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  1. New Orleans Will Never Be Safe

    Having spent a lot of time working on consulting gigs in the city and working with the government there, it will never be safe because the local politicians are so corrupt that it is a way of life there. The local boys blocked the Federal government from coming in quickly and even let the buses sit and flood rather than use them to move people out of the area. The city has never had enough pump power to move the water out of the city even in a heavy rain let alone a big storm. All it takes is one pump to fail and you see water in the streets. Parts of the city are too far below sea level to be safe and they are still in a legal morass over who owns all the abandoned property. The state could have fixed this long ago but corruption at the state level is just as bad.
  2. Be weary of so-called "Green" products

    Which is why government guidelines and rules can only go so far. Each of us needs to be doing research and reading the labels..... If we stop buying food that is not safe, and only buying food that is safe, the content will change.
  3. OS/2

    True, however, they made a choice to be hardware+software seller and the OS is locked into the hardware at this point. For that reason, as you point out, they will never be a bigger player in the market place. Which may well be the reason they are expanding into other areas.
  4. OS/2

    Sadly, Apple some times is worse that M/soft. Apple has always had a problem with marketing. Graphics techs love it but they have not figured out how to market to the average user.. M/soft has, and does a good job to the majority of the commercial customers. You can have the best mouse trap in the world, but, if you don't if you don't understand the potential and you don't know how to tell anyone its pretty much wasted... Company called Convergent had an OS that had network printing long before M/soft. They had zero vision as to how to market it, fell by the wayside when another company bought them that had even less vision... M/soft is smart when it comes to marketing, look for them to come out with a "green" laptop, bamboo case and huge reduction in power requirements. Lots of politically correct "green" people will rush out and buy one .
  5. OS/2

    Waste of time! The reason that OS/2 failed in the marketplace was that IBM failed to court the desktop software providers and it was never marketed or promoted as a "delux" version of windows. IE., an OS is worthless to the average person if most of the current software will not run on it. The current verson of Windows and Linux have both advanced far beyond where OS/2 is. OS/2 is so far behind Linux as an "open" platform that it can never catch up. Will IBM release it? No, it is not in their current interest to release their rights to the software. The have a heavy commitment to Microsoft Windows and Linux at a time when they cannot afford to switch horses. They see this as competition, they have trained people in Windows and Linux. The "open" community has endorsed Linux they are not going to change either.
  6. People are always looking for something better and it looks like they found something here. Better alternative to corn based ethanol Ethanol made from the stalk's juice has four times the energy yield of the corn-based ethanol, which is already in the marketplace unlike sweet sorghum. Sweet sorghum produces about eight units of energy for every unit of energy used in its production Sweet sorghum also spares the environment. Less fertilizer is needed than with corn and as a result there is less water contamination.
  7. Gas prices in USA wont go over $3.99

    However, It has been a long time since I have ever seen one of those pumps. Almost all stations have gone digital and totally computerized. Not quite the doom and gloom that it sounds like.
  8. I feel so unrated

    Hey 300 page views is not bad, at least the looked! However, I did rate you just because I know how much hard work you put into changing the look and feel of the site and moving it to the new software platform. Maybe the fact that I am a computer geek like you pushed you up the scale a little.... :thoughtful:
  9. Swedish gas prices continues to climb to new record heights

    Well, sad to agree, it clearly is not an enlightened age. Part of the problem is the scientists don't agree/trust each other so not sure I can fault the politicians on that score. Not sure how it is where you are but here that have a publish or perish mind set in many of the universities so the scientist and professors are way to quick to publish "research" that is shaky. Remember several times research being withdrawn after a splash in the news with a big "we made a minor mistake". Translated, the first person who read the report caught a major mistake..
  10. Swedish gas prices continues to climb to new record heights

    Whoa, impressed that it costs 2-3 times what it costs in the US.
  11. Foresting In Quebec, Canada

    Clear cutting is always bad! They never replace the undergrowth that is so important for the wildlife.
  12. Dell to sell eco bamboo computer later this year

    Now that will be worth looking into, 80% smaller is ok but 71% less energy is a MAJOR factor....
  13. The global food crisis

    Bingo! You win the prize..... The did have a "creative" excuse for doing it though!
  14. The global food crisis

    It sure seems that way. :thoughtful:
  15. The global food crisis

    and this is different from the normal in what way? the traders always figure a way to make a profit...
  16. China is now the world's biggest polluter

    From what I hear, that is not true. The local businesses have NO pollution controls at all and never have had any. The major polluters in China are, and always have been "home grown", clearly we over rate ourselves if we really think that we could have moved into a country the size of China and taken it over. What it really means it that other countries are buying goods from the major polluters in the country. This is an issue that ONLY the local government can clean up as the "civilized" countries have no means to force the same environmental standards on local factories as they have in Europe.
  17. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    Not my problem! Suspect you will see some of that wind down in the next year, regardless of who wins the election. Of course if its the little "o", who knows. He has no track record, and is promising to solve all the worlds problems. You call free health care, free education free by (someone) paying higher taxes FREE? You must be on welfare! :thumbup:
  18. UN official says biofuels are a "crime against humanity"

    Simon, You and I are in agreement on that issue! :D
  19. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    Higher taxes means better welfare. Oh no! California, home of fruits and nuts in the US, has the largest welfare program, and spends $3 for every $1 that gets paid to the people on the bottom. Higher taxes means more people in the middle, sitting on their ass shuffling paper. Although, many may see that as a good thing since you have more jobs(shuffling paper) being filled. :thumbup:
  20. China is now the world's biggest polluter

    Yes, what could be worse! :thoughtful:
  21. China is now the world's biggest polluter

    Sounds good, but the minute all the fat ass liberals that own stock in those companys realize what it means, some excuse will be made as to why import taxes are a bad thing for the poor! Life is never as simple as it should be....
  22. UN official says biofuels are a "crime against humanity"

    Must be hard to be a true left winger these days. NONE of this grap came out until someone started making money from biofuels, wonder why???? :thoughtful:
  23. China is now the world's biggest polluter

    So does China, letting them off the hook may the the politically correct answer, but not the answer to the problems. :sceptical:
  24. China is now the world's biggest polluter

    Because, you cannot hold one country accountable while giving China a free ride! This is one of those areas where EVERYONE is going to have to work together. It is totally irresponsible to say that developing countries can continue to pollute, especially on the scale of China, while you ask others to cut back. :info: The scale of pollution that it is going on in China will be seen worldwide during the upcoming "games".
  25. Stuffed rhino loses horn to thieves

    A scary thing about that, is that the people who stole the horn will not care that it was preserved with arsenic and DDT. They will sell it on the black market to some one who will not ask any questions.