". When people wade thru the snow to listen to a "global warming" talk it does seem to take the edge off.... <_<
  21. New Green Builder in Northeast Georgia

    Excellent reference, have some people that will be interested in checking this builder out.
  22. Solar Panels on Graves??

    Think of the possibilities, you could light up your grave! Flashing neon lights! <_<
  23. Solar Panels on Graves??

    Unless they face south, way to steep...
  24. Easy green tech gadgets

    Paper drink bottle sounds like a good idea, but, can they last long enough to get the product to market and long enough for people to use before the bottle self destructs....
  25. A Human chain against climate change - we need your support

    Great idea, bad timing! May need to hang on until people are not so focused on the number of people getting laid off.