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  1. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    Your are way off on that comparison. The Republicans are not "far right" and trying to compare them to the nazi party shows how little you know of what the nazi party was and stood for. You need to read something other than democratic rags....
  2. Use a laptop to save energy

    USB drives are the way to go on a laptop and most of the new ones have multiple USB drives or plug into workstations that have multiple USB drives. Samsung unveiled 30 GB and 40 GB versions of a 1.3-inch hard disk that fits in a CompactFlash drive. I have a 180 GB USB drive that I plug into my laptop for backup and general extra storage.
  3. Forests. Why people keep destroying them?!

    Hey, the entire site does not respond, not the first time that sites have vanished.
  4. UK looks to a nuclear future

    Correct, very interesting comparison, where did it come from?
  5. Forests. Why people keep destroying them?!

    That URL appears to be bad There appears to be several answers for the main question, and that is 1) because they can 2) many of the countries have zero concept of conservation 3) no investment has been made in alternate sources
  6. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    Not what I said, just using that as an example. Americans are much more into "green" than you think. And Al Gore on the "Right". Suspect the Left and Right may not have the same definition where you are then. He has always been on the "left" side of the Democratic party. In the US, the Democratic party has always had a left, middle and right. Hillary is not in true favor by the "left" since she is too far to the "right".
  7. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    Excellent points however, The problem many see is the claim that 100% of the cllimate change is man-made There are discussions about climate change, reducing emissions and many projects aimed at alternate energy and many power plants are working on "green energy" so it is not as bad as many want to make it sound. And much of the issue with Gore was not so much entirely the movie but content of speeches he made promoting the movie and book. This is a world wide problem, the USA has no lock on this problem! Not really true, what we have is university scientists with conflicting view points that clearly do not agree that this is 100% the fault of man. There in is one of the key points, presentation It failed because it was too alarmist and "the sky is falling". IE, to much of a turn off instead of a turn on to a problem and a solution. Once again not entirely true. In order to make a sacrifice, people have to have a clear picture of the problem and the solution. Gore failed on in that regard when he got too extreme in the message. Wind farms are current making an inroad in the USA because people do realize that green energy is the future. But people tend to shy away from people that are 100% left or right from a political perspective. When Gore pictured him self as 100% to the left he became a political hazard in the election process. And sadly made climate change a touchy topic in the process.
  8. Big Oil propaganda

    "Chevron claimed that they actually care about the environment" Not on this planet! unless you mean the environment that they pump oil out of. Yes, that environment they do care about, just looking at the amount of profit they make,(going up each year) they care a lot!
  9. India unveils 'world's cheapest car'

    However, the private motorism madness is one of the things that fuels a big part of the economy and sadly the various governments are failing badly at providing valid alternate forms of transportation. Even when an alternate is proposed they try to stick to "heavy rail" which may create more smog than an equal number of motor bikes....
  10. HAWK 10,THE CAR EATER...

    This make me think of, oh yeah, the term is smoke and mirrors!
  11. Oil in Alaska

    Drilling in Alaska is going to happen regardless of how we feel. What we should be doing is making sure that as little damage is done as possible.
  12. India unveils 'world's cheapest car'

    Even at 50 MPG, assume that figure is for the "bare bones version", and you still have to wonder what the increase will be between this and the "motor scooters" that it is designed to replace. We do have to keep in mind the target market is not "new" drivers, but the ones moving up from the motorbike crowd. The new buyers will be those that by one of these instead of a bike. What would be interesting is to compare one of these to the "bikes" that they are designed to replace.
  13. UK looks to a nuclear future

    5 times the jobs? Never have I seen that figure, where did it come from. Also, a missing figure is the cost per KW comparing the two. I keep seeing that wind has not reached a low enough cost to make it viable.