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  1. The browser wars are going to heat up now: Google Inc is set to introduce on Tuesday a new Web browser designed to more quickly handle video-rich or other complex Web programs, posing a challenge to browsers designed originally to handle text and graphics. Google officials confirmed news of long-rumored plans to offer its own Web browsing software, entitled Google Chrome, in a company blog post after it mistakenly mailed details of the plan to a Google-watching blog, called Check out the quiet announcement New browser With the news that IE8 is a bloated HOG things could get interesting. Heads up on this one, great article in September 1, 2008 (Computerworld) Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) requires more than double the system memory of its main rival, Mozilla Corp.'s Firefox, and spawns nearly six times the number of processor threads, a performance researcher said today. Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Beta 2 also consumes 52% more memory than its predecessor, IE7, and uses almost three times as many threads, said Craig Barth, chief technology officer at Devil Mountain Software Inc., a Florida-based maker of PC performance testing software. Computerworld
  2. "Get SMART"

    The Mini Cooper has under gone a major surge in the US, now see LOTS of them on the road! 2009 will be a great year for the small car!
  3. Since it has no web development tool like Firefox it is good for faster browsing on the internet, plain design may be helping it some, but not a replacement for Firefox or IE yet. If the don't get the memory issue fixed with IE8, I can see people using it to browse the web since it is faster than IE8.
  4. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    Not really, but for sure the democrats are masters as screwing over the people. The always want to raise taxes but then spend it on things that don't help the people and are not what they promised during the elections. 4 years of FAILED DEMOCRATIC leading will not help either. :thumbup:
  5. "Get SMART"

    Not bad really and for sure in 2009 you are going to see a lot of these popup. The forecast is for several new auto companies and several new manufacturers whose cars will be sold by current deal networks. Oh, and less SUV's, more cuts in the 4th qtr..... Some are really going to be not only great for the environment but really cool to drive
  6. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    massive tax increases that they are talking about are not real funny! Suspect that you will see obama refine some of his plans as we get closer to the election. Many are seeing this as a close election. If so the people who decide it may the be ones "in the middle" and they will not make a decision based on the color of anyones skin, just, whats in it for them. Higher taxes is a negative in the US.
  7. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    The real change will come with McCain and Palin and not the smoke an mirrors of Obama. Tax increases, the foundation of the Dems, is not what will cause a recovery to happen.
  8. Sarah Palin is the worst Vice President ever

    There is the real issue. He needs to say up front where the money is coming from :thoughtful: Why, because there is no way he can live up to all the "give away programs" that he has promised. If he is not lying then all he has to do is tell where the money is coming from. If he is going to make it up by taxing business then we will wind up in the same mess that the state of California is in, $16 billion in debt be cause neither party is willing to pass a budget. The liberals started what amounted to an anti business agenda that drove many business out of the state (really just across the state line) and they lost a lot of tax revenue. The same could happen in any country that kills the golden goose. Amazing that everyone wants to pretend that it makes no difference what he says, they think he is magic and "poof" money will appear, not saying he can't but wish a little enlightment of the "poof" part. :thoughtful:
  9. Sarah Palin is the worst Vice President ever

    In reality she may have been a very good choice. After all if someone with no experience and no real track record as Obama can run for president, that pretty well takes all the issues about her off the table. What people need to be focused on are the issues of what Obama stands for or does not stand for in many cases. Liberals are screaming about her hoping that no one will start asking serious questions about the fairy tale of promises by obama. Like hire an army of teachers! Fairy tale! Lower the taxes of 95% of the people (flying pig stuff there) while spending massive amount of new money on all of his other fairy tales. Face it, you hate to see a woman that might be successful.
  10. Lousy Olympic Analysis of Olypmic eco-friendliness

    EcoNrgized, Your eloquence in responded to that "interesting" post was outstanding. I felt the question should have been modified "However we must ask the question: how GREEN were the efforts of the successful Gold Medal-winning countries and is there any relationship?" And the answer is ZERO. :thoughtful:
  11. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    12 year old bull shit is still bull shit. The attacks on her by the media are reporters trying to control the election and not focus on the issues at hand. They are trying to direct attention away from the fact that Obama is a hollow drum with no real experience and great pronouncements of what he will accomplish, spending billions of new money while he lowers taxes. While many tax loopholes do need to be closed (not what he is talking about) that would make a huge difference in what the government gets, his anti business mindset would accomplish the same results that has gotten the state of California in trouble (16 billion in debt). :rolleyes:
  12. "Get SMART"

    The direction that cars will go in the future, function over flash.
  13. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    The personal attacks on her are having an opposite effect than desired, she is gaining support. Obama does not have as much experience as she does. Instead of personnel attacks maybe it is time to consider the crap that Obama is saying he is going to accomplish, like hiring an "army of teacher". Obama has "over promised" on things that would require massive spending while he is saying 95% will get a tax cut. When pigs fly! :rolleyes:
  14. Using the new Google browser now on Enviro Space, pages load very well. This is a blow to IE since it was announced that the new IE8 take almost twice the memory as IE7, a real HOG. Google has commited to fund Firefox thru 2011 so you have to wonder but it appears that this browser is aimed at the "end users" who wish to browser the internet and do so quickly. It does not have any of the developer tools of Firefox. Many companies may have to consider looking at it due to its low memory use.
  15. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    Nope. you miss the point that she IS attracting voters. More voters can relate to her than they can Obama's choice. She has accomplished more than Obama has. And the more people that attack her, the worse it will be for Obama.
  16. New Orleans residents flee (yet another) huge storm

    However, they ducked the bullet again which has ALWAYS been a problem with the people in New Orleans facing up to reality of living below sea level. But, all hope is not lost, there is another storm that could come their way and ring their bell.
  17. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    I agree, but clearly Obama is not running a green ticket. The did suddenly allow the full participation of the Florida and Mich. delegates but it has not smoothed over the anger that the Hillary people still feel. Clearly choosing Hillary might have gained some votes in the party, his problem is that to get elected, he must have votes outside the party and that was where Hillary was a liability. Did he make the right choice, who knows... :thoughtful: He has to define himself as something other than "I am going to raise your taxes".
  18. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    He brings experience and a knowledge of politics that Obama does not have. Biden has served for the sixth-longest period among current senators (fourth among Democrats) and is Delaware's longest-serving senator. He is the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. A lawyer, and has two son's who are lawyers also. The two major things he brings to the plate, knowledge of foreign relations and experience in Washington. He is a heavy weight trying to balance out the light weight Obama. A real question being asked, can he bring back the Clinton votes that are still upset. He is a better choice for VP than Hillary although many will disagree!
  19. New way to counter global warming "WTHR, the NBC affiliate for Indianapolis, reported from Beijing and described the NBC set used for the network's two highest rated news broadcasts, “NBC Nightly News†and “Today,†as air conditioned – even though it is outdoors. “The set is outside, but air conditioning vents make the weather bearable,†Anne Marie Tiernon This has to rank almost at the top of the "you have got to be kidding". Shows just how bad it really is in China.
  20. Americans must diet to save their economy

    Reading thru that article you would think that we can eat less and global warming will no longer be an issue, the economy will surge to new highs and the world will be saved! OH, they did say we had to change the light bulbs! :crazyhappy: Wonder how much "weed" these people consumed to come up with that one.... :thumbup:
  21. Edison: Free Energy-Saving Software

    Yes big time! Makes a real difference on corporate laptops that are set for Microsoft "auto update". I run it at least once a week since I get updates from the company and Microsoft to ensure that they have not bloated the registry. Amazing how many products do an update and do not clean up the registry. :thumbup:
  22. The only issue I have with "fear announcements" like this is that every one has different figures and uses words like "could", "may" etc. Now they are saying that this winter may be a really cold one - global warming seems to have faded here. A real issue is that too many people seem to be wasting time defending global warming and not enough time doing real research. If we do have a real cold winter, the ice packs will increase not decrease and the sea level will not go up. When people try to forecast the weather 100 years out and they can not get the weather forecast correct for a week, credibility suffers.... :thoughtful: The recent storm in Florida, they have not been able to get the forecast correct two days in a row. How much faith should I put in one a 100 years from now? :whistle:
  23. Check out our Site

    Very good idea! Have you made any inroads to the major product chains and the big time discounters like Costco.
  24. Arctic Map shows dispute hotspots

    Doubt there will be wars but you can bet the politics will be hot and heavy over finding and developing resources.