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  1. Discuss the new EU climate deal

    From what I have read the key word is "supposedly", in reality it still appears to be smoke and mirrors.
  2. Eco-Friendly Tips for Colleage and University Students

    Or maybe the police could just enforce the laws about disturbing the peace! B)
  3. Fox News Says Global Warming Deniers Are Crazy

    However, with new records being set for cold temps, the propaganda that it is totally man-caused is losing a lot of credibility.
  4. Let GM and the other failed auto giants go under

    "Channelled" is a nice sounding word but that is not the way any system works. Sharing money only sounds nice, in reality, you are talking about a welfare system where money is not given to people who are having a hard time finding a job, but just given to people on the theory that just because they are there they are "owed" money. You will find that it would become a mess to please anybody. The people who are getting money for nothing, would always demand more and the people that you are stealing money from will resist it more. Income redistribution sounds nice from a "feel good" standpoint and when you are trying to "buy votes" but making it work will always fail. It should be "work redistribution", that way you give people an option, if you work you get paid, if you are too lazy to work, then you don't get paid. <_<
  5. Flash is not green

    Yep, this is on target with results from big web servers, if you are truly putting pages in RAM it is sucking up power and you may still beat on the disk...... so the same will apply to a desktop....
  6. Flash is not green

  7. Let GM and the other failed auto giants go under

    The capitalist model itself is a sound model. What is not sound, is the lack of oversight in the banking and finance world. As some of the current events show the same applies in all forms of government. The current issues in the auto industry are due to corruption and incompetent management, ever China suffers from some of the same problems. So the form of government itself is not the issue but the application of rules and regulations that should protect not only the average citizen but even the businesses as well. Trying to pretend its the "form of government" just gives those responsible an "out" that they do not deserve.
  8. Let GM and the other failed auto giants go under

    In reality, all economies seem to work that way.
  9. Discuss the new EU climate deal

    Smoke and mirrors seem to be the standard reaction to it.
  10. The problem is that cannot be proved, when it is you will see more people on the bandwagon....
  11. Let GM and the other failed auto giants go under

    There is, it is called work. The non contributors need to grasp the concept!!!! <_<
  12. Presidential Pardons

    Its not nice to poke fun at those who are mentally challenged... <_<
  13. Flash is not green

  14. McMurder

    Hey, great mastermind this guy, soon contributing to the "lawyers income fund". :D
  15. Presidential Pardons

    So, what have you got against the Swedes? <_<
  16. If it were as easy as it says, there would be people all over the world doing this, setting up businesses to do it for you.... "a matter of minutes" hardly think that sounds reasonable.
  17. Flash is not green

    Most of the time "flash" is used to make up for lack of ability to design an attractive site and the hope is people will be attracted to the flash and not notice the lack of content. It does use more resources....
  18. WATCH: Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat Without Effort!

    Mainline, as in you stick a needle in the arm and pump it directly into the bloodstream. - you need to stop watching so much TV. :lol:
  19. Presidential Pardons

    Benny is not even close!
  20. Presidential Pardons

    Elvis is in hiding!
  21. WATCH: Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat Without Effort!

    I would think some method of mainline right into you veins would save some of these people a lot of time!
  22. Solar Panels on Graves??

    Fertilizer would be recycling! :D
  23. EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres

    Surprised that data centres had code of conduct.
  24. Super-Ant Taking Over Europe

    Not everyplace! Several have reported colder temps are on the way...
  25. Obama says "help is on the way"

    Since I haven't watched it, have not seen his pants ;-) I take it you have a fascination with Bear pants! Have you sought professional help? <_<