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  1. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    The problem is not that he is un-know, the problem is that he is too well know as a fringe runner. Sort of like a horse race. If this is the 20th race a horse has been in and it has never been any higher that last place, the 21st race, how many people are going to bet on it to win? That is Nader!
  2. Music Videos

    Try opening it in another window/tab than the one you are in now! I am running IE7, just opened it in another tab and it worked fine..
  3. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    Well, the general feeling is that Nader is not going to "really" run. Most of those with political knowledge are saying he has run one too many times to be taken seriously. Betting he will not be the Green candidate!
  4. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    Well, you have some "Greens" wanting to draft him and others getting sick of him. Although he has done a lot of good for consumers, he led attacks on such evils as Volkswagen cars, the American Automobile Association, whole milk, colored toilet paper, fluoridated water, and the Elvis stamp. Evil depending on your sense of humor! The Democrats hate him and blame him for Bush wining the election (hey, you cannot expect them to take the blame! ) Does he have any chance
  5. IMG: "Let there be light"

    May need to cut them some slack, anyone who has to have a piece of plastic on the wall to remind them of Jesus may not be the brightest bulb in the pack.
  6. Comic: Overpopulation

    Now that is a major bummer
  7. Will we eat laboratory-grown meat in the future?

    My concern is the environmentally concerned scientists producing something that is even worse than what we have now!
  8. Comic: Overpopulation

    You should put this one on the front as a regular (weekly) comic
  9. Comic: Overpopulation

    Rustle the leaf is clearly the winner, Very Cool, like Rooty the acorn too!
  10. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    On the surface, it is built on the nation-wide TV ads, but, there is also a massive "grass roots" political organization in both parties that can swing the election at any time. The "war" is for the people in the middle. The scary thing going on now is the surge for Obama, a candidate with no track record, who has never accomplished anything. Oh, other than sound good and promise to save the world! To pay for what he has promised so far will take the GNP of the US, Canada and the entire EU.
  11. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    No chance of her getting the Green nomination, hers was truly a last minute switch of parties. She appears to already be moving on.
  12. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    Steve good point except that with her it is not a issue of right or wrong way to be politically green. She got bounced out of the Democratic party in Georgia because she was a bit of a racists and clearly stopped representing the people that had elected her to promote her own views. She clearly, was not "green" either in any sense of the word, just leaped on that bandwagon thinking they would adopt her, has not happened. She is not talking about working with a local party in New Orleans, but starting a new one(when you can not find a party that is willing to change what it stands for - create a new one).
  13. India unveils 'world's cheapest car'

    Its called China playing catch up with India, and failing so far!
  14. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    McKinney got tossed out of Atlanta because she did not represent the people that elected her. Alternative, only for the brain dead! She went to the Green Party, who took seconds to realize that she was anything but green so NOW she wants to form the Reconstruction Party. The woman was totally self centered in Georgia, taking the people who voted for her for granted and moving to California appears to have done nothing to change her for the better.....
  15. Save Xp

    Agree, and a lot of companies agree as well, major problem for Microsoft!
  16. Warning labels on adverts for flights etc. A good idea?

    Pretty radical concept, expecting businesses to pay their fair share of tax.
  17. Comic: Overpopulation

    :thumbup: Calvin and Hobbes :thumbup:
  18. Warning labels on adverts for flights etc. A good idea?

    Agree on the close distance flights, they have solved the problem of the ones that are not full in the US. Less flights, mean all are packed which causes huge issues if there are any weather delays...
  19. Warning labels on adverts for flights etc. A good idea?

    The problem is this would pose a problem for people going on vacation! Clearly, a vacation is going to win over the environment for the majority of the people.
  20. Spanish driver sues dead crash cyclist for damage

    however, the lad was clearly at fault for not going fast enough to get out of his way! Yeah, right!
  21. Video: Greenpeace - looking back

    That pic was worth a few million words.....
  22. Warning labels on adverts for flights etc. A good idea?

    Ouch, Boy the truth hurts! Of note also is how long it took them to get the label on that pack of cancer sticks only_green_no_gray does score a key point here, health and ease of travel both score above the environment. Lets face it, if you are in London and want to spend your time on a sunny beach, a slow boat is not going to win any elections.
  23. Warning labels on adverts for flights etc. A good idea?

    Sounds good on the service but with the trouble that most airlines are in, many will see this as an added cost with no payback. Airlines and national govs will not support it.
  24. Save Xp

    Well, don't panic yet. Microsoft has met STRONG pull back by companies that they have tried to move to Vista. Many companies have realized that Vista means totally new hardware to make it work and the early adopters are not happy with apps that clearly are not ready for prime time. Microsoft is saying that they will continue to support XP, BUT they are already looking at the next product which may replace Vista. Will it use more resources and require new hardware, my bet is on that one!
  25. Going Vegie

    Yikes, have to agree on that one, seems like every estimate is different.