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  1. "Get SMART"

    Guess they did not want them dragging the neighbor hood down! B)
  2. Stern, often has the problem of tossing out bogus figures "billions of climate refugees" with nothing to back them up. He is noted for trying to scare people instead of using reasonable arguments. It was stated that this was a "shoot from the hip" presentation and not one that he had prepared for. <_<
  3. Nothing like a dedicated Chicken Little!
  4. Abortions

    The way it is being preached is a total disrespect for life! There has to be rules and regulations or else you give people the right to have no responsibility for their actions. Women are not the only ones with "rights"!!!
  5. Al Gore wants to create a new top level .ECO domain

    I think it depends on how you define "fail". You will see quite a few in the rabid side of the eco movement get one just because it would be the "politically correct" thing to have. But will businesses go for it in a big way and why? Will it cost more than a normal domain? Keep in mind these are not normal times from a financial standpoint and people are now being forced to look at the cost of "going green" in a time when that may mean pushing up the cost of energy with no clear payback.
  6. Chip Madness

    And given Chinas track record with food processing, I suspect that you might wish to have the number for poison control handy when you eat them! The word "green" and China should not be used in the same sentence!
  7. Hand Build an Earth Sheltered Home

    looks like an updated Hobbits home. In the right setting, perfect.
  8. Solar Power System in Nevada Desert Reaches Grid Parity

    And therein lies the first issue. These days, people do not have that kind of money laying around. Most governments(or better yet the utilities) would do well to create a standardized program and then finance the construction. They can draw unused power to sell to those that choose not to invest.
  9. Should I get a Mac?

    You are making the assumption that you will have a choice! Businesses refused to move from XP to Vista and Windows 7 is Microsofts answer. They cannot support 3 versions of the OS. If they win in getting business to move from XP to Windows 7 you will see support of Vista vanish in a year.
  10. Should I get a Mac?

    You will be able to upgrade to Windows 7 and Microsoft will most likely offer you a "deal" to do that since they want to shed themselves of supporting too many versions of the OS. When they do, go for it because all of the enhancements will be in Windows 7, Vista is dead.
  11. Light Electric Vehicle Advisor

    The site is well laid out but clearly needs to expand its reviews to cover cars as well if it is really going to serve as a contact point for the new wave of electric transportation that is here and will be coming. In the current economic environment, and for the future, people are looking for cheaper forms of local transportation. A site like this could become very popular. :D
  12. Your views on the current Israeli aggression in Gaza

    Hamas has been murdering people for years, I am amazed that they even noticed! <_<
  13. Hello from Forest Springs B&B in Oregon

    Yes, welcome, amazing that I have been by your place several times on Hwy 26 on my way to Mt. Hood. One of my customers is in Beaverton and on weekends, spent lots of time hiking Mt Hood and the Cascades.
  14. Solar Power System in Nevada Desert Reaches Grid Parity

    Wow, agreement was 2003, so lets see 2004,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. That's nine years....... if it does get completed then,,,,
  15. Green for kids

    Sounds like the concept that if we keep reinventing the wheel long enough we will get one that rolls. I vote for Skogsmulle! I suggest spending more time on content of the message and less on weird characters.... surely there is a local animal that they would relate to better....
  16. Advanced Bovine Bothering Academy

    Conspiracy's are very popular these days! I vote for the conspiracy....
  17. Amazing Spanish Energy Saving Innovation

    LOL, understand, we would have the same problem here, on the side of a mountain and the wind would beat them to death on most days. My cell phone does work but only because there is a cell tower off to the north on another mountain. :D
  18. Amazing Spanish Energy Saving Innovation

    As I recall the trick is not to do it outside when the temp is below freezing! In the winter you use a clothes rack to dry them.
  19. So this depends on finding if people are dumb enough to pretend that this is just the standard crap of Marxism with another name, sort of like putting lipstick on a pig..... :D
  20. cul green

    That might be the better solution.
  21. cul green

    Yes, looks like someone hit the new topic instead of add reply, might look at putting some space between the two,,,,
  22. Amazing Spanish Energy Saving Innovation

    Yes, remember this high tech device from my childhood, had one in the back yard and the back yard of all of our neighbors. Did seem to be adversely effected by rain thought!
  23. Your views on the current Israeli aggression in Gaza

    Here are images that Simon does not wish to see - the part he chooses to be totally blind to, murder by hamas!
  24. Your views on the current Israeli aggression in Gaza

    Too bad the person in the Norwegian Ministry was not smart enough to picture the damage caused by Hamas! But thats what happens when you choose to only see one side of an issue! <_<
  25. Solar Power System in Nevada Desert Reaches Grid Parity

    What we have to hope is that they really will spend money on alternative energy research that will produce the necessary break thrus that we need make solar, etc so much more cost effective that switching will be a "no brainer". :D