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    The word is that Chrysler is going into bankruptcy today, long overdue I might add! One of obama's major mistakes, shoring up the automakers that their own accountants said could not survive without bankruptcy. News just in: Chrysler to file for bankruptcy Some lenders refuse offer to reduce debt, leading to likely bankruptcy filing. But Chrysler expected to remain in business and complete deal with Fiat. Appears that having too much debt did them in, that plus producing cars that people did not want to buy (minor detail)

    From looking at the results so far, he has not fulfilled any of the key campaign promises. He has not made any headway as far a "green" jobs and many are becoming concerned by the massive deficits for years to come. Bottom line, really too soon to tell so not sure that rating him on "100 days" is really going to prove much. He has made some good picks for key positions but also some very bad picks that may not have been his fault! Also, there is subset of the democratic party that is working against some of the things that he is trying to accomplish by spewing hate toward the other party instead of focusing on the core problems. As I said, not sure it is really fair to be "grading" him just yet.
  3. Cut back on the meat and help save the climate

    And I tend to stay with the chicken, turkey and lamb since these have far less impact and be better for you.
  4. Cut back on the meat and help save the climate

    But, eating less meat is a major start and over time the craving will get less so that is a good thing... :D
  5. 2010 Toyota Prius

    Would not be the first time in the auto industry and you do have to admit, that is one way to lower development costs. :D
  6. TRUE stupidity is thinking that God is not in charge and true Hypocrisy is thinking that only you have the right to state your beliefs.
  7. Cut back on the meat and help save the climate

    In reality, you should be more concerned how eating too much meat affects your health. Most of the figures that are quoted in that article are "created" and would be impossible to back up from a scientific standpoint. They are "estimates", but, even if they are half correct they show a serious issue with meat production, that said, people are a lot more concerned about their health than they are about the environment. You will get a lot further discussing the "meat" issue from a health standpoint than you will from an environmental standpoint. Reason! Too many chicken littles crying that the world is coming to an end from environmental issues, and your message will be lost in the din.... <_<
  8. The BlueCar electric car by Pininfarina and Bolloré

    Therein lies the problem with most of the "green cars", they are trying to make so much money on them that they can never be cost justified. The company that produces a "green car" that CLEARLY is cost justified will be the one that is successful and the one that truly causes a change in they way people live.
  9. The Age of Stupid

    The "truth", get real, the movie is "fiction", not a scientific documentary, you want it to be true, but that does not make it true. And yes it is fear mongering.....
  10. Do animals deserve rights?

    Humans are not animals, and treating animals with respect is not the same as trying to elevate them to the level of humans.
  11. Do animals deserve rights?

    Animals should be killed quickly and cleanly, other than that, utter stupidity to think they have the same rights as people.
  12. The Age of Stupid

    What is exaggerated is the constant fear mongering that takes the place of intelligent discussion. <_<
  13. Hand Build an Earth Sheltered Home

    I know a lot of people that would buy one of those JUST for the Hobbits home effect. A mountain community with homes like that would be a killer vacation spot.... B)
  14. Is IKEA Entering the Eco-Friendly Car Market?

    Good marketing ploy! Maybe they could sell the new Segway car! B)
  15. The Age of Stupid

    "scientists everywhere are saying the same thing", totally not true. Good example of why people are getting tired of the constant fear mongering. Thats the real "age of stupid", no intelligent discussion just fear, fear, fear.
  16. Tesla unveils their new Model S electric car

    The point is that a $50,000 car is not going to take the market by storm. Only the rich can drop $5,000 (refundable) ie "This is just major "green" bragging rights!!" And given the market window, someone could have a better car than this on the market by then, killing the car...
  17. The Age of Stupid

    I guess you missed the part where they said "world of the future" :lol:
  18. Tesla unveils their new Model S electric car

    Wow, 500 customers that are going to wait two years, sounds good but the proof will be how many are there the day it really comes out! Easy to come up with people that will put their name on a dotted line as long as they do not have to put any money up! This is just major "green" bragging rights!!!
  19. Tesla unveils their new Model S electric car

    Sadly, they did not price it to sell, at $56,0000 will not take the market by storm. Ford and Toyota will pound these shallow minds into the ground... in 2010, when it comes out in 2011 it will die.... assuming that it does come out. To many of these companies make these grand announcements and then never follow thru... <_<
  20. The Age of Stupid

    Nope, just another fantasy film, but not done very well compared to the other fantasy films in the theaters. You can only cry wolf so many times and then it just becomes noise! Time to focus on making green energy cost competitive with non green sources. To many "archivists" spend to much time ranting and raving (negative noise) instead of working to develop a positive solution. People in hard times are not wanting to hear another angry voice telling them that the world is coming to an end.
  21. Green Blog Resource

    Good job on your green directory! :D
  22. Earth Hour 2009

    BUT, is was a "feel good" greenwash project, where lots of actors and pretend champions of "all things green" got to get a lot of free press coverage.....
  23. Wind Powered Manufacturing Plant

    And considering their competition, ie, GM, you do have to admit they may well be running ahead of the pack! B)

    Kobra, Just to backup what mini-organic said, I also do websites as part of my profession. So, suggestions: 1) Reduce the header by 50% at least, you are wasting valuable space. 2) Font looks to be 10pt, needs to be 12pt 3) Pictures of clothing line are too small use large enough pictures so that people can see that they look good so that people will want to click on larger view. 4) Divide the clothing into different pages, one for men - one for women etc. 5) New products page is blank - NEVER take anyone to a blank page! If you do not have the content yet, do not put up a link to it. 6) Keep your pics in a lower res 7) Overall site layout is good! Always keep it clean and bright.
  25. Travel Green: Manual 1

    Having been a life long sailor, could not agree more. Even when they are sitting still, they are better...... :D